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Ashay comes home. Neeti greets him. He asks how is his princess and says today food si smelling very pleasant. Neeti says mamma prepared thai food today. Vijaya opens lids frm bowls. Akshay excitedly says thai food his his favorite cuisine, he will change come soon. He enjoys food and says food was amazing, he loves thai food. Affter finishing food, he says Vijaya he will teach maths to Neeti and she can rest. He leaves with Neeti. Naani says Vijaya that she did not know Akshay loved thia food, she won his heart today. Vijaya thinks if she is doing wrong to win Akshay’s heart, then remembers Nandini’s 3-month challenge and thihnks she is on right track.

Nandini comes to Irfan’s cain and asks him to come along for a coffee. He says he is not in a mood. She says

their friendship is very special and he should not spoil it, whatever his other feelings are, he should erase them as she will defeat Vijaya soon. She leaves saying if he does not want to have coffee with him, she will have it alone. Irfan thinks why she is looking so confident, what did she do.

Jennifer calls Akshay and asks him to come to nursing home right now as ICU patient’s condition is very critical due to respirator machine failure. Akshay scolds Vijaya that because of her ignorance, patient’s life is at risk. Vijaya thinks how can it happen, she checked respirator thorougly. Naani comes and tells Vijaya she was thinking. Akshay comes ready and rushes out scolding Vijaya. Naani asks Vijaya what happened.

Ratan tells Nandini that he spoilt ICU room’s respirator machine and Vijaya will be blaed now. Nandini says you idiot, patient’s life will be at risk. She rushes towards ICU. Ratan thinks if he heard idiot or praise, what wrong did he do.

Akshay reaches nursing home and see Nandini trying to correct respirator machine. Patient starts sinking. She corrects on time and saves patient. Vijaya calls Jennifer and asks about the situation. Jennifer says Nandini came on time corrected respirator. Vijaya feels something is wrong. Akshay goes to his cabin and Nandini follows. Akshay thanks her. She says never mind, destiny wants them to reunite and all these are indications. She leans on Akshay’s shoulder and says they are made for each other. She asks how did this problem happen, she pities on Vijaya who must have checked machined througlhy and fixed it, he should not worry though as she is with him. Akshay hugs her. Nandini thinks Vijaya was flying in air, now seeing Akshay’s anger will fall on earth and Akshay will not forgive her mistake. Askhay part ways from Nandini, calls Vijaya and apologizes. She asks what happened to ICU patient. He says patient is fine and say I am sorry, I could not have scolded you. She says it is okay. He says even then.. he will come home soon. Vijaya thanks god. Akshay says Vijay has so much work pressure and he scolds her unnecessarily.

Ratan comes to Vijaya’s house and thinks he comes here so many times, but does not get information about Vijaya. He wil have to use Abhaya to know what Vijaya does to Akshay that Askhay does not get angry on her at all. He calls Abhaya keeping his feet on sofa.. Abhaya comes and asks him to lower his fet from sofa and asks why is he coming here often. He says for her and says his condition is like a patient who is on respirator without oxygen. Vijaya hears him and asks how does he know about respirator.. He says everyone were talking about it in nursing home. Vijaya says okay and leaves. Ratan tells Abhaya that she should watch Akshay and Vijaya and learn from them how to romance. She says he is cheap and sends him out.

Shabana sees Nandini at home and asks if she does not want to meet Akshay today. Nandini saays what is the use, Akshay is leaning towards Vijaya. She then thinks Vijaya gets so much time with Akshay, but she does not have. She will go to nursing home and be with Akshay during surgery.

Vijaya sitting in her cabin thinks who must have malfunctioned respirator, Ratan cannot, be who it must be. Irfan comes and asks if Nandini came as she has surgery at 10 a.m. Vijaya says no and asks why is he concerned about her. He says Nandini is unpredictable and can do anything to win. Vijaya says then Nandini is like her, even she can do anything to win. Irfan says very good and leaves.

Precap: Jennifer informs Nandini that Vijaya informed that she will work with other doctors and Pathak with Akshay. Nandini goes and yells at Vijaya that she cannot win with her tricks. Vijaya says let us see.

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