Tera Mera Saath Rahe 14th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Gopika and Saksham to remarry

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Scene 1
Aashi comes to Nikhila and says are you free? SHe says if you wanna talk about another business idea then I am busy. Aashi says I was thinking we can repack all the wasted food and resell it. Nikhila says why would people pay for it? She says I can also buy a rocket and sned people to moon for honeymoon. You like it right? Nikhila says we can’t waste our money. Go from here. Aashi says one last idea. Aashi says I can become a wedding planner. Nikhila says do you have any idea of it? She says I used to organize all birthday parties. Just need a client. Nikhila says there’s a client. Aashi says who? She says call everyone downstairs.

Pandit ji takes out a wedding date. Everyone is shocked whose wedding? Gopika sees wedding cards. Nikhila says yes, because of Priya you both had to sign divorce papers. My Saksham and Gopika will marry tomorrow with all rituals. Minal says that’s great. Nikhila says Aashi you wanted to be a wedding planner? This is your friest project. Chiragh says you can arrange my wedding too. Aashi says you will marry again? He says yes, but with you. Chiragh says I am from girl’s side. Aashi and Minal go to Saksham’s side. Nikhila says I am Gopika’s mom. So I will be from the girl’s side. Baa and Keshap say they will be from both sides. Baa says you both can’t stay or meet together till the wedding. Chriagh says I will keep an eye on them.

Scene 2
Priya is in the card. she says brand new Priya. she changes her sim.

The goon comes to Tejal’s house. She says are we ready for the shoot? Why do you have a razor? He says your MIL gave us your hair for the money. Tejal says what? She runs.. Ramila hits them and says Tejal run. They both hide in the room.

Nikhila says where does Keshap go every night? I have to find out. Nikhila comes to the store. She says he comes there and he disappears. Where can we go from the store? She sees a mirror and sees a door behind it.
Tejal says you are so greedy. You gave them my hair. The goon says I will shave Ramila too. Tejal yes do it with her. Tejal says you’re so greedy. the goon says open the door. They’re scared.. Ramila says I don’t know what to. Tejal says return their money. Ramila says I’ve no money left. Tejal plugs in hair dryer. Ramila says are you using it one last time? What are you doing? Tejal says stay quiet. She plugs in iron. Tejal says keep them busy until I call the police.

Scene 3
Nikhila calls Minal and Keshap. Everyones comes downstairs. Saksham says is everything okay? Minal says what is it? Nikhila says you both tell me. You both will tell everyone about the secret door in the storeroom. Minal says what are you saying? Nikhila says you both swear on each other and tell me I am lying? If I am a liar I won’t question again. Tell me. Saksham says maa? Let’s go and see. Minal and Keshap are scared. Nikhila says come. Nikhila takes them to the store. She says Saksham, Minal there’s a door behind this mirror. SHe opens it but there’s wall. Nikhila says there was door here. Where did go? Gopika says you saw it here? Minal says it must be a dream. Saksham says where can the door go? Nikhila says in heart I will dig into it after the wedding. She says yes it might be a dream. Let’s prepare for the wedding.

Aashi arranges everything. Chiragh looks at her. She’s busy arranging the things. She says pain there on the wall. Her pen falls. Aashi says you’re all so slow. Chiragh holds her. He tucks her pen behind he ear.

Nikhila says Gopika I want you to wear this jewelry on the wedding. Saksham shows her a flower from the window. she says no.. Nikkhila says you don’t like it? She says no no I like it. Nikhila says let me get you bangles too. She goes out. Saksham comes in and says Saksham you must have heard the name. She says I am Gopika. Saksham says when I see you that song rings ek ladki ko dekha. Gopika says go from here. Maa is coming. Nikhila comes. Nikhila says wear these bangles. They will look good on you.

Aashi says everything is messed. I am so confused. He hugs her and says we can remarry too. She says fulfill the first wedding first. Go and keep an eye on Saksham and Gopika. She gets a text from Priya meet me in the store.

Episode ends

Precap-Priya says to Aashi I want a pass to Saksham’s wedding. I will get married to him not Gopika.

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