Tere Bin 17th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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Nandini gets Akshay call and excitedly says I love you Jaanu. Neeti speaks from other side and says love you too jaanu. Nandini is shocked. Neeti says mamma told you helped papa in my surgery, so she called to thank her. She asks when is she coming to meet her. Nandini says soon. Neeti says once she comes, they will chat a lot. Akshay comes next, takes phone from Neeti and tells her that daadaji is calling her. She leaves. He calls back Nandini and says his parents are leaving in the evening and Vijaya is going to drop them, so they can have lunch together. Nandini gets very excited. He asks if she saw his credit card as it is missing since they returned from Lonavla.

Ratan in his house thinks what if he cannot blackmail Akshaydoctor saheb that he is not Neeti’s father, he

can blackmail him regarding Nandini and his affair. Abhaya overhears him and asks what he is talking about doctor saheb and who is this doctor saheb. He says noting important.

Vijaya sits in living room thinking about Akshay’s parent’s discussion about Nandini. Lado comes and asks if she heard Akshay’s parents talking about Nandini. Vijaya says yes, how does she know. Lado is about to tell about Aksay and Nandini’s affair when Naani comes and asks Vijaya to go and book Akshay’s parents’ evening Delhi tickets as they want to go. Vijaya leaves. Naani scolds Lado to not to confuse and disturb Vijaya.

Shabana comes home and shows her promotion letter to Irfan. Irfan gets happy. She says let us party and says she will even invite Nandini. Nandini comes and Shabana says she got a promotion and wants to celebbrate with him and Irfan. Nandini says she has a lunch date with Akshay. Shabana asks to postpone it and johin her party. Nandin gets a panic attack and shouts at Shabana. Irfan calms her down and she leaves. Irfan consoles Shabana and says Nandini is getting scizophrenic and she needs to understand her mental state. Nandini comes with dresses and asks Shabana to select one as she wants to wear it for a date with Akshay. She asks Irfan then. Irfan says she will look pretty in any dress. Nandini leaves.

Vijaya is about to leave home when Lado informs that someone called and told they found Akshay’s credit card. Vijaya says Akshay is very tensed regarding his card and call must be from Delhi. Lado says Lonavla. Vijaya goes to nursing home and then Akshay’s cabin and asks what was he doing in Lonavla. He says why will he go there. She says his card was found in Lonavla. He says Dr. Rastogi kept his card and must have used it in Lonavla. Vijaya says she does not trust him. Akshay silently deletes Nandini’s contact and chats on his mobile worrying Vijaya may check his phone. His phone rings and he gets worried that Nandini must have called from different number. Vijaya takes his phone. A man speaks and says he is Dr. Rastogi and needs to speak to Akshay.

Precap Vijaya scolds Neeti. Akshay stops her and scolds why she is speaking so rudely to a child. Vijaya apologizes Neeti and Neeti leaves crying. Akshay tells Vijaya she should not vent anger on others for his credit card issue.

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