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Vijaya’s servant returns back and Naani says she will not rehire her. Servant requests Vijaya and Vijaya hires her. Servant asks howmuch salary willl she get. Naani scolds she just joined and is inquiring about salary. Vijaya asks her to go in and tells Naani that today Akshay’s parents are coming for dinner, she will get a helping hand. Naani says she trusts people easily. Vijaya says if trust breaks, it is difficult to live. Naani stands confused.

Ratan snatches money from Abhaya and says he has right on her money. She says she is saving to repay her mom’s debt. He says her mom is very cunning to loan repayment and says he is going for horse race. She asks not to waste her hard earned money on gambling. He leaves laughing.

Irfan tells Nandini that he

found a good website for Shabana’s shopping. Nandini asks where is Shabana. He says he went for an interview in the morning. Nandini says she is going for an aappointment at Thakur nursing home. He says he will drop her. She says she will go alone and leaves. He calls nursing home and asks nurse to inform Dr. Akshay that Dr. Nandini wil be reaching in 15 min for surgery. Nurse says Akshay has not come yet and today there is no surrgery scheduled. Irfan thinks where Nandini goes lying.

Vijaya says Akshay that his parents are coming. He says he forgot. She says she forgot to inform her yesterday that he went to meet Dr. Sharma instead of Dr. Dastoor. He asks to stop doubting him and tries to show his mobile call log. She says she does not want him to create a situation where she should doubt him. Akshay gets angry. Vijaya calls him for breakfast and he leaves saying he does not have mood.

Akshay reaches nursing home. Nandini comes there. He asks why did she come here, what if someone sees her, already Vijaya is doubting him. She asks him to order coffee. He says Abhaya runs cafeteria and she will doubt them. He asks her to go now. She goes out and slips. Vijaya comes and holds her and asks what is she doing here. Akshay sees them together and gets tensed. Vijaya takes Nandini to her cabin and nurses her wound. Akshay comes and asks Vijaya she did not want to come to nursing home, then how come she came now. She says she came to check medicine stock and asks him to go out as she needs to nurse Nandini’s wound.

Nandini reaches home limping. Irfan gets concerned and says she should stop slipping, pointing at her lying and going out. Akshay calls her and asks how is she. She says she is fine. He says he wanted to meet her right now, but his parents are coming for dinner. She says Vijaya is so good and she feels guilty meeting her husband behind her.

Precap: Akshay does not speak to his parents during dinner party. Daadi tells Naani it is difficult to forget past, but they should try at least. Nandini thinks of going to Akshay’s house without informing him.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Chl besharmi nandini tere ko km se km guilt to hua BT ye akshay ko nhi .

  2. Partho

    Maza toh tab aayaga jab Nandini uss ko ditch kar kay chali jayagi

  3. I’m please Nandini is starting to feel guilty, it really is unfair for Vijaya. She is very kind nad nice.

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