Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 20th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Krisha comes home

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Scene 1
Sudha says is everything okay Krisha? Krisha says I am very tired, I want to rest. She goes to her room. Her dad says let he rest, she will tell us.

Ugra says where is Devraj we want to have this discussion. Jaya says it’s called greed not discussion. Ugra says you can’t talk to us like this. Jaya says you want ask Naina’s share, and the factory Kach wants and why you are not given royal things after marrying outside the royal families. Or when will Menakshi get the keys. Right? This is what you want to discuss? Your greed will ruin this family. You only know how to break this family. Kach says we all want Daksh to be better don’t be so dramatic. We have to do this drana. Menakshi says we can decide when Devraj can convince Krisha. Devraj says no one has to do any drama. Jaya says Krisha? He says it’s my problem, I will deal with it. I asked her to leave. She deserves her life. Menakshi says so we won’t get anything? Jaya says have some shame Menakshi. Devraj says I don’t care. He leaves.

Scene 2
Devraj sits with Daksh. He holds Daksh’s hand and says because of you saw our parents dying and then you lost your best friend. I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t even bring Krisha back. I tried with all my heart. I couldn’t make her Maya. I tried to snatch her identity, she’s a lot more than that. I love Krisha. She’s very simple. She trusts everyone. She trusted me too, I broke her trust. Daksh I know you miss Maya. I will always be with you. Please get better my brother. I never wanted to love Krisha. I miss her a lot. I will miss her all my life. He cries.

Scene 3
Devraj thinks about Krisha. She thinks about him. The song dooriyan plays. Krisha recalls everything and cries. Devraj recalls meeting her and smiling with her. He sees the nuts she loved to eat. Krisha says I want to get over this pain for my parents. I have to run away from it. I don’t know how to live. I can’t live without Devraj.

Scene 4
Rati does pooja. She says what kind of family is this. Devraj and Krisha are in so much pain. Daksh is ill and all they care about is money. Aarav says we are royal but poor. A family is made of love not money. Rati says Krisha was lied and brought here. She did so much for me. I miss her so much. I don’t know if I will ever see her again. Krisha says you think I don’t care about Rati bhabhi? Aarav plays her voicenote. Krisha says get tested, they mixed something in your juices. Aarav will get your reports. I had to tell him everything so he can take care of you. Even about your pregnancy. Take care of yourself and eat on time. Call me if you need anything. Rati cries. Aarav says don’t cry. Krisha gave me responsibility to keep you happy. She’s right. Stay strong. They will try to harm you again.

Ugra asks Naina what happened? Naina says your powder won’t be detected in any test. She has doubt on us. She’s not drinking anything you are giving her. Otherwise she must be sick by now. She’s all fine. Ugra says I need to find another way. Ugra says Raghav is coming back home soon. Naina says so our money worked? Ugra says once he comes back I will get him married to Windapur’s royal family. They are interested and they’re filthy rich. Once they’re married, Jaya and Devraj will be nothing in front of us. Rati has to go far away for that, soon.

Scene 5
Krisha makes breakfast for everyone. She says I used papa’s recipe book don’t worry. I had to tell you a good news. I got a job in a hotel in Chennai. They’re also interested in getting papa as their head chef. They will give us a house too. Yash can do something there too. We will start a new life. Her dad says and then you will forget your past completely? Krisha says I am not saying you all are not doing well, but we can start afresh. This is my home. Aren’t you all happy to see me? Her dad says I think you have forgotten that we are your parents. We can see your pain even if you hide it. Krisha cries. He hugs her. He says no. don’t cry.

Krisha says I don’t want to hurt you both. But I don’t want you both to go through the pain I did. Sudha says you thought you can hide your pain? Tell us what happened? yash says did Devraj do anything wrong? Is he not a good man? Krisha says he’s a very good human. Whatever he did was for his family. He thought it’s better for me to leave. Sudha says then what’s the problem? Why did you leave? Krisha says there was no reason to stay there either. Devraj never said he loved me. How could I live there She cries.

Scene 6
Devraj recalls Krisha asking did you ever love? He recalls her leaving.
Daksh opens his eyes.. He says Maya. Devraj is coming towards his room. Someone else comes there.

Episode ends

Precap-Devraj is in the car. Krisha is in the car next to him. He hides so she doesn’t see him. Krisha goes to the hotel.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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