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Ratan leans on sofa and relaxes happily. He asks Abhaya what is she doing. She says changing wall clock cells. He says their time will change once his loyal business willl start. She says enough, until Akshay gives money, he cannot start any business. He smirks and thinks he will show Nandiini and Akshay’s photoes to Vijaya and get money from Nandini, he gets happy thinking where will he keep so much money. He leaves to show pics to Vijaya.

Irfan at home thinks something has happened between Vijaya and Nandini, why they were looking so serious and stopped when he entered cabin. Nandini told she will come sooon, but has not returned yet. Nandini comes and Irfan asks what was she discussing with Vijaya. Shabana comes and says his laptop is not opening drags him to open his


Akshay photoframes Neeti’s sketched Vijaya’s pic and asks Neeti where to fix it. Nandini calls him. Neeti picks it and speaks. Nandini asks her to give phone to papa. Neeti gives phone to Akshay. Nandini says she loves him a lot and asks him to say he loves her. Akshay hesitantly says I love you looking at Neeti. Neeti also says I love you too papa. Nandini gets happy that Akshay loves her. Irfan comes back and says what is new in it, who told Vijaya about her and Akshay. Nandini stands surprised.

Manjeet comes to meet Vijaya. Vijaya says she does not need his help in spying Akshay hereon and says Akshay does not know that she knows about his affair, she will handle it herself hereon. Manjeet says as she wishes and leaves. Ratan enters and shows Aksha and Nandini’s pic to Vijaya and says how could he explain this heinous act to her. Vijaya realizes that Ratan is blackmailing Akshay with his pic. Ratan asks if she is fine, if he can drop her home, even he was shocked seeing Akshay all this. Vijaya asks what all. He says Akshay and Nandini. Vijaya says common, he was tensed with all this, it is new age, Nandini and Akshay are friends and this happens in friendship. She gets up and says she is going home, if she can drop him home. He nods no. She leaves saying take care. Ratan fumes.

Nandini tells Irfan about Vijaya’s challenge. Irfan asks what… She says what she could do, Vijaya was boasting that Akshay loves her now. He says she should not have accepted challenge. She says what will she do without Akshay. He says she can marry him. She stands surprised and says why is he so good, why he loves her so much even after knowing that she loves only Akshay. She asks Shabana to explain his brother, says Irfan that she is not fit for his love, asks him to go away until her and Akshay’s marriage happens. She says her and Aksay’s marriage will happen happen for sure, what will happen to him next, he will be shattered like she shattered when Akshay left her alone without informing. Irfan gave her solace at that time and if Irfan becomes alone, she may not help, so he should not love her.

Vijaya at home adding oil in temple lamp reminisces Akshay telling that he is helping Ratan financially to establish his business. She thinks Ratan was blackmailing Akshay since so long, why is Akshay is afraid, if he does not want to make her sad or does not want to lose her, sure this is the reason. Now, she will vanish Akshay’s fear and will not let him lose her, whatever it happens Akshay will have to love only her. She then hears Akshay telling Neeti that he loes her lot more than she thinks. She asks then why did not he make her drawing. He says if he makes more beautiful drawing than her, then…says he cannot make beautiful drawing han her and says she has to kiss him first. She kisses him. He smiles. Vijaya smiles seeing this.

Viay then goes to room and holding Akshay’s shirt smells and hugs it and gets happy. Akshay cmes from washroom and asks what is she thinking. She says she was getting his shirt from cupboard. He asks if today is special. She says no, thinks she will make his everyday special. She opens her cupboard and asks what to wear. He selects her a sari. She smiles shyingly. He then sees a file and says he was searching this file since a long, she must have kept itbyy mistake.

In the morning, Shabana thinks she will not let his brother suffer in Nandini’s love, whatever it happens, she will get Akshay and Irfan married. Nandini comes, wishes Shabana good monring and says she is looking very beautiful in purple top, it is Akshay’s favorite color, Akshay used to ask her to wear purple sari and used to hug her if she wore purple sari. She sees Irfan sad and asks why is he silent. He says what can he say. She says he should show his anger at least and not suffocate. He says whatever happens to her, she should not bother, she is marrying Akshay in 3 montths and should be happy. She asks what about him. He says he will die suffering, will she be happy seeing him dying. Shabana says enough and says there is only one way to solve this issue. She tells Nandini if she loses her bet with Vijaya and could not marry Akshay in 3 months, she has to marry Irfan.

Precap: Manjeeet tells Vijaya that the new driver Akshay appointed is his man and he informed that Akshay went to Nandini’s house. Vijaya says she will reach right now. She knocks door. Akshay opens door and is shocked to see her.

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