Tere Bin 29th July 2016 Written Episode Update

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Nandini returns Akshay’s watch and taunts that he is a person who moves ahead of time and does not look back. Akshay stands sad while she leaves whistling their old romantic day’s tune. Nandini goes home and enjoys with Ifran. Irfan asks why is she so happy today. She says she is getting the happiness of teaching a lesson to a betrayer. He asks who is it. She says forget it, Shakespere told betrayer is betrayer and does not have name. Their conversation continues. She says today betrayer will not sleep peacefully.

Akshay standing near his room window thinks why did Nandini return in his life, what does she want. He opens his cupboard and looks at Nandini’s love letters. He goes into flashback where he drives jeep with Nandini. She asks from where did he get this jeep.

He does not answer and says let us go to a restaurant as he got his pocket money. She says he cannot waste money and get out snacks and tea from her bag. Their conversation continues. He insists her to kiss him. She changes topic. He says something. She kisses his cheek repeatedly. He comes out of flashback and continues looking at letter.

Akshay goes to nursing home in the morning. Neeti calls him and says her school teacher is taking her to park, if she can go. He says she can after informing mummy. She asks him to inform mummy. She goes to park and gets injured while playing. Nandini while jogging sees Neeti and asks teacher if she has antiseptic. Teacher says no. Nandini takes Neeti home and Naani asks thanks her. She nurses Neeti’s wounds. Akshay and Vijaya come home and sees Nandini there. Neeti says she is injured and Nandini aunty brought her home. Nandini reminisces Akshay and Vijaya acting as true professionals at nursing home and not husband and wife and says same. Vijaya smiles and thanks Nandini and says Naani that Nandini works as anesthetist in their nursing home. Nandini says it is a coincidence that she found Neeti at park. Vijaya says she will drop her out. Nandini smirks at Askhay and leaves saying him good bye.

Precap: Vijaya asks Akshay why did not he thank Nandini. He says he did not feel so. Nandini asks Irfan why they face a person repeatedly whom they don’t want to see in life. Neeti goes to restaurant with Aksay and sees Nandini there.

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