Tere Bin 22nd September 2016 Written Episode Update

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Akshay sees his and Vijaya’s beds together and asks Vijaya who did this. She says she did it and says when he questioned if she will be with him always, she was forced to think. Akshay thinks he just asked her this question thinking she would say no. Vijaya says she wants to shorten the distance between them. He stands silently. She says if he wants bed separated, she will, but this will not separate their hearts now. He says it is okay. They will both sleep on each corner of bed.

In the morning, Nandini apologizes Shabana for scolding her yesterday and says she does not know what happens to her sometimes. Shabana says it is okay, only dear ones fight and she need not feel guilty.

Akshay comes not nursing home. A lady/Radhika who blackmailed Nandini stops him and introduces herself. She starts flirting with him. Akshay smiles. She says she is Irfan’s patient. He says he has seen her with Irfan. She says really and continues chatting. Akshay leaves to his cabin. Nandini calls him and tells a woman called her and blackmailed about them, she needs him to meet her. He says he cannot now. She argues and disconnects call.

Radhika then goes to Irfan’s cabin and starts flirting with him. She says she got divorce from her husband finally after 9 years. He says that is good, she does not have problem now and may not need his advice. She says she needs his help. He orders coffee and peon brings. Radhika says she thought he would take her out. He says maybe next time. She sips coffee and thinks whom to trop, Akshay or Irfan.

Akshay walks towards his car in the evening. Ratan stops him and warns to ask Vijaya to give cae contract to Abhaya, else he will send his and Nandini’s intimate pic to Vijaya. Akshay says he did not think he is so cheap. Ratan says whatever he is, he should do his work, else he will know the consequence.

Precap: Nadini confronts Akshay that he lied her and went on a date with Vijaya, if he is with her, he lies to Vijaya and when he is with Vijaya, he lies to her, what is he doing.

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