Tere Bin 11th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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Akshay’s mother hears Naani speaking over phone to Nilesh’s father Sudhakar and telling Neeti is his granddaughter. She asks Naani who is Sudhakar and why she told Neeti is his granddaughter. Vijaya and Naani lie that Sudhakar is Akshay’s friend Nilesh’s parents and after Nilesh’s death, they consider Akshay as their son and Neeti as their granddaughter. Akshay’s mother/daadi believes them. Vijaya says she will go back to hospital. Daadi says even dada wants to go to hospital, so she can take him along. Vijaya gets tensed.

Nandini insists Irfan to let her go. He says no. She says he is jealous of Akshay and her and wants her to be his patient forever. Irfan silentlys gives her injection while she continues chatting.

Akhay looks at Neeti

via glass and reminisces his love for her. Nandini comes and says he should not worry, Neeti will be fine soon. Ratan sees them together and reminisces Nandini slapping him. He taunts and bullies them. Akshay and Nandini fume.

Vijaya comes to hospital with Akshay’s father/dadaji. Dadaji says their Neeti will be well soon. Nandini passes by. Vijaya calls her and introduces dadaji as anesthetist Nandini who helped Akshay do Neeti’s surgery. Nandini greets him and leaves.

Akshay sits in Neeti’s room and watches her. Neeti wakes up. Vijaya enters. Neeti asks if she was operated. Vijaya says papa did her operation. Neeti says that is why she did not feel pain. Vijaya says Nandini also helped papa do her surgery. Neeti gets happy and says she wants to meet dadaji.

Dadajji follows Nandini and asks what is she doing here. Nandini says she is doing here duty. Dadaji says she should forget the past and moe on. Nandini says she is soon marryin. Dadaji hears Nilesh’s parents enquring about Neeti in reception. He rushes and says he will take them to Neeti. He identifies Nilesh’s parents. He angrily goes to Vijaya and shouts how dare she is to hide that Neeti is Nilesh’s daughter and not Akshay, she kept him in dark for 8 years. If she had known that she is already pregnant with Nilesh’s child, he would have stopped marriage at any cost. Vijaya starts crying. Akshay comes out. Vijaya says papaji came to know that Neeti is Nilesh’s daughter.

Pecap: Vijaya holds Akshay’s father’s legs and pleads him that he may not forgive her, but should not tell truth to Neeti.

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