Tere Bin 12th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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Akshay’s dad fumes afer knowing that Neeti’s Nilesh’s daughter. He scolds Vijaya for hiding truth. Akshay tries to calm him down. He asks how can he hide such a big truth from him, if he had known he is marrying Nilesh’s pregnant girlfriend, he would never her let him marry Vijaya. Irfan passes by and hears their conversation.

Vijaya goes to Neeti’s room and sees Nilesh’s parents there. They tell Neeti that they are her grandparent’s friends. She asks if they also stay in Delhi. They say they stay in Mumbai. She asks why don’t they come to meet her. They say they will come.. Nilesh’s father warns Vijaya he will watch her and Akshay and if they dont’t take care of Neeti well, she knows what he can do.


dad/daada calls Neelima/daadi and informs that Neeti is not their grandaughter and is Nilesh’s daughter instead. Daadi asks naani why did she lie her. Vijaya comes and holds daada’s legs and pleads him to meet Neeti once even if he does not forgive her. Daada stands still. Akshay says Vijaya let dada go if he does not was not to meet Neeti.

Irfan goes home. Nandini asks if Neeti is fine. He says yes, but Akshay’s parents came to know that Neeti is not Akshay’s daughter. Nandini shows schizophrenic signs and with changing face says if they came to know, they will force Akshay to divorce Vijaya, now Akshay will marry her. Irfan notices that, calls his senior psychiatrist and seeks his help in Nndini’s case.

Akshay tells his father that not informing him that Vijaya was already pregnant with Nilesh’s child was even his decision. He wanted to protect Vijaya. Vijaya comes and says Neeti woke up and wants to talk to him, he can sit with dada if he wants. Akshay says he will meet Neeti and walks with her to Neeti’s room. Daadi comes and emotionally hugs Vijaya and Akshay. Neeti asks Daadi where is dadaji. Daadi calls Daada to come in. Daada comes in and pampers Neeti and hugs Akshay. Akshay cries emotionally.

Naani sits tensed. Lado asks her not to worry, when Akshay’s heart is so big, even his parents hearts wll be big and they will accept Vijaya and Neeti happily. Vijaya calls Naani and says Aksay’s parents accepted her and Neeti and proved love relationship is bigger than blood relationship.

Precap: Nandini asks Akshay when will he divorce Vijaya. He says his parents will not let him divorce Vijaya now.

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