Tere Bin 15th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Nandini tells Irfan that she can live without Akshay, but not without Irfan’s friendship, so he should never get angry on her, asks to promise her. He holds her hand and promises that he will not be angry on her at all. Akshay who hears their conversation standing near door smiles and leaves.

Akshay and Vijaya walk in nursing home. Vijaya says a new hospital is opening in their area. Akshay says he heard it is built by some corrupt person with political backing. Vijaya says he may try to harm them to destroy competition in this area. Akshay says, they have to be alert. Vijaya goes to check Jennifer nurse. Akshay sees Nandini coming towards him, stops her and says she took a right decision of thinking to marry Irfan, he is the best person for her and says their college love was just an young infatuation and they should forget it and move on in life. Vijaya comes. He holds her and says he was telling Nandini that she took right decision to marry Irfan and move on in life. He congratulates Nandini and says if she needs his help anytime, she can call her. They both leave. Nandini stands in a shock. Ratan stops her next and says nursing home people are talking rubbish, they are discussing that she is marrying Irfan and already filled 1-month notice form. Nandini stands tensed. Abhaya brings ladoo boxes and says Vijaya prepared them. Ratan asks her if Nandini is really marrying Irfan. She says yes.

Akshay goes to Irfan’s cabin and congratulates him for thinking of marrying Nadini. Irfan congragulates him also. Akshay asks why. Irfan says for diwali. Akshay says he took right decision. Irfan says Nadini’s flat owner was forcing to evict flat in 24 hours, so he had to fill notice form. Abhaya comes and informs Akshay that Vijaya is calling him. He asks Irfan to join them in Laxmi pooja in cafeteria in 1 hour and leaves with Abhaya.

Nandini enters pooja room. She sees Abhaya and Jennifer coming and hides. Jennifer and Abhaya keep pooja item, chat a bit and leave. Nandini comes out and mixes vomiting medicine in ladoos and laughs that once people eat it, they will vomit and Vijaya will be blamed. Akshay willl fume seeing Vijaya’s ignorance. Vijaya comes speaking over phone to Neeti and telling she can eat only one laddoos and asks her to give phone to Naani. Naani tells her that Lado has gone home. Vijaya says she will come back, not to worry. Naani says she is informing her and asks her to peform pooja before sunset. Vijaya says okay and keeps laddoo boxes for pooja.

Ratan stops Akshay and says he has project report. Akshay asks him to show it. Ratan says no need to check, he just has to sign as guarantor, his maa will be very happy. Akshay asks whose maa. Ratan says Laxmi maa. Akshay checks file and says just copying 2-3 reports is not called project report. Ratan says he will repepare it. Akshay says no need, he cannot help him as the people like him will not change. Ratan fumes what he can do that Akshay will fall on his feet.

Irfan tells Nandini that Irfan will not marry her as he has moved on. Nandini says Akshay is infatuated with Vijaya’s love, wait and watch, Vijaya will stoop so low in Akshay’s eyes that she will not get up again. Irfan stands confused.

Akshay and Vijaya perform laxmi pooja while staff and others stand behind. Nandini also attends pooja. Abhaya eats first prasad and vomits. Nandini smirks.

Precap: Akshay scolds Vijaya for preparing food poisoned laddoos.

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  1. Thanks MA for fast super speedy update.

    How low can Nandini stoop! Despicable! I think Nandini might work for the other hospital and cause conflict and problems for Vijaya and Akshay nursing home.


    How can nandini be so much pschyo?????????
    I know she had suffered heart break ?, which is most painful to recover but its 7- 8 yrs now, she should move on and live happy life… and more over she is dr. And educated, so she would have take all this as part of life and past of life… or as chapter which is over…


      And all this happening which are so much confusing have one answer that show will be ending in next week, so are running too fast as per story and too slow in celebrating Diwali.

    2. Hi Shraddha,

      Can’t believe the show is ending next week, you are right. I checked on wiki. Do you think there will be a twist in the ending? Judging by Akshay horrible mean outburst towards Vijaya, do you think Akshay and Nandini could reunite?

      I don’t understand, as a doctor, he comments on the smell in the laddos. Does that smell not seem strange or familiar? Secondly, every year Vijaya always makes laddos for nursing home an takes enough care to share for paitients too and no problem arises.

      Akshay gave Vijaya no respect what so ever having a frenzy directly at her in front of her staff and other attendees.
      I am wondering if Akshay will learn its Nandini behind it. I cannot remember if Neeti had one before the laddos was taken to Nursing home, because if she did, then it will raise questions.

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