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TERA FITOOR (Hate Full Of Love)??
Beautiful memories ?
Shot 6 …..
The Episode starts with Kunj opening to door he was surprised and shocked ..
There stood his college friends with bright smiles …

You all Kunj said happily annd they all hug he looked all of his friends Samar Aryan Naman Rhea

They all were the popular ones of their college and their group was named as “the demons”
What a huge surprise Kunj said and let them it while they all smiled ..

Huhuh we are angry with you Kunj Rhea added while the other 3 nodded their head in unison .. settling themselves on the sofa while Kunj and Samar stands there ..

Are but what I did ? Kunj asked confused
You got married but didn’t invited us Samar said while Kunj was shocked as he didn’t realise twinkle is in her room and if she finds his friends she will be upset ..

Huh it was not like that guys even I was invited in my wedding 4 days before Kunj said others laughed suprised ..
What seriously ? Samar asked and Kunj nodded …

Damn serious Kunj said ..
Acha introduce us to your wife atleast Rhea said …when interrupted by twinkle voice …
Uff Naam Liya and she is here Kunj Murmured slightly ..

Kunj ? Why are you awake still ? Twinkle came out of her room check-ing her phn Kunj and Samar turned while others looked at them shocked …

Rhea Naman aryan looks at each other while Samar was looking at Kunj while his gaze was fixed on twinkle ..

Getting no response from Kunj twinkle looked at his face and found Samar beside him and Rhea Naman Karan behind them and was highly shocked ..

Twinkleeeeee all said shocked while Kunj was well aware with their expression ..
Seeing them just looking at each other Kunj broke the ice ..

Here is my wife TWINKLE KUNJ SARNA Kunj said moving towards twinkle keeping a hand on her waist smiling while the others were stunned as well as happy for Kunj .. because they knew he always wished twinkle beside him no matter what ..

Hey twinkle nice to meet you Samar said while the others too greet her ..
Hi ..twinkle murmured enough audible for them to hear …

You didn’t slept too twinkle ? Kunj asked looking at her ..
Yeah wo I went to sleep but I got an urgent work and I have to complete it till tomorrow evening so I was going for work twinkle added ..

Acha shall I drop you ? Kunj asked concerned ..
Nah I can manage twinkle said and freed herself from his hold ..Sanjana is coming with me we will go twinkle added while Kunj nodded ..

Take care he said and twinkle left from there ..she came out of the house ..it’s good that I got work or I won’t be able to pretend good towards them twinkle said with a slight tear dropping from her eye ..she met Sanjana who works in her fashion house as she too stays in same building as of twinj ..

Shall we go mam ? She asked twinkle ..
Sanju I asked you to call me twinkle and not mam twinkle said ..

Okay Twinkie let’s go Sanju said and they left urgently for completing their work …
Kunj looked at his friends and smirked ..

Guys suprised or shocked ??? Kunj asked ..
Shocked 440 volts Naman said while Kunj smile widened ..

I mean how this happened man how you found twinkle ? She left right Aryan said ..
Yeah I didn’t found her my Destiny found her for me Kunj said and told them how his wedding happen ..I didn’t knew that I was going to marry twinkle it was a great shock for me too Kunj said ..

It’s good that you both are together some part of our guilt is reduced that you both got separated somewhere because of us Rhea added ..
Nah it’s nothing like that Kunj said ..

It’s like that only Kunj don’t lie you lied that day too that you never loved towards you were with her just because of emotional attachment towards and she was just a mere attraction for you though you convinced all of us that day aryan said ..while Kunj looked on ..

Yeah we realised that you lied and you are really incomplete without twinkle and when we decided to reunite to both and went to twinkle hostel we found out that she left the college and city as well few weeks back Samar said ..

Yeah we always blame ourselves for your depressed condition Rhea added ..
Me and twinkle are together you all don’t blame yourself Kunj said assuring them
Pakka ? Samar asked while Kunj nodded and they all shared a Group hug ..

Wow it’s so unique love marraige that is arranged Naman said and all laughed ..
But twinkle left ? Is that because of us ? Rhea asked ..

No she had work Kunj replied ..
If also because of us her anger is justified we all used to behave like that with her Samar said while the others were guilty .. while Kunj again broke their silence as he didn’t want their past to become hurdle for their future …

Wait let me order something for you all Kunj said ..
Are no we will meet again this Rhea came back today so we all came to meet you Samar said ..

But how you all got to know about my wedding ? Kunj asked ..
Wo arhaan told me Samar said ..

Okay Kunj replied he ordered snacks for them and they all sat teasing each other while twinkle and her team for completing the given order ..

It was late night they all had their dinner
Rhea was married to Samar but her mother house was in Banglore she and Samar used to stay in Pune

Naman was going to get married in next few months to his parents choiced ashna where as aryan was engaged to his childhood crush chinki …

Chalo we will leave now Samar said while Kunj was sad ..
So soon Kunj said ..

Yes we will meet again Naman added ..
Haan this Naman and Aryan weddings are there for us to enjoy alott Rhea said and all smiled …

Bye Kunj said they all shared a group hug it was late night as soon as they left Kunj sat leaning against the door reminding those days he called twinkle but she didn’t picked up his call as she was Really busy ..

She is not picking my call …uff Kunj said
Those days were really the best days of my life as I met my life there Kunj thought …

His pov :::
I was finally in J.S.S Dehradun the place of our dream mine and my friends Samar Aryan Naman we all studied in the same boarding school and was with each other since we were in primary school .. though Papa send me to boarding at a very small age I was angry with him I didn’t used to talk to him but then my 3 idiots (Samar Aryan Naman) came in my life and they changed the scenario we were same in everything and I think that’s the things which bonded us together.. though after completing 12 Papa asked me to come back to Amritsar and study there but I refused I didn’t wanted to leave my friends at any cost .. I poured my feelings infront of them that I will never let them control my life anymore and went to college leaving everything behind ..
Everything was going on well me Aryan Samar Naman was really happy we used to have a lot of fun then Rhea joined our group …she was very naughty she was our classmate she instantly joined our the demon’s … I didn’t knew that my dadu was once that college trustee when Papa came there I got to know about it and everyone else to my college they started treating me differently from rest of the students because of my dadu fame that was an advantage for me … though our 1 year passed with all the fun ..and we were then I our 2 year when my life entered there …my life my breathe my smile my happiness my comfort my twinkle …

Flashback shows :::
Like all the other girls and guys of first years twinkle was nervous too at her first day I still remember she was in blue top and white jeans with her hairs left open and her dimples making her smile more beautiful ..though their admission into college was late due to political issues their exams was near and the senior students are restricted to rag them or to tease them ..till their first semester exams we all decided to interact with them after their SEM exams and everyone went off preparing for it …though I used to notice twinkle everywhere in garden lawn library activity room .. thought all were indulged in studying and finally the SEM exms ended …

We all were really very happy and we seniors went to interact with our junior and called us in college lawn ..there was a fun session so we can be free with them and they can be too comfortable with us ..my classmates were giving different different dares to her classmates and that was a fun session finally twinkle turn came ..

Your name ? My classmates Abhi asked ..
Twinkle she replied while all smiled hearing her voice ..

So scared of anything ? Abhi asked while she nodded in no ..

Ahaa that’s fun go and propose any of your senior Abhi asked her ..and she started looking at my classmates (boys) and then her gaze fell on me …I was shocked when she started approaching me ..she took the candy floss from there and approach me …we were standing very nearer to each other …

I find you very cute from the first day I always admired you and I can proudly say that I had started Loving you and I can’t help it twinkle said and went on her knees ….I was beyond shocked with her words like seriously ?

That’s weird I replied and looked frustrated as everyone gaze was upon me …

I don’t know even if you want you can slap me but the truth won’t change that I love you so much Kunj twinkle who was on knees with a sugar candy in her hand was proposing me

What ? Are you mad I said … though somewhere I was happy that she also used to notice me like I used to do ..

Yes mad in your love I don’t want any girl to come in your life already my whole class has crush on you so I am proposing you sooner than them so that I won’t miss a chance twinkle winked ..and her whole class as well as mine hooted for her she smiled showing her cute dimples I was beyond shocked and didn’t knew what to say …

You are such a kid I said finally get up now you are embarassing us I said looking at everyone who were Looking at us..while twinkle stands up ..

It’s okay if you don’t love me but I am happy at least I confess twinkle said and ran pecking my cheek without waiting for my answer while I ruffles my hair and smiled with a slight blush ..

She is really mad i sighed and went from there making an excuse …

That day changed my life that Kunj who use to notice twinkle started admiring her there is difference in noticing and admiring and I can’t help it I used to stalk her each and every activity …
Samar and Rhea fell in love with each other while Naman had a break up he was in relationship with one of our juniors but she left him in few weeks and he was very depressed where as Aryan was flirty since the beginning ..

Though the day passes really quickly and it was time for our annual fest in which all college were coming at our college to celebrate and there was shit load of work for us to make it best so everyone were given the respective duties to see the things and unexpected twinkle was at top in designing and me and her were given the related duties …it was my second official interaction with her ..

Tera fitoor jab se chadh gaya re
Tera fitoor jab se chadh gaya re
Ishq jo zara sa tha woh badh gaya re
Tera fitoor jab se chadh gaya re
(We always used to meet before college to plan things to make everything perfect and I started Falling for her charms she was perfect in every ways)

Tu jo mere sang chalne lage
To meri raahein dhadakne lage
Dekhun jo na ik pal main tumhein
Toh meri baahein tadapne lage
( We started hanging out together thought my friends were given Thier respective duties and we were busy giving our best at it ..me and twinkle used to have our lunch dates roaming around daily teasing others )

Ishq jo zara sa tha woh badh gaya re
Tera fitoor jab se chadh gaya re
Tera fitoor jab se chadh gaya re

Haathon se laqeerein yehi kehti hai
Ki zindagi jo hai meri
Tujhi mein ab rehti hai
( We used to have fun and I realised that she filled the left over void of my heart she completed me though the things were unsaid ..)

Labon pe likhi hai mere dil ki khwaahish
Lafzon mein kaise main bataaun
Ikk tujhko hi paane ki khaatir
Sabse judaa main ho jaaun
(She used to daily tell me that she loves me and I used to be happy with it ..I never liked her spending time alone I always used to be with twinkle and sometimes irritate her too ..)

Kal tak maine jo bhi khwaab the dekhe
Tujhme woh dikhne lage
Ishq jo zara sa tha woh badh gaya re
Tera fitoor jab se chadh gaya re
Tera fitoor jab se chadh gaya re

The very next day everyone was busy attending the classes as again SEM exms were nearer I was missing twinkle though we used to smile at each other from the distance I started staying again with my demons …and they started having clue about my feelings towards twinkle ..

So someone has been really close to our junior Haan Samar teased me ..
Nah its nothing like that I was just working with her I said ..

Ahaa then it’s good we don’t want like Naman someone ditches you also Rhea added quickly ..
Huh it will never happen I assured them and they asked me to stay away from twinkle though I felt weird at the thought of staying away from twinkle ..

Whenever twinkle used to come to meet me Rhea Samar Aryan used to taunt her indirectly ..if I restricts them then they used to get angry with me that I was Changing because of her ..

After exms ended twinkle stopped coming to college when I met her friends Diana and she told me that twinkle dadu health was not fine to she went to her native place …

I started Missing her thought I was almost a month since she stopped coming back to college I used to feel frustrated and more over worried about twinkle ..and finally she was back to college ..

I saw her in Morning she was going towards her class and naman also took me to our class and I was left disappointed in whole class I was worried thinking about her …she looked so pale as soon as the classes ended I ran out to meet her … I went to her class and didn’t found her then I went to her friend and asked about it …

How’s twinkle ?? I asked ..
She is not fine her dadu is no more and she is damn depressed Diana said ..I started looking for her ..

Twinkle was sitting alone in basketball court while I was finding her like mad
Have you saw twinkle ? I asked twinkle classmate

Yeah she came I saw her last in class may be she went to canteen her friend replied while I was worriedly finding her ..

I was going towards canteen when i spotted twinkle in basketball court I quickly went there and saw her sitting blank ..she looked so pale and it pricked me ..

Twinkle look at me i said cupping her face ..her whole skin cold ..

Leave me I don’t want to meet anyone twinkle replied ..
No I can’t leave you I know what happened was not in our hands but see what you made of yourself I said tucking her hairs behind pulling her and our foreheads touched ..

I said na Kunj leave me everyone’s leaves me twinkle said ..I felt bad ..she was in much pain ..
No I can’t leave you i replied ..

Why ? Twinkle asked …and I was blank ..if this is the right time to tell her what I really feels ? May be I can take this risk I had to tell her I love her too ..

Because I love you twinkle i confessed .. she was shocked and looked at me with tear filled eyes I was shocked

No you are saying this out of pity leave me twinkle said trying to go from there when I hugged her she melted crying badly in my embrace while i was comforting her ..I was caressing her back calming her while she was crying hugging me tightly like a baby ..

I really love you twinkle believe me I was going mad when I didn’t saw you in these many days I said while twinkle broke the hug and looked at me ..I wiped her tears and pecked her forehead ..

You are not lying na ? She asked ..I can feel the anxiety visible in her voice ..
Yes I said pecking her forehead lovingly conveying what i really mean ….she hugged me again and I smiled …

That was the best day of my life I officially had twinkle in my life and I was very very much happy with it … I used to feel really proud that I have the cutest and the most talented girl in my life ..

Things indeed changed after that day we stepped ahead of our friendship though I took twinkle alot of time to come back to normal life but I was everytime beside her …I started spending my whole time with her ..and literally I forgot my friends in that …they were angry with me but that time I needed to be with twinkle to bring her out if that Darkness and I failed to explain this to my friends ..

It was going to be selection was for the youngest designer and twinkle was working really hard for it …I fell ill and was in my hostel room when she bunkked her classes and came to me ..

I was laying in bed Burning with high temperature the whole hostel was vacant as everyone went to college I was alone ..

I heard a knock on my room window and I with very much difficulty opened it and found twinkle standing there smiling at me ..
Twinkle you ? I asked with my eyes barely opened ..

She smiled supriseeee she said and climbed inside and held me ..
Oh my god Kunj you are burning with such high fever and you didn’t told me twinkle said ..

Oh its nothing like that twinkle you don’t worry I said ..
I have to worry she said and took me near bed and I laid while she sat ..

Did you have anything ? She asked me ? While I coughed and nodded in no ..
I knew it she said and opened her back pack taking out her tiffin it has soup and upma …

Last night only I realised that you had cold while we were talking on phone so when I didn’t found you in college I brought breakfast for you here she said and I smiled at her care ..

She made me have it with her hands and all the time I was admiring her ..she smiled ..
I know mr sarna I am hell cute and you don’t need to stare me as you eat me whole she said and I laughed …as soon as she was done she kept the tiffins aside and sat beside me ..and I hugged her tightly not wanting to loose her her arms were the most soothing place for me and I didn’t knew when I felt asleep ..

She started taking care of me and went back to her hostels when the college time ended so no one doubts about her being in boys hostel ..

It took me a complete week to be fine ..twinkle forgot that she was working on her designs …
In that time Suhasini dadi came to meet twinkle to see her if she is fine or not and twinkle decided to make me meet her ..I was nervous obviously I was meeting my grand mother in law ouch that sounds creepy but I couldn’t help I already married her in my dreams ..?

Though she called me when she was with dadi ..No twinkle I am not coming I said nervously ..
Kunj you can’t do this I already told dadi and she will be disappointed she told me and I agreed and went there ..

There twinkle introduce me to her dadi ..
See dadi I have found my life here twinkle said while her dadi smiled ..I missed bebe at that time ..
Are Kunj say something her dadi said ..

Wo ..me and twinkle are really very good Friend and she is really good I didn’t knew what rubbish I was talking and they laughed I was embarassed .

Are Kunj don’t be shy you are like my twinkle Suhasini dadi said and I smiled ..and spend some time with them ..
Now it’s time for me to leave dadi said while twinkle nodded in no ..

Stay for some more time na she said .
I wanted to but it will be night and much dangerous for travelling she said ..
Yes twinkle dadi is right I said ..

Okay bye twinkle hugged her while she hugged twinkle back ..she also hugged me ..before coming here I was really worried for twinkle but now I am not because I know you are there to take care of my doll Suhasini dadi whispered in my ears I felt really happy and proud at that moment ..that was indeed the best phase of my life before things started heating up which led to our unfortunate break up and painful separation
To be continued
So how was the shot ??????
Any idea ? Why Kunj and twinkle broke up ? Why twinkle tried to commit suicide ??? …
Though the next will give you a clear picture ..
How’s Kunj pov ???
So here is my first post of 2k19 ..
Wish you all a very very happy new year and wish for another beautiful 365 days of your life ..
Love you all
Do comments and share your views guys as the story will complete soon ?
Ignore errors and no proof read …
Bye allahafiz ????

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