Tere Bin 21st September 2016 Written Episode Update

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Vijay sees Ratan in nursing home and asks what is he doing here. Ratan starts misbehaving with her and says Akshay called him here. Vijaya goes to Akshay’s cabin and asks if he called Ratan. He says yes. She says he should not forgive Ratan. He asks her to give cafe contract to Abhaya. Vijaya says no.. Nandini calls Akshay and Akshay disconnects call. Vijaya ask him to give phone to her, she will tackle this unknown caller. Akshay picks call and asks who is this. Nandini fumes and says someone called her and blackmailed about their relationship. Akshay disconnects call.

Ratan reaches home and tells Abhaya that he won a horse race and now his betting horse will win him money continuously. She says she does not need his gambling money. He says nobtthing in this world is wrong and fixed, even marriage is not fixed and their relationship, everything his set by god and god has set him to earn money via horse race.

Nandini fumes in her house that Akshay did not even recognize her over phone. Irfan comes and says Shabana told she got a blackmailer’s call. She shouts now she doe snot have privacy in her room also and yells at Shabana. Shabana leaves sadly. Irfan says nobody is intriguing her privacy, they are just worried about her safety.

Vijaya joins Akshay and her bed. Naani goes in and Vijaya says she wants to start afresh with Akshay. Naani says it is a good idea. She goes to pick ordered dinner. Vijaya also goes down. Naani says she should start her life now and wishes her best of luck. Vijaya smiles and leaves to her room. Akshay enters room and sees bed joined together. Vijaya says she did it.

Precap: Vijaya says Akshay she wants to start a new life with him. Ratan blackmails Akshay to ask Vijaya to give back cafe contract to Abhaya, else he will leak his and Nandini’s pic.

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