Tere Bin 30th August 2016 Written Episode Update

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Akshay speaks to Nandini and asks if she is fine now. He says he wants to come there right now, but his parents are coming for dinner, so he cannot come. Their conversation continues, Vijaya calls him and he disconnects call. Nandini thinks Akshay’s life is so complicated, he has to manage so many things, what is she goes and meet Akshay at his home.

Neeti waits for her daada/daadi eagerly. They reach. She runs and hugs them and gives them roses. Akshay and Vijaya join them. Servant serves them tea and touches their feet. Akshay and Vijaya feel embarrassed.

Shabana reaches home after interview. Irfan asks how was her interview. She says it was fine, but she rejected offer as salary was less. Irfan says she is habituated to sit at home. She says she wants to marry

a rich man and enjoy life. Nandini asks if she found someone. Shabana says she found 2 who love her a lot and she is confused whom to select. Nandini and Irfan laugh.

Daadi goes to kitchen and tries to strike a conversation with Naani. Naani behaves rudely. After naani finishes cooking, Daadi meets her again and pours her heart out and cries. Nani consoles her and both ladies recoincile their friendship. Dinner is served. Akshay’s dad says food is really tasty. Neeti says naani and mummy prepared it. He asks vijaya to give receipe. She says she will not, they have to have it again from her hands. Naani and daadi join back and Vijaya gets happy seeing her united family. Dad asks Vijaya how is her nursing home. She says it is running fine. Akshay invites his parents to nursing home. Neeti says even she will come tomorrow. Akshay goes to kitchen and searches saunf for his dad. Servant lado says she knows where it is kept and takes bottle out. Akshay asks her to give it to his dad and tells Vijaya why did she keep servant back as he does not like her name Lado. She says just with name, she will not become his lado. Akshay feels bad, thinking about Nandini.

Vijaya, Akshay and Neeti reach nursing home in the morning. Akshay goes for surgery Neeti insists to meet Abhaya at cafeteria. They go to cafeteria and see cunning Ratan there looting customers. Vijaya asks where is Abhaya. He says she is ill and cannot come, so he came. He asks Neeti if she wants to have something. Vijaya says they will order if needed and leaves. She calls Abhaya who cries and says Ratan locked her in a room. Vijaya asks how ca he do that.

Precap: Nandini asks Akshay why did not he inform her that his parents are coming to nursing home. He says he forgot. She says his parents know as he introduced her to them before as their would be bahu, if they see her, they will inform about their past to Vijaya.

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