Tere Bin 26th August 2016 Written Episode Update

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Akshay and Nandini reach park. He asks her to pick her lunch bag. She says it is their lunch bag, her duty is tto cook and his duty is to eat. Ratan comes to cafeteria and starts flirting with nurse. Nurse leaves angrily. Abhaya sees that and scoldss him. He says Vijaya does not have love life, so her nurses are also same. Akshay and Nandini’s romance and conversation continues. She sits in car and leaves and he asks what did he do. She stops. He asks what is his mistake. She smiles. He gets into car and says they have meet like this. She asks what if Vijaya doubts him. He says he is married to Vijaya since 8 years and she does not doubt him.

Vijaya reaches home reminniscig how Akshay lied her. Neeti says let us invite daada/daadi for dinner. Vijaya agrees. Neeti calls Daadi and invites her for dinner. Daadi informs Daada who says they will go when they come to Mumbai next time. Daadi says why should they next time and tells Neeti they are coming. She then informs Vijaya that Akshay’s papa eats bland food. Neeti thanks Vijaya.

Nandini looks very happy t home. Shabana asks reason. Nandini says she is in love. Shabana praises her. Irfans joins them. Shabana takes Irfan and Nandini’s pic.

At night, Akshay comes home singing and goes to his room. Naani says she is feeling good seeing Akshay happy. Vijaya goes to room and tells Akshay that Dr. Dastur had come to nursing home. He says he had gone to meet Dr. Sharma and not Dr. Dastur. She realizes he is lying.

Precap: Nandini tells Irfan that she is going to Thakur Nursing Home. He calls nursing home and receptionist informs that Nandini did not come and even Akshay as there is no surgery schduled today. Irfan thinks if Nandini went to meet Akshay.

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  1. Partho

    Wow so now its a triangle

  2. actually ,i hate to see a luv triangle but this one is different

  3. I feel sorry for Vijaya, she is the innocent party in all this. It’s going to get messy and someone or two is going to hurt.

  4. Partho

    I think at the end vijaya will stand by akshay and nandini will settle down with irfan.

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