Tera Mera Saath Rahe 13th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Kesari comes to Modi house

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Scene 1
The kid comes out of the box. They all look at her. She smiles. Saksham says what is this joke? Chiragh asks is this letter true? She nods. They ask her name. She points at the letter, Chiragh reads handle your Kesari. Chiragh says that’s her name. Saksham says how can she be our daughter? Who’s her father? They’re shocked. Munna says I’ve nothing to do with all this. I have only one child Jigar. Keshap says stop looking me look at my age. Chiragh says the letter says it’s one of us. Keshap says it’s not me. Saksham says how can you prove? Chiragh says Sakhsma? Saksham says no. They all try to recall where they were 8 years ago. No one can recall anything. They look at her face. Munna says Chiragh she looks like you. He says what? Anything. Munna was a goon. He says I was a bhai. They all argue. The girl comes out. Saksham stops her. Keshap says no one should see her. They will make such a huge mess. Saksham asks the girl to stay there.

Scene 2
Ramila cooks and says this Tejal keeps asking me to cook. Tejal says this house is so small. Ramila says I am the MIL and you keep making me cook. You don’t help me. Tejal says I can order, you can pay. Ramila says no. Get me flour. She says put it back. She makes Tejal work. Tejal says this flour is slipping.. help. She throws it on Ramila and says sorry I slipped from my hands. Ramila throws it on her. Hitain comes.

Scene 3
Rajo is angry. Aashi says why is she so angry. Rajo says where’s the betrayer. I will break his bones. Gopika says who? She says your traitor brother. gopika says what did he do? The men come in. They’re scared. Rajo looks at Munna and he’s scared. She runs after him with a broomstick. Rajo says he has an affair going on. See this lipstick mark on his shirt. Munna says I didn’t do anything. She says you cheated on me. Gopika says don’t hit him with a broomstick. The husband who cheats on his wife should be beaten with a stick. Saksham is scared. Rajo runs after him with the stick. Aashi gives her a rolling pin. Chiragh imagines her hitting him. Nikhila stops Rajo. Minal says slap him. Keshap imagines himself. Munna says I didn’t do anything I swear on my mom. Nikhila says swearing on your mom for lying about another woman? Munna says yours. He reminds her. Rajo recalls and gets embarrassed. She says but it’s blue lipstick. He says you asked me to get it. She recalls it and says sorry. I get crazy when I think about you cheating on me. I am sorry. Nikhila says it’s a thing to get angry on. It’s okay Munna. Forgive her.

The letter falls from Saksham’s hand. Gopika says what’s that for? She reads the mango box.. Saksham says it’s mango box instruction. All men say yes. Gopika says so united on the mango instructions? Sit and have tea. They come back to the girl. saksham says how will we hide? Keshap says she’s not ours. Saksham says yes don’t need to hide her. Keshap says we’ve to be sure to go back in past. Until we’re sure she’s not one of ours, we have to keep her hidden. Gopika comes to take mangoes. They hide Kesari.

Episode ends

Precap-Kesari comes out. Saksham brings her back in. Saksham says thank God no one saw her. Aashi comes and says saw who?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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