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Naani looks at Akshay, Vijaya and Neeti’s family photo. Neeti asks what is she looking at. Naani thinks she is thinking her mummy and papa should not get a nazar. Neeti asks what does that mean. Naani says if someone gets jealous of beautiful peaceful and think of bad, so it is called nazar. Neeti shows her made card board house and thinks which color to use on it. She calls Nandini to know her favorite colar, but Nandini walking in nursing home angrily disconnects call. Akshay comes behing her and says she knows her birthday and was acting in front of Vijaya. She happily hugs him and says I love you jaanu. He says someone will watch. She asks what is he doing tomorrow. He says nothing important. She says he has to be with her in her house whole day. He says how can he, he willl

have lunch with her. She says he took her promise and has to be with her. He agrees. She tries to hug again, but he stops her and says anyways he coming to her house tomorrow.

Neeti colors her made house and asks Lado how is it looking. Lado says it is pretty. Neeti says tomorrow is Nandini’s birthday and she will give this to him. Lado says Nandini is not a good woman. Naani hears that and sends Neeti to her room and scolds Lado to not badmouth about anyone in front of Neeti.

Nandini goes home and asks Shabana if Irfan went for his lecture for sure. Shabana says yes and if she wants, he can postpone lecture to celebrate her birthhday. Nandini says no, Akshay is coming here tomorrow and will be with her whole day. Shabana congratulates her. Nandini then calls Vijaya and informs her that tomorrow is her birthdya. Vijaya says she knows, how manhy times will she remind. Nandini says Akshay promised that he will spend whole day, they have planned a very romantic birthday. Vijay gets tensed and Nandini laughs happily. Akshay comes to Vijaya’s cabin and Vijaya says they have not gone out for lunch since a long time, let us go tomorow. He says it is a good idea, but… Vijaya what but… He says not tomororw, he has an imporant meeting, they will go some other day. Vijaya sadly says okay and gets teary eyed.

Nandini says Shabana that she wanted to see Vijaya’s fees when she would hear that Aksha and she are spending whole day tomorrow. Shabana says never mind, this CCTV camera will do its magic tomorrow. Nandini gets happy.

Vijaya at night looking at sleeping Akshay thinks why she thought Akshay would spend time with her on Nandini’s birthday, if she is expecting too much.

Nandini decorates her house on her birthday. Shabana wishes her happy birthday. Nandini asks why is she still here, Akshay would be coming any time. Shabana asks her to not forget to switch on CCTV camera when she goes on bed with Akshay. Nandini says she remembers and sends her out. Neeti calls and wishes her happy birthday. Nandini thanks her. Naani also wishes her happy birthday on her, Akshay, and Vijay’s behalf. Neeti says even Lado and Jalpari’s behalf. Nandini says thank you very much and disconnects call. Door bell rings. Nandini opens door and is shocked Irfan with boquet wishing her happy birthday. She angrily says thank you. Irfan says his lecture was today, but organizers insists for yesterday itself and he said okay. He says he wanted to surprise her, so he did not inform Shabana. He says she always celebrates birthday in closed room, today she is celebrating her birthday, very nice. He goes to change. Nandini thinks even today, she wanted to spend time in closed room, but with Akshay.

Akshay takes Vijaya to a restaurant and asks waiter to get menu. Vijaya asks he had some important work, why did he change his plan. He says work was not that imporant, anyways she does not plan lunch outing always. Vijaya thinks she should plan outing often, Akshay is only hers.

Irfan comes out after chaging clothes and says Nandini where is Shabana, he will call her to celebrate birthday. Nandini asks if he also can go out today. Irfan asks if this decoration is for Akshay, if he is coming. Nandini nods yes.

After finishing lunch, Akshay says food was really nice and says Vijaya her choice was good, next time they will bring Neeti and Naani also. Vijaya goes to washroom. Akshay thinks how to go to Nandini, she had called him with so much love. He plans that he will act as car stopping and will send Vijaya via taxi and then will go to Nandini.

Irfan confronts Nandini how can Akshay promise her and not come yet. She says he must have some work. He asks if Akshay wished her. She says not yet, but he will come and says he knows what he is for her, but she cannot forget Akshay. Akshay comes and wishes her happy birthday with a rose. Nandini hugs him happily. Irfan gets jealous.

PRecap: Nandini lures Akshay in her room and removes his shirt looking at CCTV camera. Aaj ki raat song plays in the background. Akshay feels weird.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Shamless nandini b*t*h.

    1. Hi Joya,

      I totally agree.. Nandini knows no shame or have any self respect!

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