Tere Bin 23rd November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Irfan attends his patient in nursing home. He gets Shabana’s call who informs that Nandini was at home when she went for a bath and when she returned, Nandini was not at home. Irfan says not to worry, she must have gone somewhere nearby and will come back, asks to inform him once she returns.

Nandini goes to Akshay’s cabin with mooli paranthas and insists him to have it. He says he does not trust her and she can go. She says there is nothing else than friendship in her mind. He asks her to go even then. She goes out and returns back again and insists to have it as a friend. He says agrees. she feeds it from her hand. Vijaya comes. Nandini smirks that Vijaya will be jealous, but Vijaya thanks Nandini for bringing lunch. Nandini says she will return her sari Vijaya says she can keep it as her engagement gift. Nandini leaves and peeps via door. Vijaya and Akshay laugh and enjoy paranthas. Vijaya says Nandini is such a good cook, she will ask her to prepare lunch daily for them. Nandini fumes in jealous and walks. Irfan sees calls Shabana and informs that Nandini is here itself. Nandini says him that Akshay was laughing on her, she brought paranthas for him, but he was joking on her. He says relax, she is misinterpreting Akshay, he is her friend and would not lie.

Ratan hears their conversation and murmurs, friends…Nandini leaves. Ratan taunts Irfan that it is good. Irfan asks what good. Ratan says bestfriend game. Irfan thinks if this idiot got doubtful. Ratan says he heard somewhere that 2 bestfriends can be good friends. He turns and sees Irfan already left, thinks something is wrong and he can extract some money.

Akshay discusses with Vijaya about new hospital in the vicinity. Vijaya says she thinks they are doing injustice to Nandini, Nandini loved Akshay for so many years and she thinks she came in between and snatched Akshay from her. Akshay says Nandini should realize that it is impossible for him to get back to her, he is feeling guilty instead that he hid secret with Vijaya and she should not feel gguilty and relax.

Nandini goes to OT and reminisces Akshay and Vijaya’s romance in cabin and them enjoying her prepared paranthas. She picks sleeping injection and injects herself and collapses. Jennifer nurse goes to Irfan’s cabin and asks him if he knows where Nandini is. He says he does not know. She says Nandini had a surgery scheduled with Dr. Joshi, she did not yet come. Irfan gets tensed.

Akshay in lieu of showing purchase bills gets romantic with her and tires to kiss. She asks him to move aside as this is not home. Irfan comes and gets shy seeing their romance. Akshay sees him and asks to come in. Irfan says Nandini had a surgery scheduled with Dr. Joshi, but she did not report yet. Vijaya says how can Nandini be so irresponsible, calls Dr. Joshi and asks to attend surgery in OT #2. Jennifer goes to OT and finds Nandini unconscious on floor. She calls Akshay. Akshay sees sleeping injection on floor and rushes her to ICU. Irfan speaks to Shabana and informs that Nandini went somewhere. Jennifer informs Vijaya about Nandini. Irfan hears this and rushes to ICU. Akshay says Nandini took injection herself and he is trying to get her conscious back. He asks assistants to get him out. Irfan shouts he will not spare Akshay if something happens to Nandini. Assistants drag him out.

Vijaya asks Nandini how is Nandini. Irfan blames Vijaya for Nandini’s condition and says she married Akshay and pushes Nandini into mental illness. He continues lashing her that she should have left Akshay after knowing truth, but she did not as she is bothered about herself. Jennifer hears their conversation standing. Irfan continues yelling that she is so selfish that she is playing with Nandini’s life. Vijaya stands shattered.

Precap: Irfan goes home and yells that Nandini does not care about her, then why he should care about her. His idea of saving her via fake registered marriage notice was wrong. Ratan hears his conversation standing near door.

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  1. Ratan is such a shameless scoundrel.


    Nandini is full on pschyo????… i mean seriously she is not accepting the truth… but i hope vijaya do not scarifice her love after what irfan said to her… and thinking????? that may be nandini will get up after realizing truth….

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