Tere Bin 25th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Nandini tells Irfan that she she loves him now and not Akshay and she cannot think of a life without him. Irfan realizes it was just his imagination. Nandini comes and asks what happened. He says nothing.

Akshay get romantic with Vijaya and says she looks good if she smiles. Vijaya says if he cracks jokes like this, she will smile always. He picks a rose from vase and gives it to her and she smiles. They both walk towards their cabin. Ratan watches this sitting at a distance and fumes that all his plan to extract money went in vain.

Nandini asks Irfan to go back. Irfan asks what happened. She says she does not know if she will get Akshay or not, but Irfan is always with her as a good friend forgoing his feelings, she does not want him to waste his life more. He says a person falls in love once in life and she fell already in love with Akshay, for him she is the his first love and he will do anything to see her happy.

Vijaya tells Akshay that Neeti’s birthday is coming and she is thinking of calling Akshay’s parents here. Akshay says Neeti did not experience Delhi’s winter, they will go there with Neeti and Naani, drop them there and then they both will go for a honeymoon. She asks if he is excited hearing about Nandini and Irfan’s Goa trip. Akshay picks Nandini’s pic from cupboard.

Nandini reminisces Irfan’s love for her. She walks with a candle to Irfan and says she wants to forget Akshay forever and wants to marry him, before that they will ask God if their decision is right or wrong. They will light this candle and try to protect it and if this candle does not blow off till it completely burns, they will get a sign that they can together sail through ups an downs of life, but if it burns off. Irfan says it will not. They both ligh lamp and hold their hands aorund it. Bin tere….song…plays in the background. On the other side, Akshay also lights candle and burns Nandini’s photo. Vijaya comes and asks what is he doing. He says he wants to burn Nandini’s memory and be loyal to her forever. She says there is no need for that, his memory will make him complete and she wants to be with a complete man. Irfan and Nandini’s candle don’t blow off till end.

In the morning, Vijaya serves tea to Akshay and tells that Abhaya had called and informed that Ratan was missing for whole day and came home with high fever, naani has gone to meet them. Akshay says don’t know what Ratan does. Irfan and Nandini comes. They both greet them. Irfan and Nandini tell they are thinking of settling in Lucknnow after marriage. Akshay and Vijaya tell it is a good news. Nandini says they want them to be witness along with Shabana. Akshay says whenever they will call they will be present. Neeti sees Nandini and gets very happy. Nandini suggests her not to lose her true love in the future, pointing at Vijaya and Akshay, and says she is lucky to have Irfan her life.

Voiceover describes how Akshay and Vijaya lived happy life and never looked back, Irfan and Nandini settled down in life, Shabana also married and settled down in Mumbai itself, Ratan did not leave his blackmailing behavior, etc…His moral gyan continues.

Serial ends with a positive note.

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  1. What serial end what rubbish yr this is my fav show and show end????


    Though show ended with nice and happily ever after but they should have shown a better ending.. and i was right as it was last day they ended in hurry, rather they would have shown something better in ending like shown irfan and nandini marriage, vijya being pregent or have baby of akshay, something like this..
    But yes this show was good and going to miss it

  3. I did not comment ever.I just used to watch this serial n read updates too..y did ds serial end..ds is my first comment.feeling sad.

  4. I love ds serial n characters too..spcly vijaya n akshay..season 2 should come soon.

  5. A short and sweet serial! 🙂

  6. I fink the serial was to short. A better ending would hav been better thou. If they wanted to end the show they was a better way of doing it. Don’t know why they have rushd it.never got to see any romantic sence really….

  7. Gonna miss this series alot <3

  8. Hi Everyone,

    Have to say, i felt the ending was rather flat…rushed. It would have been nice to see Vijaya expecting a child with Akshay and moving on with their lives. As for Nandini, it would have been nice to see her slowly accept Irfan and give him a chance. Go on a few dates, get to know him and her heart gradually share feelings for Irfan, instead of the neurotic scenes of last few episodes and bam.. candle decides her love. It could have been more romantic, which i felt was lacking.

    Overall, as Deeksha puts it, short and sweet. Suspension was not dragged out too long, moved along swiftly in particular the ending. 🙂

    It would have been nice to see

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