Tera Mera Saath Rahe 21st October 2021 Written Episode Update: Tejal tries to kill herself

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Scene 1
Saksham says the entire credit goes to radhika. Because of her I got this deal. The reporter says who is she? Saksham says even I don’t know her. She designed it. Saksham says Radhika ji if you’re hearing. I can’t contact you. Without your talent I couldn’t win it. I really wanna meet you and thank you. Thank you for helping me. You can always contact and speak to me. Gopika smiles.

Tejal tries to kil herself. Saksham gets a call from Radhika’s number. saksham says Radhika ji.. She says it’s me Radhika. Saksham says thank you for helping me. You did a lot for me. Gopika thinks about Tejal. Saksham says where did you study? Gopika says your sister is in a huge trouble. Please save her. Saksham says what do you mean? She says go to Tejal fast.. Saksham is shocked.

Scene 2
Tejal eats sleeping pills. saksham says tejal open the door. What are you doing.. She eats the pills. Saksham breaks the door and gets in. He says spit it out. Tejal spits it. Saksham says what happned tejal. Please tell me what made you do this? Gopika throws the photo in. Saksham is shocked. He says what is this? Tejal cries. She says he ruined my life. Saksham says I won’t leave him. He goes out in anger. Saksham asks Nikhila to end the press conference. He runs out. Nikhila asks the media to leave. Gopika says now he will handle everything.

Scene 3
Tejal cries. The whole family is with her. saksham brings in VJ. Nikhila slaps him and says how dare you threaten our daughter? Do you know who we are? VJ says I am sorry. Mr.Modi says you were gonna get this published? He says no we had a fight and I said it in during the fight. The truth is.. VJ says we both love each other. Saksham says what? Minal says is he right? Tejal says yes maa. Nikhila says you have tinted our family’s dignity. VJ says I wanted to come with proposal after our fight ends. I didn’t know it would get this big. Gopika says send him to jail. He threatened Tejal. Tejal says it’s our fight. He won’t go to jail. It was my fault too. Please don’t get in between this. VJ says Teja. I am sorry. It’s okay if you don’t want to marry me. Tejal says I want to marry you. Nikhila says is this what you want? She says yes badi bi. I want to marry VJ. Nikhila says Minal will decide that. She’s your mom.

Nikhila says tell me Minal do you wanna get Tejal married to this guy? Think and decide. Tejal says maa please. Minal says if they want to marry each other I accept this relationship. Nikhila says he threated her. Tejal says I love him maa. Nikhila says is this her upbringing Minal? Gopika says he isn’t the right guy. tejal made a mistake but he threatened her. Is he right to marry her? He should be in jail. Tejal says if I and my parents like him, who are you to speak in between? Gopika says he isn’t right for you. Tejal says stay away from my life. Saksham says wait. He asks VJ are you ashamed of your mistake? He says yes. I promise it won’t happen again. I love Tejal and want to marry her. Gopika says can’t there be a better guy? Baa says why do you think he’s bad? Gopika says I don’t have a good proof but he isn’t the right guy. Tejal isn’t safe with him. He should be in jail. Please trust me. Baa says we should listen to Gopika. Saksham says who is she to speak in our family matter? She’s a liar herself. She ruins things for us. Thank God Radhika saved us.

Mr. Modi says okay then Tejal and VJ will get married. Tejal holds his hand. They take blessings from everyone. Gopika says I have to stop it. It can’t let Tejal’s life being ruined.

Episode ends.

Precap-Saksham calls Radhika and says it’s Tejal’s engagement. Please do come. VJ’s mom says where is your DIL? Saksham says maa people will know anyone. Nikhila says after Tejal’s wedding. She says Gopika come there as a guest.

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  1. Tera meta sath rage – it is incredible the abusive words Saksham calls his wife. How can Gopika ever think of accepting this family? The message is that Indian girls are portrayed as martyrs with very little self esteem,

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