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Nandini asks Akshay if he can come to her house tomorrow for whole day and give her birthday gift. He says he cannot lie Vijaya often. She requests to please come as Irfan and Shabana are going to their relative’s house. Vijaya enters. Akshay stops seeing her and asks her to sit. Vijaya asks how Nandini how did she celebrate her birthday yesterday. Nandini fumes and Vijaya smiles.

Irfan walks in house in a deep thought. Shabana thnks bhai heard her and Nandini’s talks and she has to hide this issue from bhai. She tells Irfan that she is going to work. He says she told she can work online today and asks what are she and Nandini hiding from him, he heard their conversation and something wrong happens, they should not cry.

Vijaya tells Nandini that she wanted to

come to her house yesterday and wish her, but thought she may want to celebrate her birthday alone. Nandini says nothing like that. Vijaya says that means she celebrated and did not even call her, hope she enjoyed her birthday well. She gives Neeti’s gift and says Neeti is so innocent, she told Nandini will stay in this house after marriage. Nandini says she will tell Neeeti that she wants to stay in her real house. Vijaya says Neeti is like her and does not like an intruder in her life. She tells Akshay that she is going for shopping with Naani and Neeti, so he can have dinner alone. She leaves. Nandini thinks she will take Akshay home and show their intimate video to Vijaya then. She insists Akshay to come to her house now.

Nandini messages Shabana that she is coming in 15 minutes with Akshay. She thinks Nandini needs house emtpy and tells Irfan that she will tell him what she and Nandini were talking about, but outside while having coffee. He asks what is a problem here. She says okay then she will not tell and walks out. He follows her.

Naani tells Neeti that she will be alone again after Neeti will go to school soon. Neeti asks her to join her school as story telling teacher. Vijaya comes and asks them if they don’t want to go to movie. Neeti says they will go some other day. Naani says yes, they will go some other day. Vijaya says okay. Neeti asks if she gave her gift to Nandini. Vijaya reminisces Nandini’s words that she will stay in Neeti’s house after marriage and feels sad. Neeti asks again what did Nandini say. Vijaya scolds. Neeti feels bad. Vijaya apologizes and pampers her. Neti says she does not like her scolding often.

Nandini brings Akshay home and says nobody is here except them, so he can relax. He says he wants to thank her as Neeti’s health is improving because of her. She closes door and then hugging him says she is proud of him and knew he would become a successful doctor. He says even he thinks same about her. She says he used to always praise her beauty. She then starts luring him and tries to kiss when door bell rings. She opens door. Flat owner comes and says he thought she is a good girl, but she is characterless. She says he is mistaken, she and Akshay are colleagues. He says he does not know all this and has got a complaint from society members that many boys come to her flat. Akshay asks what does he mean. Owner says he is not talking to him and says society people complained that she is characterless and a man stays in her flat. She says Irfan and his sister are staying here. He says how can a man stay with her without marriage and warns her to get married within 24 hours, else she should leave his flat. He walks out angrily.

Shabana tries to hold Irfan out with weird talk. He asks she brought him here to hold him out of house. Owner passes by and Irfan wishes owner. Owner angrily looks at him and leaves. Irfan says something is wrong and walks towards house while Shabana still tries to stop him.

Naani tells Vijaya that she needs grocery, bulbs need to be changed, etc. Vijaya asks why is she telling all this. Naani says she does not want to hide anything from her like she is hiding thinks from her. Vijaya says Akshay used to love Nandini before marriage. Naani is shocked.

Precap: Nandini tells Akshay that they will marry tomorrow in a temple. He asks if she is serious. She says she does not want to leave this flat and if she does not marry him, she will have to and she will stay on road then.

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  1. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was Nandini who called the landlord herself, pretending to be a neighbour and made a complain, just to pressure Akshay into marrying her.

    I find Akshay an be passive aggressive, like when he gets angry with Vijaya/landlord.

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