Naksh reach tara’s home..

Naksh :What happened tara..

Tara : You still cares for me..

She moves close to her..

Naksh :What are you saying.. you said that..

Tara puts her hand on her lips..

Tara : Be mine.. Naksh.. i .. i really can’t be with you..

She again pulls her close… He pulls her away and she falls into the floor..

A voice :Oh.. No Tara..

Naksh : I have heard this.. Keerti..

Just then keerti comes and helps Tara to getup..

Naksh :Keerti.. aap..

Keerti :Woh.. I was..

Tara : She was trying to test you… and..

Naksh : And you were helping her..

Keerti :I am sorry Naksh.. i..

Tara : It was not easy for her to decide.. and I thought of helping her clear her confusion..

Keerti :Sorry Naksh..

Naksh :Seriously you guys.. scared me..

Tara :I told you.. he will get paniced..

Naksh : But how did you reach here keerti..

Tara :Oh.. he is being protective.. Oh.. i forgot.. [She takes a envelop from her pocket] Its my gift from your side..

Keesh : Thanks..

Naksh bids bye to Tara

Keerti :I am gonna miss you.. you have been a great friend..

Tara : Me too..

They both share a hug..


Naksh :You really scared me..

Keerti : And you have taken away all my fear.. He hugs her..

Keerti :Naksh.. icecream!!

Naksh: What??

Keerti :I want to have one…

Naksh :But.. its cold..

Keerti : please..

Naksh :Okay.. you go .. i will wait in cab…

Naksh walks towards the car and sits inside..

Just then Naira’s call arrives..

Naira :Bhai.. did you meet .. bhabhi..

Naksh :So you were part of the plan..

Naira :Not only me.. everyone was part of the plan except you..

Naksh : Let me.. come there..(He looks at keerti who was having icecream..)

Keerti was walking towards Naksh.. A truck comes.. and hits her..

Naksh eyes get widend..

naksh(shouts) :Keerti!!!!!!

He drops the phones and runs to her..

Naira :Bhai.. bhai.. kya hua.. what..

Naksh runs to keerti.. He was drumstruck seeing her in the phool of blood..

He holds her close.. and hugs her.. crowds form there..

Naksh :Please.. someone just call an ambulance..

A random person calls ambulance..


The goenka’s were also there…

Naira :Maa.. pappa..

Vikram :What happened Naira..

Natiki :Kya hua.. princess.. tell me..

Naira :Keerti.. bhabhi.. woh.

Kartik :Kya hua keerti ko??…

Naira was sobbing..

Naira : I don’t.. know.. but i am sure.. sometging has happened.. bhai… bhai was shouting her name..

Akshara hugs Naira ..

Akshara : Nahi.. Naira nothing would have happend believe me.. We will talk to Naksh..

Gayu :Ha.. Naira..

Mishti and luv-kush was also there hearing all these..

Gayu sings kartik to take them away..

Kartik does as she said..

Luv : Kya hua keerti di ko???

Mishti : Kartik bhai.. what were all saying..

Kartik :Nothing.. all were just.. scaring you..

Surekha and karishma came in..

Karishma : Kartik.. we will handle them…

Surekha : You go …

Naira was hugging Akshara .. and Gayu was besides her..

Manish was trying keerti’s phone while Naitik Was on Naksh’s..

Manish :Why is she not picking up..

Naitik :Neither do Naksh..

Kartik :I think we should go to.. Mumbai..

Akhilesh : Ha.. kartik is right…

—- Unknown call in Naitik’s phone..

Naitik : hello..

Naksh : Papa..

Naitik :Naksh.. Naksh.. what.. happen.

Naksh :Keerti…

All looks af Naitik..

Manish :What happened to keerti.. beta..

Naksh :Unka.. accident…(he was not being able to complete his sentence as he was sobbing..)

Manish : We.. we are comming.. beta you don’t worry.. Nothing will happen to her…

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  1. Fenil

    omg !! hope nothing will happened !! Superb

  2. Jasminerahul

    i thought Tara hasn’t changed n she wants naksh.but what a surprise that it was a drama by Tara to prove to keerti that naksh wants only keerti now.shocking that keerti met with an accident.perfect pics.

    you have not replied to any of my requests n messages.plz reply at least now

  3. Keerti😭😭😭

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