Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 19th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Krisha finds Devraj’s photo with Roma

Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 19th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Krisha says to Devraj you thought I ran? He says I would have found you. I won’t let you go away from me. I will never leave this hand. Jaya says Krisha change and come for breakfast. Krisha says in heart how many times do I have to change. Everyone is on breakfast table. Krisha comes downstairs. Everyone looks at her. Krisha sits with Devraj. He fixes her chair. Kach says who is the designer of your saree? She says I got it from my tailor Rampal. He designs it all for you. He stitches for gents too. You can come with me. I always tell him he will be a big designer one day. Kach says yeah Rampal. Minakshi says he’s funny.

Devraj asks Krisha to sit. He says you look pretty. Krisha says in heart I know they’re making fun of me. This Roma is so weird. Jaya says I will get you a new wardrobe. You will have all designer stuff. Krisha says that’s not needed. I have many sarees. Raghav says but we need it. We will need to see your weird clothes every day. Aarav says everything looks good on bhabhi. Krisha says Naina and Utra bua? Won’t they eat with us? Raghav says mom doesn’t eat with us. Royal women like you eat in their rooms. Eating together is a middle class thing that we have to follow now, he looks at Jaya. Aarav says and Naina wakes up at 12. Is that a royal habit? Minakshi says she partys all night. Raghav says she works.

Jaya asks Ramchand to serve the soup. Krisha says it’s okay I will serve it. Devraj says no you sit Krisha. Krisha serves the food. She collides with Utra. Krisha says sorry. Let me clean. Utra says this must be my opinion’s mistake as well. Devraj says I am sorry on her behalf. It was an accident. Don’t keep anything against her in youear heart. Krisha says sorry. utra leaves. Raghav says your wedding is an accident. How many people would get injured with it? He leaves. Devraj says Raghav, behave with Krisha. Don’t forget who she is. He says okay. He leaves. Krisha says sorry to Devraj.

Scene 2
Krisha comes to see Devraj off at the door. He says so you will see me off every day like this? She says yes. I want to spend all my moments with you Devraj sir. He says call me Dev, you’re my wife now. Say it. Dev. Krisha says Dev. Raj Sir.. He says come on. Krisha says that comes out of my mouth. Krisha gives him bag to him. Devraj says let Jaya ma know or call me if you need anything. My phone would be out of network. Send me a text. Krisha says but.. I really worry about you. What if someone attacks you again? He says I am safe here. It’s my regime. Roma comes and says let’s go Dev. I hope I didn’t make you wait. Krisha says Roma ji is also going? Devraj says yeah it’s her project. I am going to see the land because she asked. I will see you. Roma puts hand on devraj and leaves.

Scene 3
Rati brings clothes to Krisha. She says you’ve to wear these things. Krisha says they are so heavy. How many rituals are left? Rati says many of them. There are many rules in this house. Jaya ma decides everything in the house. Let me help you tie the sare. Krisha gets ready. Krisha asks why does Roma live here? Is she close to the family? Rati says she’s very close to Dev. They used to study together. Don’t worry. Devraj only loves you. You’re so pretty after all. Krisha smiles. Krisha says I miss Devraj so much. She sees a chit on the table. It says Krisha go to library and see the third blook in the center arc.

Krisha asks Ramchand where’s the library? He tells her. Krisha comes to the library. She picks the book and finds Devraj’s photo with a girl. The girl’s face isn’t visible.

Scene 3
Devraj comes home. Jaya says you came home so early? He says yeah I got done with the deal? He says yes. She asks was it good? He says yes. She asks did they give good price? Dev says yes. Jaya says did you miss Krisha? He says yes. Devraj says no I mean.. Jaya says go meet her. Roma comes in and sees him going upstairs.

Devraj comes outside Krisha’s house. She’s mad. Devraj says Krisha? Is everything okay? She says why didn’t you tell me about her? He says who? Krisha says Roma. He says what about her? Krisha says that you both studied together and she was your girl friend. He says what? Krisha says yes I have the proof. He says what proof? Krisha says this. He says I can’t see. Krisha shows him the photo. Devraj sees the photo. He says who gave it to you? What does it prove? It doesn’t tell Roma was my girl friend. Krisha says I am not backward. But it shows how close were you. Everyone has a past but you could tell me. He says Roma wasn’t my girl friend. Krisha says Rati told me you studied with her. She is here in your house. And she goes everywhere with you. She gave me this hint too and left this chit. It shows that you both were happy together. I have never seen you smiling like this photo. You never smile like that with me. She goes in. Devraj says Krisha look at me or I am coming in. Krisha says you can’t come in. He says let me explain then. This photo shows that we were close. This must be of a family function or party. We were never close. I would never do anything that would hurt you. He leaves.

Krisha goes after Devraj. She hugs him.

Episode ends.

Precap-Jaya tells Krisha tomorrow morning it’s your first cooking ritual. Krisha says to Rati everything was fine till Devraj saw that mangalsutra. I know you all recognize it. devraj’s mood went off too when he saw it. Something’s wrong.
Jaya says every new bride has to change their name when they come here and that name is tattoed on their hands. Let’s start. Krisha says but I really like my name. Jaya says Rati, Minakshi everyone did it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. And the plot thickens …….

    1. Lol, my exact thoughts after every episode ever since I’ve started watching this show😂 I never thought I would get wrapped up in another show, but I love a good mystery, so I’m hooked. I hope the show does well.

  2. Why is every family shocked to see a face?

  3. Is it possible that the one in the picture is similar to Krisha, and that’s why the family was shocked when they saw Krisha.

  4. I think the stranger Roma was talking to is Devraj and it is all a plan to marry Krisha but for what reason is a mystery. Maybe there was someone in his past who looked exactly like Krisha….

    1. I think Roma was rather talking to raghav, I might be wrong.

    2. Yess I totally agree @Prema…I even said it earlier…it’s all a plan nd krisha’s face resembles someone in the past with dev, Roma is is dev’s gf maybe. Poor krisha is trapped. Too many secrets to unveil

    3. Yes I have been suspecting it was Devaraj and Roma speaking, but why would she refer to him by his name instead of you? That’s so weird. And if it was Raghav, they would have shown him to us, because it was understood that he left his room in the middle of the night so it should obviously be him, this is the part that confused me and made me think it could be someone else, Devraj, or one of his other suspicious family members, because all of them are suspicious to me, even the innocent looking people. If Roma and Devraj are together and are playing Krisha, that’ll be sad.
      But Devraj, although his lack of expressions in the earlier episodes made me suspect him, but now I realize he’s a quiet and introverted person. He seems to have some feelings towards Krisha, with the way he was rushing to go see her ,even before he left the house and when he was explaining the picture to her. I’ll keep an eye on him.

  5. To be honest, I think Krisha’s outfit is no uglier than the designer clothes she wears later. The color is right, but the combination of patterns is terrible. The harmony is missing. The jewelry works, although there are too many colors for me when you look at the top and also the jewelry. In the German language I would say: jein (ja=yes and nein=no). The family criticized Krisha, but they “probably” couldn’t see Roma’s pants under the breakfast table. She may have fished them out of the garbage, because those weren’t designer pants, they were broken pants.

  6. Hy peeps

  7. tere binaaaaa jiyaaa jaayeeee naaa, oooooh tere binaaa jiyaa jaaye na. Bine tere, tere bin, sanjhanaaaa ooooohhhh

  8. I think Roma wants to use Krisha for some very big reason as a pawn… And one reason for that is maybe Krisha resembles Dev’s past gf. And the second reason could be that Roma wants to take place of Dev’s gf…in his past life as well as NOW…..Let me know if someone agree…!!!

    1. I agree with your points. Roma has a lot of shadiness surrounding her, but I feel like Devraj has some plans of his own too.

  9. Why I feel that roma might be a detective or police, her way of talking, make feel like that. I think krisha is none other than Dev’s past lady love, just returned as krisha to achieve her motive. Dev , what is he upto, does he really want to be krisha’s life partner or, he wants to get some work to be done by her.

    1. I think dev is not what he seems to be….he might show his true colors later on.

  10. I think Devraj has lost a lot in life, not only his parents but also his wife or fiance who may resemble krisha, that’s why he was shocked to not knowing Krisha’s whereabout. I think he is developing a feeling towards his krisha.
    I may be wrong but I have the feeling that Roma works with one of the family member (raghav) who wants to avoid Devraj. The attack in the hotel and after temple visiting, I can’t imagine that he insinuate all that. Impassive episodes.

    1. Radhika Purohit - Fan of the Original CS

      @Ayni… I think you are right.. most probably the one whom he lost was his wife… because based on precap he gets upset seeing a mangalsutra…

    2. Yes @Radhika that way his anger towards krisha when they first met. Maybe he was thinking she knew about him and wanted his attention or to trap him. Just after knowing about her from Mr. Singh he changed his mind about her.
      But now would krisha be able to keep her name? Would he stand for her wish against his family tradition?

    3. Radhika Purohit - Fan of the Original CS

      Yess @Ayni… definitely he will.. he promised her that she is his responsibility and he wouldn’t let anything happen to her and also that her comfort is most important for him… so he will let her decision prevail😍😍😍 I am liking this shady character of Devraj though sarab was is and always will be the best… I would really like if the makers gave us more of Devraj… I really miss the expressions of Avinesh Rekhi sir.. Did you see the story by him about his directors happiness after his performance.. I hope its some intense scene coming up 🥳

    4. Yes, I saw the story. @Radhika, I know for many of us, Sarab is was the best character in itv history till date. Devraj is going to be as best as sarab 👌, Avinesh Rekhi is a great actor he will nail it. I too liking Devraj very much and want to see him in deferent shade too.

    5. Radhika you know people still want to see Avinesh in Cs. Yesterday I saw comment in producer’s post . Fans demand him just proving their so called leap is useless.

    6. As much as I appreciate the new character Avinesh is playing as Devraj and his mysteriousness, I do hope that he is given more dialogue soon. I also miss the expressions and wonderful acting we all know Avinesh is capable of! @Ayni and @Radhika Sarabjit Singh Gill will always be the gold standard for Indian serials!!

  11. Just for Fun, if at all sarab had a wife like krisha, everyday is valentine’s day for him😄😄

    1. Yes. Definitely. But mehar oh god….

  12. Radhika, Ayni, MD after long time. I missed sarab soo much . I have no words to express. I watch atleast one old episode of cs every day to see Sarab.😭 He is a masterpiece of ITV. Now we can see without him what happened to cs ………. I have a dream to see his turbanated look again in tv. I hope it will come true. New show is also very interesting but I want to see his expressions more and more. Hope for best. He is very talented actor. Otherthing I am not happy about online telecast . Even written updates are here before story telecasts in tv. It will affect to trp.

  13. Don’t worry @cs Av in future will get opportunity to play Singh role, he is awesome in that role, I think story is interesting it will do well even if it’s online telecast or written updates are early, I myself watch episode when it’s on TV and later on Zee 5 many times. This show will sure do well , as of now it’s just the beginning ,it will take some time to pick up. It has its own viewers.

  14. I’m so happy that there are so many people watching this show.
    There’s so much mystery behind it and I’m so curious to see Devraj’s real motives behind marrying Krisha.
    From the precap I wonder how this name changing ceremony works. Is Krisha given names to choose from or does someone choose her name for her? If so then maybe she’ll be given the name of the person she resembles so much then maybe what some of you are saying could be right, I too think that Krisha looks familiar to someone who was important to the the family, but who?
    I feel like Devraj is running his own plan, but what? I hardly believe he is innocent in all this.
    Roma is my number one suspect as well as her unknown accomplice I’m not sure if it’s Rati’s husband (can’t remember his name) because he was shown getting out of bed, but if he was Roma’s accomplice, they would show him right? because we’ve seen him leave his room already, why not reveal him as her accomplice?

  15. Nice story. Hope for good trp and high success for Avinesh. Then that stupid cs makers will understand his value and talent

  16. Guys did you all see new promo ? I saw it in ig story of Avinesh

  17. Oh god Dev, why , poor krisha.

    1. Avinesh shares a story on Instagram in which roma and devraj had conversation about there plan, Roma said that krisha is looking for you and devraj tell that it is very difficult for him to break krisha’s trust. Suspens is going on. Can’t wait to see entire story………#TBJjN💞

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