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Neeti before sleeping tells Naani that she fell in park while running with her classmate and teacher got afraid. Nandini came there as a savior. She has taken Nandini’s phone number and has promised to call her after her results come. Naani asks her to sleep now. Vijaya comes and asks her how is her knee pain. Neeti says it will if she gives choc. Vijaya gives her choc and asks her to sleep now.

While having dinner, Nandini starts same conversation that people she was avoiding are coming in front of her again, so she is thinkings to move out of city or even country. Irfan says that is not a solution and says until she opens up, how can he solve her problem. Their conversation continues. Irfan says it is in her fate to meet that person often.

Vijaya goes back to her room.

Akshay asks how is Neeti. Vijaya says she insists for a choc and she gave it one. Akshay says she did good. Vijaya says Nandini came as savior for Neeti. Akshay says anybody would have done same, what is special in this. Vijaya asks if he has any problem with Nandini. Akshay sits nervously.

Next day, Vijaya is in nursing home. Abhaya calls her and says she and her husband want to come and meet her at nursing home. Vijaya says she will take Akshay’s permission and inform her. Abhaya asks her to be fast as she and her husband are desparate to get a job. He husband says this time he will speak and if Vijaya misheaves, he will not spare her.

Akshay and Vijaya reach home in the evening. Neeti insists to her out for ice cream. Akshay agrees and asks Vijaya and Naani also to accompany and asks Naani to drive. Naani drives car. Akshay asks her not to drive rashly. Naani gets out of car and asks Akshay to drive. They reach ice cream parlor. Akshay insista naani to forgive him and have icecream. Naani agrees. Family orders icecream. Nandini comes there. Neeti runs and hugs her and asks Akshay to order icecream for her. Nandini says she will buy herself and orders strawberry family pack. Akshay thinks she has family now.

Nandini drives car thinking why she is meeting Akshay often when she does not want to and goes into flashback where she paints portrait and Akshay brings her favorite ice cream. She scolds that he must be busy staring someone, so he came late. He says after he met her, he never saw any other girl. Their conversation continues. He applies color bindi on her forehead and she gets emotional.

Akshay at home thinks he should think of Nandi now as he is married to Vijaya now and has a daughter.

Precap: Nandini taunts Irfan that he is getting too romantic. Akshay thinks he should not interfere in Nandini’s life and should concentrate on his family. Nandini shouts at Irfan to stop interfering in her personal life.

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  1. I m loving it! Mature n nice one.

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