Tere Bin 16th September 2016 Written Episode Update

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Nandini asks Akshay to divorce Vijaya and marry her. Akshay says he and Vijaya live in a room, but not sleep together, why will not Vijaya divorce him. He loves Neeti and will not part ways with her, Neeti will stay with them after marriage. Nandini says Neeti is Vijaya’s daughter, she may divorce him, but will not give him Neeti.

Ratan reaches home and feeds jalebis to Abhaya. Abhaya asks if he spent electricity bill on horse race. He yells and asks her to mind her business. He looks at his mobile and thinks he hit a jackpot, Akshay and Nandini’s video.

Akshay assures Nandini that everything will be fine and reaches home. Neeti runs and hugs him. He then goes to room and tells Vijaya that he has taken and decision and has written his question in a note. He gives a long speech that she should say yes or no after reading it tomorrow afternoon and does not have to give explanation. Vijaya gets very tensed. She goes and sits on sofa. Naani comes and asks what happened. Vijaya says Akshay gave her an envelope and asked to read a letter in it tomorrow afternoon. Naani asks to read it now. Vijaya says no. Naani says she will read it then. Vijaya says no, she will wait till tomorrow afternoon.

In the morning, Akshay enjoy breakfast happily and leaves. Naani says Akshay is looking happy, so Vijaya need not worry. Vijaya reaches nursing home and tensely looks at envelope. Jenniffer comes and tells they should appoint an inhouse dietican for their diabetic patients. Vijaya says she will think about it. She silently opens envelope in the afternooon, reads note and gets very happy. Akshay waits for her eagerly in his cabin. She goes and he asks what is her reply. She says she has replied in his note. He opens note, sees his note asking if she will go on a date with him and her answer yes. She asks if Neeti will come with them. He says no. Vijaya leaves and says she is going to their home.

Precap: Nandini asks Akshay if they can go out tonight. He says not today. He takes Vijaya on a date and asks what if Nilesh was not dead if he had come back after their marriage, will he have divorced him and went back with Nilesh. Nandini calls and asks Neeti if papa is at home. Neeti says mummy and papa have gone on a date.

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