Tere Bin 16th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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After pooja, Vijaya serves prasad to everyone. First, Ratan eats it and says something is wrong in this prasad. Nandini yells at Vijaya Ratan fell ill with her ladoos, what if patients had eaten it. Akshay asks her to relax and tells Ratan not to joke. Ratan laughs and says he was joking. Akshay tells Ratan told him that he found laxative bottle near laddoo boxes, so when he checked, he found laxatives on laddoos. He changes tthose boxes with the one Vijaya had kept aside. He says he knows who must have done this. Nandini nervously grips Irfan’s hand tightly. Irfan realizes she is the culprit. Akshay says it is rival hospital’s revenge, they want to tarnish our nursing home’s image. Nandini relaxes. Akshay thanks everyone for attending pooja and leaves. Everyone follows him. Irfan asks Nandini why did she do this. Vjaya comes and asks why he thinsk Nandini would do this, everyone loves her so much and trust her. Once she leaves. Irfan says if she realized what Vijaya means, if Akshay would know this, he would have hated her and not Vijaya.

Ratan comes back and taunts Nandini that he found this laxative bottle behind table and even he saw her mixing laxative in laddoos, he says he will keep this secret if she gives him some money, anyways he wanted to be good in Akshay’s eyes.

Askay discusses with his employee that they cannot trust the people who come to nursing home after prasad laddo incident and asks him to fix CCTV cameras all around. Ratan comes and jokes to fix on the floor also, if a culprit comes bending his/her head, camera will capture their face. He says he will handle nursing home’s security via his company. Akshay says no, he will not approve it. Ratan fumes that he should have let everyone eat laxative mixed ladoos.

Nandini goes home and shouts at Shabana that because of her lame idea, she lost grip on Akshay, Vijaya brainwashed Akshay completely. Shabana says what if Akshay forgets her, there are many people who love her. Nandini says yes, she is right. She calls Neeti and asks how is she celebrating diwali. Neeti says light up lamps, wear new clothes, burn crackers and eat a feast. Nadini says her diwali is boring though alone. Neeti invites her to her home. Nandinii says if she insists, she will come. Neeti then informs Naani who informs Vijaya that Neeti invited Nandini for evening pooja and they cannot even ignore Nandini now. Vijaya calls Irfan and invites him for pooja and asks to come along with Nandini.

Nandini gets ready in a beautiful sari and asks Shabana how is she looking. Shabana leaves without speaking to her. Nandini imagines Akshay praising her beauty and saying she loves him a lot. Irfan comes and says she is looking very beautiful, good she got ready soon, Vijaya has invited them for diwali pooja. Nandini things she will see what Vijaya will do now.

Akshay and Vijaya tell Nandini and Irfan that this diwali is their most special diwali. Nadini fumes in jealousy. Irfan says if she does not want to stay here, they can go from here. Nandini shouts she wants to stay.

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    I hope Ratan realises his mistakes and blurt out whole truth of Nandini and Nandini is sent to mental asylam for life time….
    They are streching this show toooooo much now before ending….

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