TERA FITOOR (Hate Full Of Love)??
Rest of past
Shot 9 …..
The Episode starts with Kunj going to bebe room while twinkle was in Kitchen warming the milk for bebe so that she can take her medicines and Amaira joined twinkle there …

Can I come in bebe ??? Kunj ask
Are Haan puttar come bebe said while Kunj went and sat on floor resting his head on bebe lap ..

I missed you alott Kunj says ..
I know I missed you too bebe said caressing his hairs ..

How’s your life going Kunj ? You are happy na ??? Bebe ask ..
Kunj hummed in response while bebe was happy ..

You wanted to talk about something ? Is everything fine ? Kunj ask …
Haan Kunj ansh is returning back tomorrow and his family had kept a party after 2 days they want us to attend that too bebe said ..

What tomorrow ? And you all are here ? Kunj said confused ..
Yeah they kept the party in Mumbai bebe said ..

Oh acha maa Papa didn’t came with you all Kunj asked ..
Yeah Monu was caught up in some work so Usha stayed with him they will join us soon bebe said ..

It’s good ansh is coming back I’ll tease amu now Kunj said smirking..
Haha don’t Kunj bebe said ..

Why not I’ll after all it’s my right bebe Kunj added ..
Yeah yeah bebe said and they smiled ..

Soon the duo spend some time together while twinkle and Amaira was in kitchen while Yuvi and Karthik joins them ..
Where is bhai ? Yuvi ask ..

Bebe puttar is with bebe amaira said ..
So bad amaira bhabhi is here she will beat you if you say anything about her husband Karthik said ..

Oh not at all twinkle said and all laughed ..
You all want anything ? Twinkle ask …

Nah bebe send us or we all would have fun whole night Yuvi said ..
Yeah right amaira said ..

But don’t worry we are here na we will tomorrow have a outing Karthik said ..
Yes and bhabhi I have one request amaira said cutely ..

Are why request you can order me tell me twinkle said ..
Woh bhabhi I wanted you to design a lehenga for me amaira said ..

Why any special occasion ? Twinkle said ..
Yeah ? her to be husband and in-laws had kept a party that’s why Karthik and Yuvi pulled her hairs ..

Don’t you both or I’ll complain to Kunj bhai amaira said frustrated ..
Congratulations amu twinkle said and hugged her …

While they took the milk and went to bebe room and sees bebe and Kunj ..
Bebe give us this special treatment too Yuvi says naughtily .

No that’s only for me huh Kunj said ? hugging bebe while the rest 3 frowns ..
Bebe milk for you as you have to take medicines na twinkle said passing her glass ..

Such a good daughter in law na bebe ? bhai is very lucky Yuvi says ..
Are I am saying this from the first say I met bhabhi Karthik added ..

Shut up you both Kunj said throwing pillow at them ..
Bas bas now don’t fight ..bebe said .

Yeah why we will fight now we are no more kids amaira said ..
Yeah soon you will get married Amu baby Kunj winked at her while Yuvi and Karthik too joined ..

Yes finally our house will have some peace Yuvi said ..
You all will miss me after I goes huh amaira said ..

Never the trio replied and laughed again
Acha now don’t cry come here Kunj said and hugged her while the siblings share a Group hug ..twinkle was admiring them while bebe took her medicines ..

Now you all rest Kunj said ..
Take leave from you respective work bhai I am not going to leave you or bhabhi for few days amaira said ..

Okay Kunj said ..
Goodnight bebe he wished and all retorted to their rooms …

While twinkle and Kunj moved to their room Kunj locked the door and both looks at each other and Kunj smirked ..

Finally he said ..
Now don’t act smart okay I am letting you sleep on my bed twinkle said ..

Oh really Kunj said ..if you forgot this was my room only he added ..
Whatever let’s sleep ..twinkle
said ..moving towards bed ..

Yeah yeah Kunj following her with a smile ..
Twinkle went to her side while Kunj laid on the other one he sees her cuddling her teddy and make faces ..

Still you cuddles teddies twinkle Kunj said ..
Yeah why you have any problem ? Twinkle ask ..

Yes I have Kunj said ..
What ? Twinkle ask ..
I’ll tell you later sleep now good night he said while she hummed ..

As she was tired from last night work she slept soon while Kunj was admiring her
She looks so cute and adorable while sleeping just like a baby and if she wakes then to fights with me always like Jhansi ki Rani ? Kunj murmured he pulled the duvet over themselves and shifted a bit pecking her forehead …soon sleep took over him too ..
Next morning :::
Twinkle and Kunj was sleeping close to each other while twinkle moves more closer to him cuddling him while Kunj too wraps his arm around twinkle pulls her more towards him such that she landed upon him while they were having a peaceful sleep …twinkle woke up after sometime and looks at Kunj she smiled seeing him …she was loving the closeness they shared and rested her head against his chest closing her eyes not wanting to leave him while Kunj was awake too he was in same condition he didn’t wanted to leave twinkle both were having peace in each other embrace ….

After sometime twinkle alarm rings break-ing their moment ..twinkle tried to wake up but kunj didn’t let her move ..
Kunj ….twinkle called out
Hmmm he replied ..

You are awake ? She ask
Nah he replied ..
Huh let me go bebe and everyone else is in home ..twinkle said ..

So ..Kunj replied ..
What they will think that I sleeps so late twinkle said ..

Yeah they will know that you are also a sleeping panda Kunj replied chuckling ..
Huh twinkle said hitting on his chest
She tried to get up forceably while Kunj pulled her beneath him their breath hitched being so close to each other ..twinkle closed her eyes while Kunj looks at her ..

Good morning he said getting up from bed while twinkle looks at him ..
Good morning she said and took her clothes and ran to washroom while Kunj went for jogging ..

Soon twinkle made breakfast while bebe was instructing her amaira too joined them and Yuvi and Karthik was sleeping still ..

Kunj came back and looked at the sarna ladies he smiled ..
Where is Yuvi and Karthik bebe ? Kunj ask

They are sleeping still amaira said ..
Wait I’ll woke them up Kunj smirked ..
Haha amaira laughed getting what he meant ..

Kunj bebe said …while he smirked and left with a water jug ..
He splash it on Yuvi and Karthik and they woke up with a jerk ..

Huh tsunami Karthik said ..
No jallad Yuvi replied eyeing Kunj while he smirked ..

Good morning my baby brothers Kunj said ..while amaira joined them laughing
Bhai so bad why you do this always with us Yuvi said ..

It’s my birth right Kunj replied faking a smile ..
While bebe and twinkle was having their talks in kitchen ..

Soon twinkle called them for breakfast and they all sat on dinning table ..
Maa Papa should have been here too twinkle said ..

Don’t worry twinkle puttar they will join us too bebe said ..while they continued eating ..
Twinkle went to wash the utensils while Kunj went to help her…

Wow such a caring husband amaira said while Kunj looked at her with no more teasing expression ..
Yeah really hamare bhaiya Yuvi said
You all go out I can manage twinkle shouted seeing them teasing alott ..

Haha they all laughed ..
But let me help Kunj said ..
No need twinkle replied ..get out you all she said Nd all left ? laughing while she too laughed ..

These sarna siblings are mad twinkle murmured ..
While Kunj got ready for office and came out ..

You are going office again amaira said ..
Are no I have a small meeting I’ll finish up soon and come back I promise Kunj said ..
Okay amaira said ..

Amaira you come with me to my work place and then we can work on your lehenga twinkle said ..
Tht will be superb amaira said ..

Bebe you too come twinkle added and bebe too agreed ..
Where we will go ? Yuvi and Karthik said ..

Do one thing clean my house Kunj said ..while Yuvi and Karthik make faces and others laughed ..

We will do one thing we will go to twinkle place and then mall there Kunj you join us after your meeting bebe said ..all agreed and left ..

Twinkle with bebe and Amaira Karthik and Yuvi dropped them and went somewhere stating they will be back soon ..

Twinkle took them inside and showed her place and introduce to all of her staff …bebe was busy talking with sanju and twinkle was busy in preparing amaira designer ..

Soon their work ends and they called Karthik and Yuvi and went to mall were Kunj was already waiting for them ..

You all got late Kunj said as soon as he sees them…
Yeah traffic Karthik said ..

Kunj bebe and Amaira was walking ahead while twinkle with her brother in law’s ..
Karthik was getting someone messages repeatedly while twinkle and Yuvi sees it ..

I think soon after amaira wedding I am going to enjoy another wedding too twinkle initiatied the conversation …

Yeah me too yuuvi said and they hifi ..
Huh it’s nothing like that Karthik said ..
We didn’t mentioned you anywhere right Yuvi twinkle ask ..

Absolutely Yuvi said ..
Huh Karthik said hiding his smile ..
You teased me alott now my turn twinkle said ..

Haan to tell who is she ? Twinkle said ..
Just a friend Karthik said ..
Ohhhh friend Yuvi teased him ..

Yeah just friend or more than friend twinkle ask ..while Karthik stayed silent and twinkle and Yuvi laughed ..

Kunj turned to look at them he smiled seeing twinkle bonding with his siblings ….
Even we all used to tease bhai also like this Yuvi said ..

Means ? Twinkle ask ..
Are Yuvi don’t say or else bhabhi will beat bhai today Karthik added ..

Why so ? Twinkle said confused ..
We all had a doubt that he had a girlfriend too when he was in college Karthik said ..while twinkle smirked ..

Really ? She ask ..
Yeah ? Yuvi said ..

You know bhabhi bhai came to house in his vacation for 2-3 days and he was constantly on his phone for that time Karthik said ..while twinkle smirked more ..

But kunj doesn’t looks like that twinkle said ..
Yeah but still he is so hot look at him Yuvi said ..

Yeah wo to hai twinkle said ..the trio continued talking ..while twinkle was having hard time controlling her laugh ..

They started shopping while Kunj was helping amaira bebe and twinkle and Yuvi and Karthik went to men’s section ..

Twinkle you take black you look stunning in that Kunj said .. check-ing out the outfits while bebe and Amaira looked at him and twinkle blushed ..

Kunj she said ..
He looked at bebe and smiled sheepishly ..while the duo laughed ..

I’ll see Yuvi and Karthik Kunj said and ran off from there while the girls were busy ..
Soon they had their lunch with lots and lots of fun ..the siblings teasing each other …

Twinkle got a call from Abeer and she excused herself ..
How are you chipkali Abeer said from other side ..

I am fine and you langoor twinkle asked ..
Oye ? Abeer said even I am.fine ..he added ..
And say how you called me today twinkle said ..

Huh you are such a …. I was missing out that’s why Abeer said ..
Even I am missing you bhai twinkle fake cried on phone …

Hah jhooti you are busy having fun with your husband Abeer taunted ..
Huhuh so what he is my husband after all twinkle said ..

Acha beta Haan Haan tera hi hai he said and they talked for sometime…
Waise I have to tell you something Abeer said …

What ? Twinkle asked ..
I’ll tell later bye love you abeer said ..
Huh hate you bhai twinkle replied and ended the call ..

She turn and collided with Kunj who came to call her ..while he held her firmly preventing twinkle from Falling ..
Be careful Kunj said ..

Yah twinkle replied ..
She entwined their hands and went back to sarna family while the rest day they all went to different different places had their dinner outside and retorted back to twinj house ….

Hah finally my feets are paining alott bebe said while twinkle passed her water and she took it ..

Don’t worry bebe I’ll massage Kunj said ..
Are no no I’ll apply my cream don’t worry bebe said ..
They sees the shopping bags ..

We had a Lott of fun today Karthik said ..
Yeah Yuvi replied are Papa is calling me wait he said and picked up the call and put it on speaker ..

Yuvi I am calling you all since long Manohar said from side ..
Sorry Papa we were out so didn’t checked our phones Yuvi said ..

How’s Kunj ? Manohar ask while Kunj looked on …
You only ask him Yuvi said ..and passed him phone ..

Hello Papa Kunj said nervously ..
How are you Kunj ? Manohar ask ..
I am fine you and maa ? Kunj ask him back ..

We are fine too Manohar said ..
How’s twinklee Usha ask ? ..
I am fit and fine twinkle replied from other side ..

When you are joining us ? Kunj ask
Tomorrow Manohar said ..
Haan come soon I am waiting twinkle said excitedly ..

Haan Haan ushar said and ended the call …
They all went back to their rooms Kunj was fast asleep while twinkle was keeping the things in places …she looked at Kunj ….recalled her conversation with Yuvi and Karthik and laughed slightly ..
How I missed those days only I know when we used to stick to each other ..she caressed his face and covered him with duvet and went to balcony …

Her pov ::: (now it’s full don’t worry ??)
Note : keep a tissue with you ?

We started hanging out again when dadi told me that she will be visiting me I was happy and I Told the same to Kunj he was nervous meeting her but dadi liked him in her first meeting that’s the reason WHY ME AND KUNJ ARE TOGETHER TODAY
It was out vacation and Kunj was going back home as his grandmother called him I didn’t knew anything about his family nor he knews about mine except dadu and dadi ..

You are going Kunj uhuuu don’t go we got vacation after so long I wanted to spend it with you I said holding his hand..

Even I don’t want to go but what to do bebe is calling me …he said with his cute expression which I admire everytime ..
Ahaa ?? acha go but don’t forgot to call me okay I said ..

Twinkle I am going for just a week he said ..
It’s 7 days for me I replied while he smiled and kissed my cheeks ..

Why are you so cute he said ..
Huh Kunj don’t go na I said again ..
Acha fine I am not going I’ll make any excuse he said ..

Oh I was joking go and come back soon I said and hugged him while he smiled ..
Yeah I will he said and left back while I was disturbing him by calling him repeatedly ..

Hey Jaan busy Haan I said as he picked up my call ..
Never for you he replied ..
You know twinkle he said .

What I asked ?
My siblings are doubting on me he said and I laughed ..
Means I asked ..

I was having dinner when you were chatting with me an hour back and they all were looking at me suspiciously ..Kunj said and I laughed …

Yeah they should also that you are talking with their bhabhi i said …
Oh is that so he asked teasing me ..

Soon 7 days over and he was back and I teased him alott after that he fell ill and I was taking care of him ..Soon he recovered

It was time for selection of youngest designer the date was preponed so I didn’t got much time preparing for it but Kunj was a great support he was also awake with me whole night cheering me from time to time..

After my encounter with Rhea and Aryan they told me that Kunj will recommend about me I felt sad they think I am with Kunj because of his fame but it wasn’t I loved him truely but Kunj was there beside me …that day I bursted on them and then and there my enemity with them started until that day I used to ignore them but it was limit and the thin line of my patience broke ..

The next day the selection took place and I very well knew that I am not going to win it because I haven’t gave my perfection in my design because of less time …and I was the first runner up ..

I was happy it’s not about winning always I decided to work more n more…

After that day don’t know what happened to Kunj he started keeping distance from me and his friends if I had a chance to go back I would have broken their teeths ..they used to taunt me always
Ohooooo poor twinkle didn’t won said Naman and I wish to strangle his neck ..

May be Kunj realise that he can make another better girl his gf like Avika so he didn’t recommend said aryaan ..

You cheapos can only think this I feel damn pity for Kunj for having such low standard friends I retorted them back ..
Twinkle mind your tongue Rhea said ..

First you all mind your own business why you all are behind me always I said angrily ..

Ohooooo so much anger hah we are not behind you neither Kunj samar said ..
If I tell this to Kunj na he will leave you all I said while they laughed as if I cracked any joke ..

Haha ? try it we can guarantee he will leave surely but not us ? He will leave you Samar said while the others agreed was they right ?

Will Kunj leave me for them may be ..no no Kunj loves me madly like I love him ..but they were right Kunj whenever I told Kunj about them Taunting he never Told them anything instead he used to tell me to ignore them ..

Their words had a great influence on me on the top of that Kunj behaviour he was busy as it his last semester …whenever we used to meet even accidentally we used to have hello hi bye bye wali conversation …I was frustrated with his this behaviour I used to cry may times ..I decided to distract myself and hence I was paying my full attention towards my studies…. though I never left messaging him …finally he calls me and asked me to meet up ..

I don’t know what he wanted to say he told that we should maintain a space know blah blah blah I didn’t got what he wants to say that’s when I asked him directly ..

Kunj ? You love me na ? I asked tears flowing down my cheeks I was not able to handle it anymore I need to melt in his embrace ..

I hugged him while he hugged me back though he didn’t answered me …”I CANT AFFORD TO LOOSE YOU KUNJ ” I told him crying badly …his phone beeped and he picked the call ..

He looked at me and I stands there waiting for his answer ..

Twinkle I’ll meet you soon I have to go he said and left I saw him disappearing I didn’t thought that he will do something like this he left me without even answering my questions I was very much sad and I decided to stay angry with him and not even message him ...

Socha tha unse khafa hongey to woh hume mana lengay ..
Par unhe to ye khabar tak na thi ke hum unse khafa hai …
Socha tha kuch aur ..aur nazara kuch aur hi tha ?
Khawb toot kar bikharne Lage par Dil ne aas chodi nahi kabhi
Dooriyan itni badh gayi ke aage SAB rastey khatam hone lagey ..
Kabhi socha nahi tha par bepanah pyaar ka Anjaam bepanah Dard Nikla ..
Tadap Hoti thi har Roz par phir bhi Dil unke pyar ka maara tha ..
Ishq Kiya tha toh Dard sehna bhi ek Sahara tha ?
That was the same condition with me I stopped messaging him in an attempt that he will message me a day and ask how I am ? Is everything fine or not but seems like he forgot that I exist here ..
I was so angry but still I craved for him I never let my hopes go down ..I still had a belief that he loves me to the same extent as of me but no that case changed as per the situation ..

The very next day after meeting him I got to know that drama queen Aryan had an accident and Kunj and his rest demons were taking care of him somewhere it pained me alott ..

Samar was right his besties matters to him more than me …I was angry on myself I realised the importance of having friends I never had any besti in college as I gave my all time to Kunj but when he started ignoring me I felt the need to cry on friends shoulder I had no one with me and the one which I had was busy with his besties …

I stopped disturbing him and I fell ill ..I wanted to call him I was craving for him I wanted to tell him that I am ill and at that time the only thing I need was Kunj embarce to rest on to melt on ..

Though I dialled his number but dadi call came and I picked as soon as she asked me how I am I started crying …
Dadi …I said crying badly ..

What happen ? She asked from the other side ..
Dadi ? I said again crying and told her about Kunj ignoring me …

Why he is doing this to me I love him alott I said …and was crying badly but no reply came back from dadi and the call ended ..

I curled and cried myself and fell asleep the next day I decided to go college though I still had fever and weakness I wanted to see Kunj once ..if not call him I just wish to see him ..I don’t know when I got so much attached to him ..

I was going to my class when principal called me and there I saw Papa ..what he is doing here ???? The only thought was in my mind …

Ahh twinkle come principal sir said ..she is really a brilliant student and she will me missed here after today he spoke …but why he is saying this ..

Yeah I know my twinkle is amazing Papa said and smiled at me ..
Twinkle your Papa is transferring you to some other college principal spoke while I was shocked …

Why ? I said looking at Papa ..
You always wanted to study abroad na twinkle and now it’s the time Papa said ..
I took him to a corner and asked him ..he told me the same thing but I felt something different in his tone ..

I wanted to study here I said crying ..
I see how much you are studying here see your condition you are mad behind which guy ? He asked and I realised that he heard my conversation with dadi ..

No I’ll not leave this college I said angrily you can’t control my life I ended
Twinkle he gritted his teeths ..if you don’t come with me. Today you will have no relations with our family am I clear he said I was beyond shock how can he…
Pappa I said ..

Yes twinkle you are coming back with me I don’t want you to fall in some others thing’s meet your classmates tell them that you wanted to leave from here happily or else if I leave alone from here then don’t come back home ever he said sternly I was angry with him alott ..

I thought to go back with him so that I can convince with dadi to let me continue here ..and I agreed ..

Good don’t take me wrong twinkle but it’s for your betterment he said cupping my face… See what you did to yourself because of that guy see your condition Papa spoke his palm tracing my forehead which was burning with fever while principal sir came back and we went to our class ..

He informed everyone about me leaving that college though everyone were upset but still they brought the cakes and celebrated …

And I excused myself I need to meet Kunj and tell him this things I thought and I escaped from there while everyone were busy having cakes …

I started finding Kunj and Kunj I spotted him ..he was standing with his Friendz I didn’t know how to go there but I need to meet him today i don’t know how many days it will take me to convince Papa and come back again I need to meet him before going …

There were having conversations regarding me and I stopped on my tracks when I heard my name ..

Finally that twinkle is out of the picture Samar said while Kunj was looking down ..
Yeah Kunj you deserve more better than her Rhea added ..while Kunj was not saying anything he just hummed ..

Kunj ? Did you really love her ? They asked for the first time me and his so called best friends were restless about something ..he thought alottt …but his reply made his friends happier and me shattered ..

NOPE GUYS I DON’T LOVE HER HE SAID I can feel a thump in my heart ..
We knew it Aryan said excitedly like they won..

So you were playing with her Haan ? Naman asked while he nodded in no ..

NO NEVER I DID ANYTHING LIKE THAT WITH HER I WAS EMOTIONALLY ATTACHED TO TWINKLE AFTER HER DADU DEATH SHE WAS A GREAT PERSON he said I didn’t knew I should feel happy or sad because that day only I asked him that if he is confessing out of pity but he said no he loved me SUCH A LIAR HE IS …

Once and for all we thought that you will leave us for her Samar said ..

I CAN NEVER LEAVE YOU ALL FOR ANYONE he said and that’s it he considered me in anyone’s great …now I can’t hear more …or else I’ll die here only
I started walking from there his words still ringing in my mind and the fever was of a great help too ..

I feel my knees going on weak and I was going down when my felt two arms around my shoulder …

Twinkle be careful Papa voice spoke and I looked at him teary now I don’t care about anything …

I am shattered I said before closing my eyes …

I opened my eyes and found myself in a spacious room that contains my all pictures and it was designed as how I wanted from childhood I realised I am in Amritsar our new house though I never visited here …

Dadi came in room and hugged him while I was sad and upset my fever had been reduced but I was going through a lot of emotional stress ..

Twinkle puttar I am sorry when you were talking to me rt took the phone as he wanted to tell you about Abeer wedding but he heard your words dadi said ..I hummed ..maa Papa bhai too came ..

Maa sat beside me with food tray while I told her that I don’t want anything and I just need peace for sometime ..they insisted alott but then gave in and left ..

I started recollecting the day I spent with Kunj and each n every thing was making me mad ..

His words his friends words Papa words everything mingled up in my brain and I shouted ..

Stop it ….I screamed and sat in the floor crying ..I took my mobile and disable all my social networking sites I cut off the sim and threw my mobile in a corner …I damn wanted to scream ..

Why everything happens with me I screamed again and started scattering everything in room when the stationary box fell and my gaze fell on the blade there …I picked it up and sat on floor
I cried and closed my eyes recalling each n everything though I wasn’t in my senses that time and what I did was shocking for me as well as for others ..

I slit my wrist and closed my eyes with a hope of not waking up again ..

The next I opened my eyes when I was in hospital and dadi and maa were crying ..as soon as I gained consiouness they hugged me no one asked anything as doctor restricted them …

After a week I was back home … I wasn’t able to look into anyone eyes how can I do it …I still have my love ones here …
Dadi and maa used to feed me they were spending time with me ..Papa was guilty and angry too and bhai was angry with me for taking such step ..

I went to talk to Papa and I told him that I wanted to study in Paris he agreed to me …

Bhai wedding was scheduled for which dadi called me that day which changed everything …

Bhai told them to postpone it but I refused and tell them to do it on the selected date …and then I will leave for Paris Papa agreed …so as others
Though I planned so many things as I will do these and that in my and bhai wedding but sadly I didn’t enjoyed both the wedding the very next day after the wedding my flight was there …and it was Meher bhabhi first rasoi ..

I’ll miss you twinkle she said and I looked at her ..
I planned to do so many things with my sister in law she ended ..

Ahaa no worries your sister in law brother is there for you bhai said to lighten up the situation ..
I’ll come back soon I said ..

Promise ? She asked and I nodded ..
Soon I flyer off to Paris where I met Sameer and Kiara …those two pandas which became my life after that ..

That Time I realise what’s friends really are there were very much understanding Kiara and Sameer used to made me laugh we trio used to have alott of fun ..
though I never stopped missing Kunj I started stalking him on his social media accounts ..

He never posted anything but his demons posted their convocation pics ..I admired him after so many month he looked happy ..may be he would have forgot that I exist ….

The years passed and I had an encounter with him on our wedding when he was sitting in mandap I was beyond shock ..
I still didn’t had any idea how I am going to live in this wedding but I’ll give my ? percent for sure ?…

Her pov ends ..
To be continued …

Misunderstanding  and lack of communication also contribute to broken relationships …
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See I gave twinkle full pov …
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What will happen when Kunj will know about twinkle kartoot ?
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