Tere Bin 25th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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Manjeet calls Vijaya and reminds her that she has to come to the place where Akshay is meeting his girlfriend. Vijaya thanks for his help. He says no formaliities in friendship. Vijaya says she will reach on time. Nandini comes with Neeti and Neeti asks if she is going somewhere. Nandini asks if she can drop her. Vijaya says their routes are different. Nandini says their desitnation may be same. Vijaya says it cannot be. Nandini leaves. Neeti praises Nandini. Vijaya gets angry and asks her to go to her room. Manjeet calls Vijaya and informs that Akshay came 30 min earlier and she needs to come soon. Vijaya is about to leave when Nilesh’s father enters and asks where is Neeti, he came to take her with him. Vijaya is shocked and pleads to not tell Neeti that he is her grandfather.

Nandini gets ready to meet Akshay. Irfan says she should not go. Nandini yells at him that he was her psychiatrist and not now, he is just her friend and should be in his limits. Sh eleaves. Akshay waits for Nandini when Naani calls him and informs that Nilesh’s father Sudhakar has come and is creating havoc, he should come right now. Akshay rushes home. Nilesh’s father continues that he will take Neeti with him. Akshay asks what happened. Sudhakar asks how can they let Neeti eat icecream being a diabetic. Akshay says he must be mistaken, takes him aside and says he loves Neeti more than his own blood and cannot stay away from her. He shows Neeti’s lab reports and progress and says he and aunty can come any time to see Neeti, but cannot separate him from his daughter. Sudkhar agrees and leaves. Nandini continues waiting for Akshay and leaves disappointed yelling at him. Manjeet notices her.

Neeti asks Akshay who was that uncle and why was he telling she is granddaughter. Akshay says he is Nilesh’s father. He chats with her and sends her to her room. Vijaya thanks Akshay for handling situation and says she knows he is hiding things from him, but she will wait till he himself will accept her.

Next day, Abhaya sees Ratan sleeping on table on some files, wakes him up and gives him coffee and sandwich and she is happy that he is working hard for his project. Ratan thinks he is acting to get money from Akshay. He goes out and listens Vijaya talking to Manjeet over phone. Vijaya tells Manjeet that she is giving Akshay a second chance and asks him not to let Akshay know about their plan. Ratan hears that and gets happy that Vijaya must be having affair with Manjeet and he can blackmail her.

Precap: Nandini meets Ratan and says Akshay told he has proof against her and Akshay and she wants him to show it to Vijaya.

Update Credit to: MA

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