Tera Mera Saath Rahe 18th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Gopika meets Saksham

Tera Mera Saath Rahe 18th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Saksham is outside the shop. He calls Radhika and says I know you are around. My marriage with Gopika is over. I feel very light. VJ holds Tejal’s hand. Tejal says in heart what if someone sees. Saksham looks around for Radhika. Gopika sneaks home.

Aashi calls Rammila and says I have so much work. Gopika must be doing all the work there. Saksham looks at the design and says I really want to meet you.

Scene 2
Gopika fights with the cab driver and says I will use meter only. He leaves. Gopika’s stuff falls. Saksham’s car almost hits him. Gopika hides her face. People start getting mad at Saksham. They say you’ve hit a girl. We will take you to the police station. Saksham says she’s my wife. Gopika says yes he’s here to pick me up. People leave. Saksham picks Gopika’s things. He takes them to the car and says let’s go.

Saksham says when you are around me, mishaps happen. Sit in the car I am getting late. Gopika takes a rickshaw instead. Gopika comes back to the shop because she forogt something. Gopika sees a girl hugging saksham. Saksham says Priya? She says yes long time. Gopika sees them. She’s shocked. Sakssham says let’s go home. She sits in his car. Gopika is shocked. Her mangalsutra tears. Gopika picks the pearls.

Scene 3
Baa asks Nikhila did you speak to pandit ji? By when will he do the pooja? Nikhila is lost. Baa says Nikhila? Where is your focus? Nikhila says something is wrong.

Ramila says first this gopika finished all the grocery and now she’s not back. WHat if they take her back? Who will do my house chores? Maids are so expensive. Phone rings. Ramila is about to pick it. Tejal comes. Ramila says came back so fast? Tejal sees her phone in Ramila’s hand. She takes it back.

Gopika comes back with grocery. ramila says where were you lost? She says my mangalsutra broke. Ramila says what will you do with it? Your marriage is over anyway. They kicked you out. Decide if you wanna live here or with Modis. If you wanna stay here stay in your limits. Gopika says the marriage isn’t over. He’s my husband and will always be. Nikhila comes in and says totally true.

Episode ends.

Precap-Ramila says my laxmi left the house in front of me and I couldn’t do anything. Nikhila plans protests against her. Gopika tries to stop people.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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