Tera Mera Saath Rahe 3rd May 2022 Written Episode Update: Gopika sees Komal with her son

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Scene 1
Saksham says Gopika she’s very dangerous. How will you fight with her? Gopika says I’ve met her. Nikhila says you said she’s calm. Gopika says we need this money. Aashi says we’re all working for money. Gopika says working what? She says Chirgah is a driver, I got tuition and both moms cook for people. Gopika says since when? Chiragh says since you decided to fight with her. She’s dangerous. Gopika says but that’s not enough. we have to stop our house from being auctioned. We’ve to fight that match. Saksham says let me stay in jail. You won’t fight. Gopika says sorry I can’t listen to you. She leaves.

Scene 2
Munna asks Jigar what are you doing? He says studying. Munna says the necklace isn’t there. He says I don’t know. Munna says don’t fool me. Where is my necklace? Munna says I don’t know where is it? He says I will send you to boarding school. He says to Ramila please save me. He’s blaming me. Ramila says he didn’t do anything. I did. Munna says what? She says I was scared if Rajjo sees the necklace she will make a drama. Jigar says she’s lying. Ramila says I kept it safe. Here it is. Munna says I know you very well. Don’t be sene in my team. Jigar says I am not in your team okay.

Scene 3
Gopika walks on the road. Some goons abduct her. They bring her to a house. She’s in Modi house. She says maa you did all this? Munna says no I did. Gopika says you can’t force me. How low will you stoop? Sumatra says what are you doing? Sumatra says you can’t fight and risk your life for them. Gopika says your love makes your life difficult for me. Munna says we won’t let you go. Gopika says I have to fight. Sumatra locks the door and says I won’t let you fight. Goopika says I have to fight for my family. Munna says I can’t let you risk your life. Sumatra says you won’t go. Gopika says for my love, please let me go. If you ever loved me. Munna opens the door. Sumatra says no I won’t let her go. Munna says let her go. Sumatra cries and says Gopika don’t go. Don’t risk your life. Gopika says thank you Munna. He says focus on the fight. Gopika leaves. Sumatra cries.

Scene 4
Komal gives food to her son. He says I don’t wanna eat. The kid says hit me shout.. She says you’re my son. That’s my work. Why do you hate me so much? Please.. I never let you feel the absence of your father. He says you’re a father only not a mother. Look at people’s moms and then you. Gopika hears it and says instead of being grateful to your mom you talk to her like this? He says now you complain to outsiders about me? Komal shoves Gopika and says who are you talk between me and my son? Gopika says I didn’t like how he was talking to you. I came here to talk to you. I felt like I hit your self respect. I’ve to save my husband and family. She says yeah your husband is a murderer. Gopika says you don’t know the truth. Don’t say anything about my husband? She says what will you do? Gopika shoves her. Komal says how dare you? Komal picks her and throws her. Gopika’s back hurts.

Episode ends

Precap-Munna trains Gopika. Gopika and Komal come face to face.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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