Tere Bin 27th July 2016 Written Episode Update

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Irfan suggests Nandini to write a diary and leaves. Nandini gets out her diary from cupboard and goes into flashback where Akshay reads her diary, page reads she loves Akshay so much and if he also loves her that much. Akshay asks why she thinks he does not love her so much. Their conversation continues. Nandini comes out of flashback and writes in diary that she will not forgive Akshay and will punish him for his mistake.

Akshay gets ready for nursing home and asks Vijaya if they can leave. Vijaya says one min and goes to kitchen. Akshay looks at Nilesh’s pic and says if he knows what he is going through and asks him to help him if he can. Neeti comes and asks what is he discussing with Nilesh uncle. Akshay stands nervously. Vijaya comes and Neeti says papa was talking to

Nilesh uncle’s picture. Vijaya stands silently. Neeti kisses and Akshay’s cheeks and they both leave for office.

Ratan starts pampering Abhaya with his buttery talks and asks her to call Vijaya and confront that mom insulted Ratan. Abhaya says let it go as it was also their mistake. He insists. She calls Vijaya and says they went home to seek help from mom, but mom insulted Ratan which she did not like. Vijaya hears Ratan teaching him from behind and says she can hear Ratan’s voice and asks to not think much about mom’s words.

Neeti tells naani that papa always talks to Nilesh’s photo and says he is so far and canont come, where does he stay. Naani says she does not know and reminisces doctor telling naani that Vijaya is pregnant without marriage and society will not spare her.

Nandini gets ready for nursing home and sees Irfan playing guitar and singing, asks when did he get guitar. He says what to do when she does not pay attention to him at all. She smiles and leaves for nursing home. At nursing home, she meets Vijaya who takes her to her cabin and strikes conversation while sipping coffee. She asks about her husband. Nandini says she did not marry yet and tells her story that she had a friend who loved a man so much, but man betrayed her and she shattered. Vijaya gets very emotional and runs out of room reminiscing her past. Akshay sees her crying and walks towards her but stops seeing Nandini coming. Nandini asks Vijaya what happened.

Precap: Nandini tells Irfan that she is surprised why vijaya is in deep sorrow. Vijaya tells Naani that she has take a decision. Nanini whistles a song to trouble Akshay and Akshay gets emotinoal hearing it.

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