Tere Bin 24th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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Akshay acts as getting angry on Vijaya when she tells Nandini must be liking him. Nandini goes back home and asks Irfan about Shabana. Irfan asks why she is asking about Shabana more now a days, if Shabana is trying to brainwash her. Nandini says no, in fact Shabana asked her to fight with Akshay and act as cancelling his nursing home contract. Irfan asks why she is playing with her career now. Akshay calls her and tells he kept Vijaya’s photoes in his drawer with a reason. She says she does not want to listen anything. He calls her sweetheart and asks her to meet him tomorow, he will explain her everything. Inspector Manjeer silently hears Akshay’s conversation.

Vijaya informs Naani that she checked Akshay’s drawer. Naani asks why did she do this. Vijaya says she doubts Akshay is having an affair with Nandini. Naani says even she felt same when Nandini came to stay here with us, but now she does not as she feels Akshay started loving Vijaya and nobody can snatch Akshay from her. Manjeet calls Vijaya next and informs her that Akshay is meeting with someone tomorrow and was calling her sweetheart. Vijaya thinks she will catch Akshay and Nanidni red handed.

Nandini informs Shabana that she is going to meet Akshay tomorrow. Shabana asks how can she when Akshay is trying to just use her, this way she will be just Akshay’s mistress forever. Nandini says Akshay told he will meet and explain her his situation. She then says she forgotto call Neeti, she was scolded Neeti over phone, will meet her tomorrow morning and see if she is angry.

In the morning, Nandini goes to Vijaya’s house and tells Neeti she will check her blood sugar level. Neeti says we will go for a walk first. Vijaya says she will take her later. Nandini asks if there is any problem. Vijaya thinks still there is a lot of time till 5 p.m. Neeti insists and Vijaya permits.

Akshay goes to cafeteria and tells Ratan that he will finance his business if he works honestly and stops blackmailing people. Ratan starts his drama. Akshay asks him to stop it and leaves. Abhaya asks Ratan if he really wants to do business or waste money in gambling. Ratan starts his usual drama.

Vijaya at home thinks how can Akshay betray her. Akshay comes speaking over phone to an investor and convincing him to invest in Ratan’s business. Vijaya says she needs to go to shopping tonight. Akshay agrees but then says he has a meeting at 5 p.m. tonight, he will take her tomorrow. Vijaya feels sad that Akshay so easily brushed her words off.

Nandini takes Neeti to park and enjoys ice cream with her. She asks Neeti if she likes her or mamma more. Neeti says both are good. She asks what about mamma and papa. Neeti says papa. They both laugh.

Precap: Manjeet calls Vijaya and informs that Akshay reached 30 min before to meet his girlfriend and asks her to come soon.

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