Tere Bin 8th September 2016 Written Episode Update

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Vijaya reaches nursing home and greets Irfan. Irfan asks if she also came back from Delhi. She asks who else. He says nothing. She says Akshay’s parents stay in Delhi and asks how is his practice going. He discusses about a particular patient. She asks if he is getting emotionally attached to his patient. He says no..he will be careful next time when he meets patient next tme, asks if Akshay did not come. She says he dropped her and went to meet someone. Irfan thinks he went to meet Nandini.

Akshay goes home and tells Neeti he came to meet her telling he will meet someone else. She asks why. He says today is Vijaya’s birthday and he wants to give surprise party with her and naani. Neeti gets excited and asks him to get big cake, etc. He says okay. He then reaches

nursing home and invites nurse Jennifer with other staff members for surprise party and asks to be at 7 p.m. sharp. She says okay and smiles. Naani and Neeti decorate home.

At 5 p.m.., Neeti calls Akshay and says cake did not arrive yet. He says must be on the way. She asks him to come a bit late as naani is decorating his room. Vijaya comes and says him let us go now. He delays with weird reasons. Neeti writes on a white board Happy birthay Neeti’s mamma, naani’s daughter, papa’s… asks naani what to write. Naani says wife. Neeti says no..she will write papa’s life partner, love, everything. Naani says wow…write it soon then.

Akshay reaches home with Vijaya. Naani and Neeti wish her happy birthday and give their gifts. Akshay says there is a party for her. Vijaya gets ready. Akshay gifts her diamond necklace. Vijaya says it is very costly. He says it was not, it became after she wore it. Vijaya gets emotional. They both get down. Neeti says mamma is looking very beautiful in this sari. Akshay says really she is and thanks Naani. Jennifer enters with flower bouquet followed by Ratan and Abhaya. Vijaya thanks Akshay. Neeti says surprise is still awaiting. Nandini enters with Irfan and Shabana. Vijaya is surprised. They all 3 give their gifts. Akshay gets nervous. Nandini says Neeti invited her and told papa gave surprise party for mamma. Cake comes. Irfan says he brought candle and says Vijaya he will give with one condition, he will not blow it off. Akshay says it is a ritual to blow it off. Irfan says in older days candle used to burn whole night and when blown in the morning, it used to hit heaven, but people now a days darken their lives with their wrong deeds, looking at Akshay and Nandini. They both feel bad. Vijaya cuts cake. Akshay hugs and wishes her. Nandini gets jealous. Irfan notices it. After sometime, Vijaya asks Nandini if she is in love. Nandini asks why is she asking this. Vijaya says because she is getting love after so many years after marriage, hopes it does not shatter. Nandini gets jealous again.

Precap: Akshay sings Mainaa bhulunga…song. Vijaya also sings leaning on his shoulder. Nandini gets jealous. Ratan misbehaves with Nandini and she slaps him.

Update Credit to: MA

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