Tere Bin 29th September 2016 Written Episode Update

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Akshay dreams of Nilesh confronting him to stop betraying Vijaya. He gets out of dream and sees Vijaya holding his hand and consoling him. Irfan gets ready for nursing home. Shabana asks him to call Nandini and apologize her. Irfan says he will not, if she has to come back, she will.

Lado gets jealous seeing Nadini cooking in kitchen and fumes that she is cooking as if this is her house. She thinks what if her job gets at risk because of Nandini. She praises Nandini that she likes her style of cookinng and asks to teach her cooking. Nandini thinks if she is the one who called her and thinks of checking her phone call log. Lado says she thought she is Akshay’s distant relative, but then realized who she is. Nandini asks her to give her phone as her balance has finished.

Lado says she does not have phone at all, so she can use landline. Nandini says she will speak later.

Akshay checks Radhika and says she is absolutely fine. Radhika says her heart is racing and her pulse is beating fast. Akshay asks Jennifer to send her to cardiac hospital as she needs surgery. Once he leaves, Radhika runs from there. Ratan sees her running and runs behind her. He gives her bag and says she would have ruind his plan. She says wait and wait nnow.

Akshay yells at Vijaya’s that Irfran’s all patients are weird like Radhika, so he wants her to cancel Irfan’s contract. Vijaya goes to her cabin and thinks Akshay unncessarily wants to cancel Irfan’s contract. Radhika calls her as old woman and says she should not blame on herself that her husband is having an affair. Vijaya sits in a shock. She reminisces all the incidents when Akshay lied and got angry for silly reasons and thinks he really is having an affair.

Nandini looks at Akshay, Vijaya and Neeti’s family photoframe and hides Vijaya and Neeti’s faces. Naani passes by and asks what is she doing. Nandini says this house does not have dust at all, her flat had lots of dust. Naani leaves. Nandini starts playing game with Neeti. Vijaya comes and asks Nandini to come to her room. Neeti says even she will come. Vijaya says she did call her and takes Nandini to her room. She says she did not thin even in dreams that Akshaay his having an affair. Nandini thinks she had to know anyhow. Vijaya says she did not think Akshay would betray her for another woman. Nandini thinks she is Akshay’s first love and Vijaya is another woman instead. Vijaya continues pouring her heart out and tells about Delhi’s incident. Nandini thinks it was all for me and she favored Vijaya all these days, now Akshay will marry her in front of whole world. She asks Vijaya now that she knows everything, will she divorce Akshay.

Precap: Naani tells Vijaya she should not have called Nandini here at all. Vijaya confronts Akshay and Akshay should that she is thinking wrong. Vijaya angrily closes door and leaves.

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