Tera Mera Saath Rahe 26th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Radhika meets Saksham

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Scene 1
Nikhila says to Saksham why are you sitting along? Won’t you introduce your friends? He says they’re either colleagues or employees. I never had any friends. I was too burdended with responsibilities. I only wanted to have a friend in my partner. Gopika gets dressed as Radhika. She says baa is that right? I dont’ wanna lie. Baa says when you lie for good, it’s okay. Saksham says I thought I would share everything with my partner but Gopika came to my life. I couldn’t tell her anything. But don’t worry maa. I have learned to live alone. Gopika gets ready.

The servant tells Saksham some girl named Radhika is here. Saksham is shocked. He sees her napkin. Saksham looks around for her. Gopika comes in. Gopika is scared. Baa says you have to save Tejal right? Gopika says I will save Tejal baa. Baa says then go and meet saksham. Gopika comes to the hall. Saksham says Radhika? She says yes. Saksham? He says you know? She says who doesn’t know you? Saksham says thank you for coming here. Why do you have mask on your face? Gopika says I believe people should be known for their work not appearance. Saksham says but why are you helping me?

Saksham shakes hand with her. He says thank you so much. You helped me like a true friend. She says really Saksham ji? He says I feel like I have heard this voice. have we met before? Gopika says no. Saksham says come let me introduce you to my sister and her fiance. Gopika recalls baa said you have to get his phone. Tejal says hello to her. She says thank you for everything. Gopika tries to steal VJ’s phone. She trips and collides with VJ but VJ picks his phone. Saksham says are you okay? She says yes.

Saksham coughs. Gopika says you have cough? He says I am fine. VJ leaves his phone. Gopika tries to pick it. Saksham looks for Raedhika. He says maa I had to introduce her to you. He texts her my mom wanted to meet you. Please come again soon. Gopika comes. Saksham says your throat isn’t well. You should drink this. He says go from here. Be a guest. She says can’t a guest do something for the host? He says go from here.

Gopika comes ot Nikhila and says Saksham isn’t well. Can you give him this tea? SHe says do you even know how to add things in it? I know the ratio. She tastes it and says did you make it? Gopika says yes. Nikhila says Saksham drink this. You will feel better. He drinks and says I feel better now. Thanks maa. She says thank the one who made it. gopika. She did a good thing so that should be appreciated. Saksham says thank you to Gopika.

Episode ends.

Precap-VJ grasps Tejal’s hand and says you don’t understand it. Gopika goes after them. She tells Saksham as well.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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