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Akshay sits for breakfast with Naani and Vijaya. Vijaya sees Akshay’s toast cold and goes to reheat it. Neeti comes and sits for breakfast and says oh shit, naani prepared upma again. Akshay asks where did she learn this world. She says from school friends. He asks if she knows meaning of it and how bad it is. Neeti says yes and says she will not repeat it. Vijaya brings toast. Akshay says Neeti that they will go on a vacation after her exams. She asks where. He says she should decide. She says she will check on net and give him 3 options. He says they will go to all 3 places. She gets very happy and says naani let us go and check net right now. Naani asks her to finish breakfast first. Abhaya calls Naani and says Akshay got her cafe contract and she is very happy, she is

apologetic that Ratan insulted Vijaya yesterday over phone. Naani asks her to come home, they will discuss about it aramse.

Akshay gets ready for nursing home. Vijaya tells Akshay that she is getting many requests for psychiatrist, so she is thinking of appointing a psychiatrist. In fact, she met one psychiatrist the other day who fixed her car when she went out with mom. He says he will think and inform her.

Nandini is busy browing on her laptop when Vijaya calls her. She thinks it is Akshay seeing nursing home’s number and shouts if he is not ashamed to bother her repeatedly. Vijaya asks her to calm down…Nandini says sorry. Vijaya asks if she is free. Nandini says yes. Vijaya invites her for lunch. Nandini says some other day. Vijaya insists and Nandini agrees. Nandini gets ready and gets out of her room to see Irfan playing guitar jovially. He says she got ready for lunch outing so soon, he will change his shirt and come. She says Vijaya called her and invited her for lunch. She said no, but Vijaya insisted her, so she agreed. Irfan acts as getting sad. Nandini leaves. Irfan smiles thinking at last Nadnini smiled.

Neeti comes from school and asks Naani to give her snacks. Naani asks her to wash her hands first. Neeti walks towards room when she hears phone ring and picks it. Akshay’s mom speaks from other side. Neeti converses with her and says Akshay is taking her to hillstation and asks if she will accompany them. Daadi says no. Naani asks who is on phone. Neeti says daadi and asks if she wants to speak to her. Naani says no.

Nandini comes to Vijaya’s cabin. Vijaya starts chatting with her. Servant comes and seraves lunch. Vijaya calls Akshay. Akshay comes and stops seeing Nandini. Nandini says he is feeling bad that he cannot have lunch with Vijaya alone today. Vijaya says it is okay. They all 3 start lunch. Nandini says food is tasty, if she cooked it. Vijaya says yes, she loves cooking. Nandini says even she loves cooking and used to cook in her hostel kitchen for her friend who used to love it. Vijaya asks where is her friend now. Nandini says he got lost somewhere. After lunch, Akshay comes out and asks Nandini why did she come back. Nandini says Vijaya insisted her to come here. Akshay say she should have rejected her offer. Nandini asks if he is jealous that she is not befriend him and wants to befriend her again. Akshay walks out fuming.

Neeti while playing with Naani asks why she does not speak to Daadi and why dada daadi don’t come to meet them here. Naani sits silently.

Precap: Ratan yells at Abhaya that Vijaya knows only business, so she is asking her for deposit. Vijaya calls Irfan to nursing home and introduces him to Akshay. Akshay gets tensed seeing her.

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