Tere Bin 21st October 2016 Written Episode Update

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Akshay sees Nandini walking towards his room and asks what is she doing here. Nandini thinks if Akshay goes to his room, he will stop Vijaya from checking his drawer. She tells him that she came to check Neeti’s diabetes and says he is looking very handsome. He says stop flirting, Ratan told Vijaya came to know that he is blackmailing me. He drops her out and comes back. He goes to room and tells Vijaya that he gave money to Ratan without informing her to establish Ratan’s business. He then goes to change. Vijaya hurriedly opens drawer and see her pics instead of Nandini and gets very emotional. Nandini who comes back and waits near door happily thinking Vijaya will know about her and Akshay’s relationship gets disappointed and runs from there.

Shabana while cooking tells Irfan that she is remembering her aunt’s dishes who cooks very tasty biryani. Nandini comes and cries hugging Irfan and says Akshay kept Vijaya’s pics in his cupboard instead of her. Shabana thinks she will manipulate Nandini and make her go back to Irfan forever.

Akshay reminisces how he saw Lado seeing him holding Nandini’s pic and exchaging Nandini’s pics with Vijaya’s and keeping Nandini’s pics in his nursing home drawer. He then thinks he would have kept Neeti or his parents pics, why did he keep Vijaya’s pics, if he is in Vijaya’s love. Vijaya comes and apologizes him for checking his drawer and asks why he kept her pics. He keeps silent.

Neeti writes a poem and reads in front of Akhay and Vijaya and expresses that she loves her mamma. Akshay says she should write we love. Vijaya gets emotional and thinks if Akshay really loves her. Abhaya calls her and tellls about Ratan’s drama. Vijaya tells Akshay told that he gave money to Ratan to establish his business. She says they should trust their husbands. Nandini wakes up from sleep and thinks if Askhay really loves her or not.

Akshay in his nursing home cabin looks at Nandini’s pics and scribbles something. Nandini comes and says she is cancelling her contract with his nursing home and tomorrow he will receive her resignation letter. He asks what did he do now. She leaves saying she will meet him tomorrow.

Precap: Inspector Manjeet informs Vijaya that Akshay is meeting a lady tomorrow evening. Vijaya says she will see whom he will meet.

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  1. Thanks MA for super fast and consistent updates. Story is getting exciting, like all the suspension and twists. I wonder if Akshay’s double life will catch up with him? Very good series.

    Nice to watch a series without the suspension lost due to going round the gardens the long windy way and as a result the story loses its magic. Very enjoyable story line so far!

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