Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 19th August 2022 Written Episode Update: A sombre ending of the show

Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 19th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Dev talks to Virendra and says Sudha has given laddos for Krisha. Virendra says we will take care of Krisha and the baby.

Dev brings the laddos for Krisha and says Sudha made these for you.

Raghav finds some of the laddos that Dev left. Ugra stops him and says these laddos are laced with poisons. Raghav says I forgot. Ugra tells Jaya that your work is done. Rati hears all that and is shocked. She runs to save Krisha. Dev is about to make Krisha eat the laddos but Rati takes her from there. Rati tells Krisha that the laddos have poison in them. Dev comes there and asks what happened? Krisha says Jaya mixed poison my laddos because I exposed Vamika, she is Vamika’s mother. Jaya cries and says she keeps blaming me. Dev glares at Krisha and says I trust Jaya completely. Krisha pleads him to listen to her. Dev shouts at her to stop it. He eats the laddos and says I am totally fine, Jaya can never harm you. Krisha is stunned and says you shouldn’t have eaten those. Suddenly Dev starts coughing and spitting blood. Krisha runs to get first aid but Ugra locks her in the room. Virendra tries to save Dev but Jaya pushes him away. Jaya asks Dev if he is in pain? Dev is stunned and says you did this with me? I took you as my mother, trusted you blindly but you did this… Jaya recalls her family burning in their small house. She tells Dev you are not my son, my son was the one who your father killed. I will take my revenge today by killing you. Dev is losing breaths. Jaya thinks I waited for years to get my revenge on Dev but why don’t I feel happy seeing Dev dying today? Why do I feel like I will lose my right as a mother if something happens to Dev? She recalls her memories with Dev. how he always trusted her. Vamika arrives there and sees Dev lying there. Vamika says you took the revenge today. I will take care of Krisha. She takes out a gun and asks Raghav to bring Krisha here. Ugra goes and grabs Krisha. She brings it to Dev. Krisha pleads to save Dev. Raghav asks Krisha to sign the papers first. Krisha is about to sign it but Jaya stops her. Jaya tells Krisha that she doesn’t need to sign any papers. She says I was so blinded by my revenge that I couldn’t see if I lost one son then I got another son. He loved me like his mother but what did I do? I gave death to him, He never doubted me. I won’t let him die. Ugra says what’s wrong with you? Should I tell you about your truth? Jaya says you can tell anything you want but I want to save my son. She tells Vamika to leave Krisha and Dev, we will go far away from here. Vamika shouts as if she has lost her senses? I did a lot of sacrifices for this moment, you said that we will kill them and own all this property. I will kill Krisha. Jaya stands in front of Krisha to save her from Vamika. Ugra forces Krisha to sign the property papers. Jaya tries to stop them but Raghav slaps her. Jaya is shocked, Krisha rushes to her. Jaya calls out for security but Raghav says no one is here to save you. He slaps her again and Jaya falls down. Dev wakes up and grabs Raghav, he says how dare you to touch my mother? Dev strangles Raghav. Jaya says to leave him. Vamika takes the gun and points it at Dev. Jaya says don’t do it. Vamika doesn’t listen so Jaya takes out her gun and shoots at Vamika. Vamika dies in frontt of them. All are shocked. Jaya apologizes to Dev and says you always took me as your mother but I couldn’t be a good mother. Dev hugs her. Raghav calls a doctor.

9 Months later, Dev and Krisha come back home with a baby. Dev says Krisha has brought a new life into this house. Gaj says let’s have a selfie together. Dev asks where is Jaya Maa? Minakshi says she went on a pilgrimage. All family members take a photo

The show ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. I was not following this show regularly. Can anyone tell me if Raghav found out that he killed his own to be born baby?

  2. I don’t think he even cares about it anymore, all had a change of heart within seconds, a rushed ending, anyways AV performance was good except hitting Raghav in that condition quiet unbelievable otherwise the performance of all actors was good,anyways Dev may not be a best husband but an extremely good and divine son anyone can get, jayamaa is really lucky to get him as his son, hmmmmm our sarab was supposed to have such a son and Karan could have been one but everything got destroyed,atleast jayamaa got a wonderful son, in his presence she will always be happy, safe and fortune.

  3. Pls anyone let me know about AV next project.

  4. very disappointed with the ending, realy a happing ending. Krisha should have left him with her child. Everytime she has to proof herself and what not. He has only sweet words and shouting. But this is what Indian viewers want.

  5. Carol Rajkumar

    Shit complete shit

  6. The story started with so much potential and took many unexpected twists and turns, but the writers seemed to lose interest midways and it was all downhill from then on. Things stopped making sense, but we the viewers kept watching in the hope that things would improve. The end was an insult not only to us the viewers but also to the actors who gave great performances in spite of terrible story lines. Unbelievable that a man would so blindly trust a woman who raised him over and above his own family even when there was evidence against her! All in all, the writers turned a strong arrogant man into a spineless wimp by the end of the series and hats off to the actor for being professional and not walking off because of what they did to his character. Hope in his next venture he gets a decent story line.

  7. This was a rushed ending of the show. We had no idea it was just going to end today .I wonder if the writers just did not know fcccwhat to do or where to go very strange. All the actors were great . Please don’t end your shows like in such a rushed manner.

  8. The only good thing about the ending is that ragav slapped Jaya and Devraj saying you ruined my childhood and stole my love, that is a little consulation for my disappointment

  9. Av deserves better story, this is his most ridiculous show, i know he got a lot of recognition for his role Dev but story wise it’s a big disappointment, what actually happened to Maya????, What actually happened to Arav, why was Daksh even this story????? No, the writers have made a big injustice to many characters and the audience were more confused in the name of thriller show , this show made me dislike AV performance as Dev post Daksh exit, but he is such a professional did his work and kept his professional ethics till the end, he has done his best but the writers are the one to be blamed, Anyways i wish AV get good projects ahead.

  10. Is unbelievable how so much has happened in the pastbut Jaya is forgiven along with ugra and rahgav? The only one person who has been punishmed is vamika but she herself is a victim of her mother greedy handling. Even devisha wasn’t seen alone at the end. Dev giving krisha the solo creadit for the new life, isn’t fair eitheri They are both made a baby together

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