Tere Bin 14th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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Abhaya speaks over phone to Naani and tells she is very happy hearing this and asks to congratulate didi/Vijaya. Ratan comes and says whenever she speaks to her, her face is always sad, but when she speaks to her mother and Vijaya, her face always glows. Abhaa says it is a good news, Akshay’s parents know now that Neeti is not Akshay’s daughter and they don’t mind about it. Ratan fumes that he wanted to extract some money from Aksay by blackmailing him regarding this secret, but never mind he has another trump card.

Akshay goes to meet Neeti and asks her how is she now. Neeti says fine and says her accident happened because of papa. Naani asks why she thinks so. Neeti says if papa would have taken her with him, her accident would not have happened. Akshay smiles.

Akshay then goes to his room and searches his credit card. Vijaya informs that they have to give mone to Nandini as she paid Neeti and Naani’s medicine bills via Irfan.

Akshay meets Nandini at nursing home and says they are doing wrong. Nandini asks what, he has already informed Vijaya about them. He says no, he wants to breakup with her completely and pushes her. She says she loves her and cannot love with her. He says it is over. Nandini sees Vijaya, runs and strangulates her neck shouting she will not let her snatches Akshay from her again. Akshay frees Vijaya and scolds Nandini. It is just Nandini’s bad dream and she murmurs in dream that Akshay is hers. Irfan and Shabana come and calm her down.

Vijaya serves fruits to Akshay’s parents. Lado comes there and tells she like them here as they are family members and does not like some strangers coming and staying here like Nandini came and stayed here for 7 days. Mom gets worried that Nandini is back in Akshay’s life. Dad consoles her not to worry much, Nandini is Akshay’s past. Vijaya hears their conversation and asks what are they talking about Nandini. Dad tries to speak, but mom stops. Dad says mom is worried that Nandini being an anesthetist cannot take care of Neeti’s diabetes well and he is telling her that Nandini will just check and expert will treat Neeti. Vijaya says yes..

Precap: Lado tells Vijaya that there was a call from Lonavla that Akshay’s credit card was found there. Vijaya asks Akshay what was he doing in Lonavla. He says why will he go to Lonavla. She says he had come to hospital from Lonavla and not Delhi as his card is found in Lonavla.

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