Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 2nd August 2022 Written Episode Update: Dev gets poisoned against Krisha byt Jaya

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Scene 1
Minakshi shows old servant’s photo to Gaj, she says I am testing your memory. Gaj says I know Krisha has sent you but I will never help her. He hears someone outside the room and says I am sure Jaya is keeping an eye on me. Let me see the photo and see if I can help.

Ugra comes to Jaya and says I have some information. She says Minakshi was showing some photo to Gaj and trying to find some information. Jaya asks her to bring the photo. Ugra says I need more money. Jaya gives her money. Ugra says as far as I know, it’s some old servant’s photo and Krisha will find the information soon.

Minakshi calls Krisha and tells her the address of the servant. Krisha thinks I have to go there and meet her. Dev comes there and asks if she is going somewhere? Krisha says I am going to meet a friend. She thinks I am sorry for lying but I have to.

Krisha is driving when Vamika starts following her. Krisha sees her following and fools Vamika with Rati’s car. The flashback shows how Krisha changed her car with Rati’s so Vamika started following her. Vamika calls Jaya and says it was not Krisha. Rati was in the car.

Krisha comes to the address and show the photo to a man. He says she is my mother Basanti but she died 20 years ago. Krisha thinks how did I see her then?

Jaya asks Dev to call Krisha as she has some work. Dev calls her friend Sheetal and asks about Krisha but she says Krisha didn’t come to meet me, I am not even in the city. Dev says I am sorry, he ends the call and looks on. Jaya says where did she go then? Dev thinks why did Krisha lie to me?

Scene 2
Krisha comes back home. All family members are there. Dev asks Krisha why did she lie to him? I called Sheetal and you were not with her. I asked you to not lie to me. Where were you? Krisha says I can’t call you. Jaya says what do you mean? Dev is your husband so you have to answer him. Krisha says I am sorry. Jaya says if you didn’t do anything wrong then tell him where did you go? Krisha says I can’t tell him. Jaya shouts where did you go? Are you meeting someone else behind his back? Krisha says enough, you are alleging my character. Jaya says you have to answer my son. Dev says enough. He tells Krisha that you can’t tell the truth and I can’t live with a lie. We can’t share a room anymore. He says we will not live in the same room from now on. He leaves from there. Jaya smirks at Krisha. She leaves.

Dev is packing his bags. Krisha comes there and says tries to talk but Dev says I am tired of lies. Krisha says it’s my fault so I should be punished. I will leave this room. Dev says as you wish. Krisha wipes her tears and starts leaving the room.

Virendra is sleeping when he starts dreaming about Jaya’s torture. He wakes up and says she will kill me. He starts running around the room and hides in the cupboard. Krisha comes there and doesn’t find him. She looks around the room.

Vamika celebrates with Jaya and says it was fun to see Dev shouting at Krisha. Jaya says stop celebrating before winning fully. Vamika says Krisha and Dev have already separated. Jaya says I have to throw Krisha out of the house.

Krisha finds Virendra in the cupboard and gives him water. She asks him to calm down and makes him lie on the bed. A woman is keeping an eye on them.

Precap: Krisha says to everyone, today I’ll tell truth, from these many years Jayamaa kept papa as hostage underground, for so many years she tortured him, she was the one who planned Dev’s mom and dad’s accident and kept papa to torture him more. Krisha says to Jayamaa, you are the murderer of Dev’s mother.

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