Tere Bin 6th September 2016 Written Episode Update

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Neeti buys gifts for her daada/daadi and shows them to Akshay and Vijaya. She says she even bought gifts for them. Family reaches Akshay’s parent’s house and discuss how Neeti went to airport 3 hours ahead. Neeti gives her gifts to Daada and Daadi.

Irfan goes to nursing home and Jennifer nurse informs him that Akshay and Vijaya have gone to Delhi. He jokes with them and leaves. He returns home and chats with Nandini. Nandini suggests him to marry. He says someone told good men are either married or engaged, it is opposie in his case. She says she knows. They both joke. He goes out again and comes bac in the afternoon. He sees Shabana in kitchen, asks where is Nandini. She says Nandini went to Delhi to meet her friend. He says love is good, but sin if it breaks someone’s house. She asks what he means. He says nothing important and leaves.

Nandini calls Akshay and says she wants to meet him. He says he would have if he was in Mumbai. She says she is at airport and has booked some hotel. They agree to meet at a hotel discotheque in the evening. They meet and then act as strangers. They both start dancing. A goon misbehaves with Nandini and forcefully drags her. Akshay slaps him and he punishes Akshay in return.

Vijaya waits for Akshay till late night and gets worried. Akshay incurs jaw cut with goon’s punch and Nandini nurses his wound. He says he has to go home, else Vijaya and family will be tensed thinking where was he whole night. Akshay’s friend calls landline. Naani picks call and says she is Akshay’s mother-in-law. He says he heard Akshay has come to Delhi and asks him to meet him. Naani asks his name and he says Lalit. Akshay reaches home in the morning hiding his jaw injury with jacket. Dad asks where was he. He says to meet his friend Lalit. Naani is shocked hearing his lie.

Precap: Akshay speaks Nandini lying as his college friend. Vijaya says even she wants to speak to his friend. Naani tells Akshay that his friend Lalit had called and wants to meet him.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. QueenB

    I hate this infidelity track 🙁

  2. I wish vijaya leaves akshay and he get to know his love for swara
    I hate how things are going akshay is a cheater

  3. Partho

    Pardon my language but akshay is a bustard

    1. QueenB

      I KNOW

  4. Aksahy is a cheater but Nandini should also be punished as he is activley pursuing this romance, knowling he is married. She does not care who she hurts along the process.

  5. Partho

    Agreed with summer

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