Tere Bin 30th September 2016 Written Episode Update

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Vijaya tells Nandini that Akshay is having an affair with Radhika and reminisces going to Akshay’s cabin and seeing Radhika hugging Akshay and telling that she comes to nursing home to meet him and they will meet at their usual place. She runs seeing Vijaya. Akshay scolds Vijaya that he told her to cancel Irfan’s contract. Vijaya yells he is having an affair with Radhika and leaves angrily. Nandini relaxes and pities on Vijaya that even after living with Akshay for 8 years, she does not know his taste and thinks she did right not tellling it is her actually, let Akshay inform her about them. She tells Vijaya that she must have mistaken, Akshay does not look that kind of person. Vijaya says she is sure about it.

Naani sees Nandini sitting in hall and thinks if Lado was right. She says her dress is looking pretty, if she bought it from Delhi 2 weeks ago. Nandini says she did not go to Delhi. Naani continues interrogating her and she gets nervous and counts fingers. Naani asks if she got headache. Nandini says no..

Vijaya gets hotel bill and thinks Akshay went with Radhika to this restaurant. Naani sees her tensed and asks what happened. Vijaya says Akshay is really having an affair. Naani says she should not have got Nandini to this house. Vijaya says Akshay is having an affair some Radhika and not Nandini and she has proof. Naani starts thinking.

In the morning, Akshay tells Vijaya that she is unnecessarily doubting him, he had been to a estaurant with some Dr. Dixit and she can call him and confirm. She takes phone. He gets tensed thinking if she will really call Dr. Dixit. She returns phone and says right now there is no option than believing him. He thinks she trusts him so much. She leaves. He runs behind her trying to convince her. Nandini stops him and asks if he is really having an affair with Radhika. He asks what nonsense. She asks if he involving Radhika so that if he tells about them, Vijaya won’t be much shocked.

Vijaya calls her college friend who is inspector now and asks him to get info about Radhika. He asks reason. She tells she got a weird call and tell him whole story. Akshay on the other side thinks if he is doing wrong, whether he should leave Vijaya or Nandini and back to Vijaya forever.

Precap: Nandini and Akshay romance in living room. Akshay sees Naani’s room light switching on and hides in passage. Naani sees passage light on and walks to switch it off. Akshay gets tensed.

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  1. Fantastic speedy update, thanks MA for your efforts. Looking forward to tonight’s episode.

  2. i hate nandani

  3. Nandini is side chick and shes happy with that title! What a disguisting woman, no self respect whatsoever .. ??

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