Tere Bin 28th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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Nandini tells Vijaya that now she knows Akshay loves her, she should divorce Akshay. Vijaya shows her Akshay’s diary where he has written that he thinks he has started loving Vijaya now.

Akshay sits with Vijaya’s teacher and chats. Teacher tells how Vijaya was ahead of all students in her class and used to never let her opponent win over her. Akshay silently listens to him. Neeti calls him and says she has made a drawing and wants him to come right now and see. Akshay tells teacher he needs to go, wishes teacher’s wife, and leaves. Teacher’s wife says she feels there is something wrong between Vijaya and her husband.

Vijaya continues confronting Nandini that she was Akshay’s ex and Akshay loves her now. Their argument continues. Akshay enters and tells Vijaya if she is busy, he will leave car and go home in taxi as Neeti had called. Vijaya says if his princess has called, then he should go soon, she will come later. Akshay ignores Nandini and leaves. Vijaya says Akshay has moved on and slowly he will make him forget Nandini, he wil not even look at any other woman except her. Their argument continues.

Akshay reaches home. Neeti shows her drawing and says sketched their favorite Vijaya Sinaha. Akshay looks at Naani.

Vijaya and Nandini’s argument continues. Nandini asks water and after drinking half asks Vijaya to drink as she is using her left over love. Irfan enters and sees them in a serious discussion and asks what is happening. Vijaya says they were talking about him, Nandini told how he takes care of her. Nandini says she did not . Irfan asks if she is coming. Nandini says no, he can leave. He says he will wait. She says no need. He leaves. She tells Vijaya that she failed her lie. Vijaya challenges her that she has to convince Akshay for divorce in 3 months, else she has to get out of Akshay’s life. Nandini laughs that even if she tries 3 lives, Akshay will not leave her, but she will accept her challenge. Their argument continues and she leaves. Vijaya comes out of he cabin and cries why did not she see all this when she apointed Nandini. She overhears her teacher and his wife discussing that there is somethign wrong between Vijaya and her husband as Vijaya did not discuss about her college adventures with her husband.

Precap: Shabana challenges Nandini if she loses bed with Vijaya and separates from Akshay, she has to marry Irfan.

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  2. vijaya is too manipulative.. by hook or crook she wants to keep her husband.. desperate for victory

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