Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 29th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Raghav misbehaves with Krisha

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Scene 1
Devraj recalls Roma saying what will Krisha thinks when she finds out the truth. Ugra says Krisha, you know Minakshi and I have to choose your dress and jewelry. Krisha says can we do it later? Ugra says we don’t have time. Jaya has asked us to do that. If you’re busy go and tell Jaya. Krisha says no, tell me what to do. Ugra says try the jewelry. Let me know if there are any changes. Minakshi says your choice is perfect. Krisha says yes there would be no change. Your choice would be perfect. Krisha runs towards Devraj. Ugra says she’s acting like we are dying to give her jewelry. These middle class people see big dreams.

Roma gives the photo to Devraj. She says did she see this? Devraj says no she didn’t but lies are shortlived. Roma says yes because one character is weak in the story. Like you. Devraj says I am not weak. I have to go ahead with this plan but I feel uncomfortable thinking about the end and Krisha. Roma says why? Because you’re in love with her? Devraj says what are you saying? Krisha comes and says you left without taking Arti. I know you’re busy with work. If you keep God happy, everything will go fine.

Scene 2
Rati asks Raghab why is maa so bitter to Krisha? He says the bitterness is in the relationships of this house. You have not seen things like rejection, insult, you would understand it too. Rati says you’ve been brought up in this house too. Like Devraj you got everything you want. When did you face it? He says if you are wearing gold shoes, people can’t see your pain. Anyway, you won’t understand. It’s an old pain.

Roma leaves. Krisha says why doesn’t Roma like me? What’s her problem with me? Devraj says arti. Krisha gives him arti. Roma looks at Devraj. He leaves. Roma says to Jaya we have to execute our plan before it gets late. Jaya says I am listening. Roma says why do I feel like only I care about this plan. Jaya says devraj and I care more about this plan. this is just a plan for you but for us it’s our house’s happiness. Devraj has suffered a lot already. Roma says that’s why I am helping. I don’t want any fault in this plan. Jaya says I also want Krisha to agree to this plan. I don’t want to see Devraj in pain again.

Scene 3
Devraj starts his work. Krisha comes to him. She says when you came to me I was sleepy. I couldn’t ask. He says I have to wrok. Krisha says I was just asking.. He says that ritual didn’t happen. Stop thinking about it. That name is none of the ones you sent in the messages. I am done already. Stop asking me questions. Go from here. Krisha says sorry I disturbed you. It’s my birthday tomorrow. I wanted you to wish me at all. Sorry it’s my bad. Sorry. She leaves. devraj says Krisha..

Krisha says why did he scold me like that? Papa used to wish me at 12. I wanted Devraj to do the same. I will stay mad at him. I also have a lot to do. She sees the wallpaper shattering. Krisha tries to fix ti. Krisha sees Devraj leaving. She says he left the house without even saying bye to me. I will also study and not give him time. Krisha sleeps on her books. She sees the car outside and says he isn’t back. He didn’t even text. Krisha comes downstairs.

Ugra asks who are you looking for? She says Devraj isn’t back so was looking for him. Ugra says who’s Devraj? Krisha says what? Ugra says does he own a store? Or a dhaba. Krisha says no. Ugra says he handles a huge business. Do you even know how many zeros are there in a crore that your ancestor must not have seen. You think he can sit with you all day home? Naina says typical middle class mentality. You want husband to come back at 5. You must have seen your dad living such a boring life. Krisha says I know he’s busy but his phone was off. Naina says he must have blocked you. Because you must be annoying him. Raghav says I have seen Devraj being annoyed by her. He doesn’t like it, be careful. Krisha leaves. Naina says mom, kick her out. She’s so annoying. Raghav says me too. She makes me angry. We’ve to kick her out. Ugra says we will but on the right time.

Scene 4
Krisha says have I started annoying Devraj? He asked me not to listen to people. I get overboard sometimes. He works so heart. What if it’s my birthday. It’s not such a big deal. Does he not love me? He asked me to stay away from me. What did he mean? Devraj says that means I hate you. Krisha says I am imagining him. She sees lights outside. Krisha comes outside. The hall is decorated with lights for her birthday. Krisha says who did this? Devraj comes there and smiles.

Krisha says you did this all for me? He says you wanted to make it special right? I am with you. Your family isn’t here. I put their photo here. Krisha hugs him. She says I was so upset. I thought you don’t care about me, I am sorry. I will never doubt it. You’re the best husband in the world. Even better than my dad. Devraj says I forgot your gift in the car. Let me get it. Krisha says he’s so nice. He planned it all for me. Raghav comes. Krisha says let me guess, you got a snow globe for me? Or our photo. Tell me what is it? She opens her eyes. She’s shocked to see Raghav. He says why? Seeing me didn’t make you happy? Krisha says you. He says i didn’t make you cry. Krisha says it was my fault. What are you doing here? He says it’s my house. Krisha says I know but Devraj and I.. He says were celebrating and I spoiled your party? Right? She says no. Raghav says you also get me wrong like him. Why are you talking like that? He says don’t act like you’re scared. I am not interested in you. Krisha says go from here. Raghav says I hate you. I hate your face. He grasps her face and says you made a huge mistake by coming here. Krisha is shocked. Raghav says you shouldn’t have come here.

Episode ends.

Precap-Krisha comes downstairs. there’s a party going on. Devraj says your birthday would be celebrated with everything. He gives her a snow globe. Devraj says you are the best husband in the world. Krisha is about to cut the cake. Someone comes downstairs. Krisha is shocked. Krisha cries and says such a big betrayal. Devraj says please listen. Krisha says what? Another lie?

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. I wish Dev be innocent, I don’t want to see him negative, and by understanding the story till now I think Dev may not be a culprit, instead he is the victim, krisha and maya are the same.

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      nicee meeting you

    2. Hi, nice meeting you .

  2. Till now could not digest what the cs makers did with sarab character, now can’t even imagine Dev as a bad person. I really like Dev, he is a nice soul.

  3. I wish this story proceed in such a way that Dev and krisha solve this mystery and get out of this egoistic family and they start a new life like commeners, overcome hurdles, and they have a son who is as mischievous as lord Krishna, let his name be Darsh, who always does some mischief and land their parents on trouble, by the time their come out of every trouble their son lands them in, they realise it’s for some good. All trouble will be solved with the combination of this trio, intelligent Dev, innocent krisha and mischievous Darsh.😄😄just my imagination.

    1. nice imagination
      hope it happens…

    2. Thank you ☺️

    3. I love your story, it made me smile. I can actually imagine them like this😊😆

    4. Thank you ☺️

    5. This imagination is nice

    6. Thank you @Cs☺️ . Ii further even thought like they will start a hotel business, their hotel name is Devisha palace, where they often have weird guests, other than Darsh they even have a daughter named Devisha, who is double the mischievous than her brother, with lot of comedy, emotion and drama they overcome every problems.presenting viewer’s with feel good episodes, it would be fun, if this happens.😄😄😄

  4. Roma has her own agenda besides helping Devraj, she may become more dangerous to him that what he is in now.

  5. This Roma is creepy!! I love Krisha n her innocence

    1. Agreed Roma is creepy, I wonder if she likes Dev, she keeps insisting that they would get rid of Krisha once their plan is over and that Dev is in love with her🤔 just thinking🤔

  6. Today’s episode was very interesting, so many doubts, I think Raghav had proposed krisha’s lookalike but she must have rejected him and she married Dev, so he Hates krisha, feels defeated in everyway befor Dev, so he is behaving like that. Such a bad guy this Raghav is misbehaving with his bhabhi.

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