PART 104 ~  HOLI


Bhanushali Palace


It’s outside in the palace premises….Mihika was craving for a drink, so just came in silently….She gets shocked, lest surprised to see someone already there, drinking the “Dirty Martini”….

”Um, jijaji aap aahi gaye….Aise akele….” He makes a light drink for her and gives it to her “Toh tum bhi lo😉” he said revealing his face and he is Param….

”Um😋….Toh, kuch huva?….Jis kaam ke liye gaye the woh?” She smirks lightly….”Usse tumhare kya matlab….Tumhe batana zaruri nahi samajta😏” he….”Koi option nahi hai aapke paas….” She laughs….”Tum bolo, isbaar kuch haath laga?” he said taunting on her repeated failure….”Wahi toh problem hai😵😤….Haath toh tab lagega naa jab andar jaaungi😒….Pata nai konsa lock karke jaate hai Bhai aur Bhabhi😕….Isbaar moka bhi accha tha….Mujhe toh samaj mein nai aata property papers lenge kese🤔😲?” she….

”Isi liye meine tumse kaha tha, ki yeh sab choddo….Par tum par peso ka bhoot sawar hai😒” he said walking out but gets stopped mid-way “Jijaji, aap ne bataya nai….Aapki, mulakat hui ki nai?”…..”Mujhe iske baare mein baat na tab karni thi, na aaj….Keep me out of this, I am done😠” he said turning to go but again gets stopped mid-way “Jijaji, soch lijiye, mujhe Ananya ko batane ke liye sirf ek min lagega….Aur uske baad boom!” she laughs😂😈😂…..”Tum aisa kuch bhi nahi karogi😠….Ok, I am with you” he said frustrated…..

She smirks….😈


Rajput Mansion

ShivaKti’s room

Whole room is decorated like a newly wedded bed….ShivaKti cutely looks at each other….”Happy anniversary love😍😘” they together wished each other….He holds her cheeks with his hands and kisses on her forehead, eyes, cheek💋💋…..He moves towards her lips, but she closes her eyes and leans on his shoulder….

They systematically falls on the bed and covers themselves with the bedsheet….



2-3 Day’s Later


Bhanushali Palace


Its Holi time(Though yesterday they did the Holika Dahan and now it’s their time to play with colors)….Throughout the palace, a happy and joyous environment is seen….Like every year this year too, it will be a “DRY HOLI”…..Almost everyone from all walks of life, arrives here to celebrate the festival with lots of gusto🙂❤️….Raman and Ruhi are looking after the arrangements and having some fun☺️🤗😉….

Servants are placing the delicacies on a table opposite the play area…There is thandai, bhaang, lots of snacks and sweets too😋….Just then, they sees Arjun coming in the car….He walks towards them, wishing “Happy Holi”….”Par yeh tum pe rang kisni lagaya?” Raman said taking a handful of color in his hand….

”Airport pe….But since today is Holi I didn’t felt bad😉” soon his face gets more colorful, as Raman rubs color on his face😜…..Shagun came there and hugged Arjun….

He then meets everyone….Ruhi took handful of color in her hand….

 She then rubbed it on Raman’s face…

”Ananya kaha hai, dikh nai rahi?” Arjun asked Ruhi, when they together spots her hiding in the bush….

”Ananya di, caught you😘” said Ruhi and brought her out from her hiding place….

 “Oh, no😦” she exclaimed….

AruHi threw colors on her and made her colorful like them🤣😉….They enjoys….!!


Guests starts coming in….The first guest arrived and she is Shagun’s client and their dear friend – Ekta Kapoor and Krystal D’Souza….

Shagun and Raghav welcomes her….”Happy Holi😘🙂” she wished them, as they too wished her….AdRi, ShivaKti came in next with Shakti’s dear friend Adaa Khan….

After wishing each other they walks inside enjoying themselves….Pari walks inside the palace and watches them play from the balcony….Uday, Payal, Priya, Dhruv, Jinal, Yash with Rishi came in….

They too after wishing walks inside and enjoys with everyone…..Priya joins Pari in the balcony….DheEra, Naiya with Medha came in, followed by Shravan, Vidya, Ankita Lokhande, Divya Dutta, Tusshar Kapoor, Gurang Bhumika, Mahi Vij, Surbhi Jyoti, Swara Bhaskar, Siddharth Malhotra and many more….



They walks inside together and joins everyone in the fun….DheEra enjoys separately….ShaGhav plays the perfect host…. 


A light and soft music plays from the speaker….

Ho ho ho ho, oho o..
Hey hey hey hey.. hey.. ho ho ho ho.. ho..

Pari and Priya sees everyone enjoying from the balcony….”I am feeling so bad…Hamari shaadi ke baad ki pehli Holi thi…” said Pari as Priya seconds her “Pata hai, har saal mujhe sabse pehle sirf Dhruv lagata tha color, aur mein use….Even during college, but today….Mom called me up and warned strictly, to not even let a single drop of color fell on me”….They sighs…Just then, Naiya came there with Medha and makes her sit on Pari’s lap….She cries as she wants to play with colors but no one is allowing her….Priya tries to pacify her, but she jerks her hands away and ducks herself in Pari’s chest…Naiya then goes from there….Priya gets super happy seeing her Mom and Dad coming in….She looks at Dhruv and mentally thanks him….He smiles at her….

Soni soni akhiyon waali
Dil de ja yaav de ja tu gaali (2)

Hum tere deewaane hain
Hum aashiq mastaane hain (2)

All are enjoying a lot😍❤️😍❤️….

Jhuti jhuti batiyon waale
Bholi surat dil ke hai kaale (Repeat once)

Yeh aashiq lut jaane hain
Dil sab de tut jaane hain (Repeat once)


Rang barse bheege chunar wali, rang barse
Are kaine maari pichkaari tori bheegi angiya
O rangrasia rangrasia, ho
Rang barse bheege chunar wali, rang barse…  
Sone ki thaali main jona parosa
Are, sone ki thaali main jona parosa
Haan, sone ki thaali main jona parosa
Are, khaye gauri ka yaar balam tarse rang barse
Holi hai!!!
O, Rang barse bheege chunar wali, rang barse…  

They are dancing, throwing color’s at each other and savoring the delicacies😋😋….

Balam Pichkari Jo Tune Mujhe Maari
Toh Bole Re Zamana Kharabi Ho Gayi
Mere Ang Raja, Jo Tera Rang Laga
Toh Seedhi-Saadi Chhori Sharabi Ho Gayi  

Itna Maza, Kyun Aa Raha Hai
Tune Hawa Mein Bhaang Milaya
Itna Maza, Kyun Aa Raha Hai
Tune Hawa Mein Bhaang Milaya

Dugna Nasha, Kyun Ho Raha Hai
Aankhon Se Meetha Tune Khilaya
Ho Teri Malmal Ki Kurti Gulabi Ho Gayi
Manchali Chaal Kaise Nawaabi Ho Gayi, Toh?  
Hey.. dhin tadaak, dhin tadaak
Aaja ud ke tadaak pairon se bedi zara khol
Nagada sang dhol baaje, dhol baaje
Dhaayn, dhaayn, dhaayn dham dhaayn

Nagada sang dhol baaje, dhol baaje
Dhaayn, dhaayn, dhaayn dham dhaayn  
Hey.. dhin tadaak, dhin tadaak
Aaja ud ke tadaak pairon se bedi zara khol
Nagada sang dhol baaje, dhol baaje
Dhaayn, dhaayn, dhaayn dham dhaayn

Nagada sang dhol baaje, dhol baaje
Dhaayn, dhaayn, dhaayn dham dhaayn
Nagada sang dhol baaje, dhol baaje
Dhaayn, dhaayn, dhaayn dham dhaayn  

Pari, Priya, Medha soon gets joined by Ruhi after she gets herself cleaned….Servants serves them thandai….Ruhi pulls Medha’s cheek, but she jerks her hand….”Abhi bhi gussa hai😉” Priya….”She is moody” Pari….Ruhi watches everyone play Holi….😎


Meera while walking slips and was about to fall, but someone holds her on time….She looks up to see Dharam holding her….

Khelan kyun na jaaye
Tu hori re rasiya (x2)

They looks at each other…. 

Puchhe hain tohe sari guiya
Kahaan hai Badri ki dulhania

Kurti pe teri malun gulaal
Rang bata blue ya laal
Air mein tere udte baal
Aaja rang doon dono gaa

He makes her stand and both moves in opposite direction, but getting stares from many people, he holds her and rubs color on her face…..
Are sa ra ra ra.. (x3)
Kabira sa ra ra ra..

She gets surprised🙂….
Baby ke dekhe jhoomke
Laga de chaar thumke
Chhichore nache jamke re

They then, walks away from there….. 
UP mein din dahade
Window aur chath pe taade
Hum dekhe aankhen faade re

Arre arre..
Tujhpe tiki hai meri naughty nazariya..

The Holi party continues…. 

Main nashe mein ya
Mujhmein nasha hai
Har taraf bas dhuan hi dhuan hai
Hain deewane mere har jagah yaara
Aisi aadayein meri haan

Tu mungda, ho mungda
Main gud ki dali
Mangta hai to aaja rasiya
Naahi to main yeh chali

Ae mangta hai to aaja rasiya
Naahi to main yeh chali

Lagdi baby aa drown me crazy
I’m going lazy without you
Whatever the weather together forever
Cause you know I love you
And that’s true

Ho le baiyaan thaam
Gori gulabi gulabi
Le baiyaan thaam
Gori gulabi gulabi

Daaru ki bottle chhod
Oh re anaadi sharabi
Daaru ki bottle chhod
Oh re anaadi sharabi
Ho sharabi

Tu mungda mungda mungda
Main gud ki dali
Zara tera nasha main chakh loon
Aaya main teri gali

Mangta hai to aaja rasiya
Naahi to main yeh chali  
All are enjoying a lot…!!


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  1. Jasminerahul

    happy that mihika couldn’t get anything because of the closed locker.shocked to see param with her.I am confused about param.is he really bad or does he want to change?because he told mihika to stop all this but mihika blackmailed him n he agreed to be with her.what secret is she planning to tell ananya?shivakti scene was damn romantic. sharam arjun holi scene n ramru holi scene were cute.ananya ruhi scene was cute

    1. Mansi

      Thank you Jazzy😍🤗😘No not closed locker but closed door🙄Param was never bad but he did a mistake which now Mihika is using in her advantage😵It’s the same secret which he is regretting but she is using him for her own benefit😯….❤️❤️

  2. Jasminerahul

    I am surprised to see so many celebrities and offscreen jodies at the party.what an imagination!you introduced ada as shakti’s friend n was surprised to see shakti ada pic.happy to see gopi after a long time in this ff. please resume gopi’s track.it’s incomplete.sad that pari priya medha can’t play with colours due to genuine reasons.
    dharam catching meera when she was about to fall down was lovely.dharam putting colour on her face was so nice.but sad that he did it as others were observing them. really admire you for collecting these many pics which were perfect for the scenes

    1. Mansi

      Really😍😍😍Yes Shakti Adaa are very close friends🙂Gopi’s track is also in in line🙂PriRi are pregnant and Medha can’t play with colors right now🙂….Thanks a lot Jazzy😘🤗❤️☺️I am very happy that you enjoyed the Holi special update☺️❤️😍

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