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Vijaya discuss hospital routine with nurse Jennifer. Neeti calls her and says she has gone on a date with Naani and asks her and papa also to come. Jennifer asks Vijaya to go, she will handle nursing home. Vijaya goes to Akshay’s cabin an does not find him there.

Akshay reaches Nandini’s room and asked if he/kidnapper told anything else. She says it was a woman and was taking as if she is spying her 24 hours. He thinks Ratan must have asked somenoe to blackmail Nandini. She asks if he is thinking something. He says yes, she understand him well. She says who will understanding him then and starts shouting that he lies to her when he is with Vijaya and lies Vijaya when he is with her, why is he doing this. She continues…

Irfan enters Vijaya’s cabin and says he came for a tea. She orders tea over intercom. Irfan asks why is she looking tensed. She says her life is so perfect, why will she feel tensed. He says it may not apply on her, his patients usually try to hide their problems with a smile, she needs to have a session with him as a psychiatrist and not friend. She says sure someday they will. He asks where is his tea. She says it is coming.

Nandini leans on Akshay’s shoulder and asks him to divorce Vijaya soon and marry her. He asks what if she had married Irfan, if she had divorced him. She starts shouting that irfan is the one who got her out of depression and even if she had married him, Irfan would have left her and asked to go back to Akshay. Irfan comes home and is shocked to see Akshay there. He says Akshay that he should not meet Nandini in this house and also warns him to mend hhis ways. Akshay leaves. Nandini starts yelling at Irfan. Irfan says why is she living a dual life and confronts. Nandini continues. Irfan says she knows Akshay for 4 years in college and now since some days, but Akshay is with Vijaya since 8 years and they know each other well than her. People will consider always as Akshay’s mistress and not wife. Nandini continues fuming.

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