Tere Bin 27th September 2016 Written Episode Update

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Nandini yells that Irfan that instead of apologizing, he is scolding her. He says he did not tell anything wrong, she wil be called Akshay’s mistress for sure. She says how cheap he thinks, he is jealous of her and Akshay. He says why should he. Nandini says she will move out of this house right now. He asks where will she go. She says it is none of his business.

Abhaya with Ratan comes to Akshay’s cabin and touches Akshay’s feet for getting her cafeteria contract Akshay says she does not have to touch his feet. Ratan starts his usual witty attitude and says for Abhaya, Akshay is god. Vijaya comes and asks to behave with Akshay. Akshay says it is okay. Ratan continues his wity talks. Abhaya and Vijaya walk out to reopen cafteria. Ratan says now they will meet often now.

Nandini enters Akshay’s cabin next. Akshay says why did she come here, Ratan is around. She says Irfan called her Akshay’s mistress. Akshay shouts how dare Irfan is, she should rent another flat right now. She asks if she can stay in his house for sometime. He says Naani is very intelligent and experienced, she will catch them easily, already she doubts him. She says then she will find some other way.

Vijaya comes and asks Nandini to come along. Nandini walks with her thinking if she knows about her and Akshay. Radhika stops them and yells that she likes Irfan and Akshay, but they both snatched them from her. They both laugh. Vijaya and Nandini’s chat continues.

Radhika goes out and sips street side shop tea. Ratan comes and Radhika says she came out as she does not want anyone know that they are partners. He gives her money and asks her to create rift between Vijaya and Akshay and says he wants to ruin Akshay’s life.

Precap: Nandini gives 7 days’ time to Akshay to inform Vijaya about them. Lado sees them holding hands. She informs Naani.

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