Tere Bin 8th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Irfan gets jealous seeing Nandini hugging Akshay. He walks towards door and asks Akshay how is Mrs. Sinha/Vijaya, must he fine itself. He walks out. Nandinni asks Akshay to forget it and asks why he came late. He says he had work at nursing home.

At home, Abhaya asks Vijaya how she and jijaji find time for each other. Vijaya says they have to find time. Abhaya says she is glowing with each day. Vijaya shies. Manjeet calls Vijaya and tells that Akshay again went to Nandini’s house. He acted as car breakdown and sent Vijaya home, but car was fine and he went to Nandini’s house. Vijaya is shocked.

Nandini takes Akshay to her room and thinks she wil record her and Akshay’s intimate moments on CCTV camera. She gets romantic with Akshay. Akshay feels nervous.

She purposefully drops water on his shirt and forces him to remove it. She then plays romantic song aaj ki raat…..and takes him on bed.

Neeti asks Vijaya what she is gifting Nandini on her birthday and says she has made cardboard house for her and let us go to her house and surprise her. Vijaya says they cannot go as papa…Neeti asks what papa. Vijaya says if she remembers papa says they should not go to anyone’s house uninvited.

Shabana waits outside house and thinks Akshay and Vijaya’s romance is still continuing. Akshay comes out and corrects his dress near car nervously. Shabana thinks she will not let Irfan lose his love and will get Akshay out of Nandini’s love for sure. She will send Nandini and Akshay’s intimate video to Vijaya.

Vijaya in her room cries reminiscing Neeti’s words and Manjeet’s information. Naani comes and asks when is Askhay coming, she will prepare dinnner. Vijaya asks her to prepare it, he will come and have late. Naani asks why she is crying. Vijaya says she got a cold. Naani says she will get herbal tea for her then. She gets MMS and is shocked to see Akshay and Nandini’s intimate moments. She cries vigorously. She then sees Akshay waking up in the middle and walking out saying he just promised to spent time with her and not get intimate. She smiles happily. Naani loudly asks if she should add clove in tea. Vijaya says she will prepare tea today, special one and goes to kitchen.

Nandini comes out after a bath. Shabana praises her that she is so intelligent and trapped Akshay in her romance so easily, she did not see video though and brought her friend’s sim card. Nandini says nothing happened between them and Akshay left before that. Shabana says she sent video without watching to Vijaya. Nandini panics and shouts if Vijaya sees that, she will get happy seeing nothing happened.

Akshay reaches home. Vijaya asks if is tired and need a bath, she will switch on geyser for him. He says he will switch it on himself and goes to room. Vijaya smiles seeing him walking. Neeti comes and watches her smiling.

In the morning, Shabana apologizes Nandini for her mistake. Nandini says never mind, this time everything will happen which did not happen last time. Irfan enters and hears their conversation. Shabana gets tensed and signals Nandini. Nandini saays good morning and leaves. Irfan stands suspiciously.

Nandini goes to nursing home and then Akshay’s cabin. Akshay asks her to come and sit and apologizes for yesterday, she had planned so much for her birthday and he spoilt it. She says why is he apologizing, as she planned they both spent whole day together. She does not know how Irfan came so early from his lecture, else she would not have decorated house. He saays it is okay. She says if he can come tomorrow and give the gift she needed. Vijaya hears their conversation standing near door.

Precap: Nandini’s apartment building secretary tells Nandini that everyone is complaining that she is characterless, so she should either leave apartment or marry Akshay within 24 hours.

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  1. Hope Vijaya wins Akshay heart. Although i think Akshay is a love rat!

    1. good one!

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