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Irfan and Shabana come back after sending society members out. Shabana says it is already 9:30 p.m. Irfan asks Nandini to go and sleep now. Nandini says she will have a walk and come back and goes out. Shabana says Irfan that she is praying Nandini’s mind changes within a month and she really marries him. Irfan angrily scolds that he just found this 1-month month marriage notice solution to save Nandini and nothing else, she should be careful before talking rubbish.

Nandini walks on street panicking how can Akshay not come to temple to marry her, if he had come, she would not have signed marriag notice with Irfan. She thinks if he is in trouble and calls his mobile number, but he does not pick it. Akshay is sound asleep with Vijaya after consummating their marriage. Nandini

then thinks Akshay may not be in trouble, definitely Vijaya must have done black magic and trapped Akshay. She takes oath that she will make Vijaya fall in Akshay’s eyes this Diwali and will make Akshay hate her.

Nandini returns back to her room. She sees Irfan there already and shouts what is he doing in her room. He asks what happened. She asks if he is trying to sleep in her room before marriage and wants to marry her for real, trying to misuse her helplessness. He shouts Shabana kept things inside when society members came for party ad she kept even his mobile. He picks his mobile and angrily leaves.

In the morning, Akshay and Vijaya are still asleep. Vijaya wakes up and pulls her apply stuck under Akshay. Akshay holds it back and sleep. She wiesh him good morning. He wakes up and holding her hand thanks her for forgiving him for hiding the fact since 8 years that he loved andini before and she easily made forgo his fear of losing her. She says she knows he was courageous to reveal about him and Nandini, he favored her instead after marrying her 8 years ago. She says even she wants to confess a secret and says she knew about his and Nandini’s relationship. Akshay feels guilty and asks why did not she tell. She says she was waiting for him to tell the truth. He emotionally hugs her.

At nursing home, Irfan sitting in his cabin reminisces Nandini’s words that he could not get her directly, so he made this drama of registered marriage. Vijaya calls him just then and congratulates him that he is goign to marry Nandini. She says he is only one who can bring happiness in Nandini’s life. She says even her life is settled now. She says today is diwali and her new life has started. She disconnects call. Irfan sees Nandini standing in front of him and he angrily calls Dr. Nandini.

Vijaya and Nandini fix decorative lights at home and get romantic in living room. Lado sees them and runs shyingly. They both see her and part ways. Naani comes and tells diwali pooj at nursing home should happen by evening. Akshay leaves. Vijaya informs Naani that she reconciled with Akshay. Naani congratulates him.

Nandini tells Irfan that she can live without Akshay’s love but not his friendship and pleads him not to leave her. Akshay hears their conversation and smiles standing near door. Irfan notices him.

Precap: Akshay holding Vijaya tells Nandini that Vijaya knows about our old relationship and he has promised her that nothing wrong will happen hereon.

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    So it was not dream…
    I hope Nandini realises that it is good to move on… though its very hard to move on in life when you fail in love but its better to leave past… as if your love was yours than he/she may not leave you or will return and will be yours but if it does not return or return with new partner it was never yours…

  2. This is so confusing. How can Akshay change his mind in one second? I thought it was a dream because this doesn’t make sense. And he kept saying to Nandjni that he loves her and now he’s unsure!

  3. I don’t think Akshay ever did loved Nandini. I think he was in love with the idea of being in love. If you truly love someone, you would exit from their life so sudden. When Nandini came back into Akshay life, i thin Akshay felt guilty. Immense guilt. His feelings got confused and I think he felt he owe Nandini happiness/explaination/love. Perhaps he felt he needed to pay the price for her suffering, just so that he himself could feel better about the circumstance and he could move forward in his life. At first, when Nandini and Akshay started the affair, yes it reignited their romance and was on cloud nine. However, when Nandini became insufferable, demanding rights, I think Akshay felt suffocated.

    Slowly, i think he realised it was Vijaya who he loves but never knew how to express his emotions to her. Due to the circumstances that they got married, they never consummated their marriage and always kept a respectable distance, like business – co parenting but no romance. Each one was afraid of expressing thier true feelings and now they have finally admitted to each other, you can see that Akshay felt like a huge weight lifted off his shoulders.

    When he overheard Nandini and Ifran conversation, he seemed please to hear that Nandini cannot live without Ifran. His expression seems happy for her, also no longer feel guilt.

    On the other hand, I don’t think Nandini realises she has developed feeling for Ifran, she has been so obsessed with Akshay. Perhaps, now is the time for Nandini to realise she has feelings for Ifran and they will happily marry?

    Also, may there will be another tiny patter of feet for the Sinah family?


    All ans to ur ques is that show will be ending in next week..

  5. Punitha rajan

    Good let it end…akshay’s character is pathetic..goes behind nandini when she tried to stay away and now says he loves vijaya….the story is full of selfish people…from naani to vijaya to shabana.every one using other’s emotions..disgusting

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