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TERA FITOOR (Hate Full Of Love)??
Firm decisions ?
Shot 5 …
The Episode starts with twinj walking off to the near by beach they went towards the shore ..and sees the water tides …both folded their bottoms till their thighs feeling the cold water holding hands smiling at each other …

It feels so good na Kunj I wish to stay here itself twinkle said with an excitement while Kunj smiled seeing her ..

Twinkle turned towards Kunj and hugged him tightly while he reciprocate to her hug with the same passion by pulling her more close in his embrace ..they broke the hug and looked at each other with the same intensity same excitement same love as of before twinkle hairs was disturbing Kunj view so he moved his hand and tucked her hair behind her ear while twinkle smiled at him and they move towards each other joining their lip in a passionate kiss leaving everything aside just giving in the moment the chilled water still touching their bare feets and the cool breeze making them more irresistable while a sudden slash of water tide broke their little passionate moment while they looked at each other suprised …twinkle cheeks turned red while Kunj sees her ..

Shall we leave ? Kunj asked while twinkle nodded blushing and they left from there and went to their car while twinkle enjoyed the whole ride with Kunj

After sometime they reached back their home and looks at each other ..

I am going to sleep good night twinkle said and quickly left while Kunj too hummed and ran into his room ..

What the hell is this we are behaving like love sick teenagers Kunj thought once he was in room ..he smiled touching his lips it’s feels great after so long waise he said smirking and went to sleep …
Next day ::: Amritsar
Sarna mansion :::
Everyone was quickly awake while Yuvi and Karthik had their breakfast and went to their respective works while amaira was sitting in between Usha and bebe while they were talking about something ..

Amu see this it will look good on you ..I think you should wear this when you meet them Usha said ..

Maa it’s too old fashioned amaira said ..
Are ye aaj kal ke bache Usha said while amaira and bebe hifi ..

You are not liking anything amaira what you will wear then Usha said ..
Are why to fear we have designer in our family bebe said while Usha and amaira was confused ..

Are Haan twinkle is there na Manohar said entering their conversation ..
Oh I forgot to tell them Usha said ..

Usha what you have done Manohar replied ..

Wait I’ll just come after making a call by saying that Usha left from there while bebe and amaira got busy again in seeing other things ..

Manohar went from there and stands in his room balcony ..how I wish you to be here Kunj why you made yourself so cold towards us ..but I know somewhere you are right Manohar thought

His pov :::
Kunj was 4 years old when amaira was born everyone was happy with it he used to spend a lot of time with amaira and then my Yuvi and Karthik joined us in the family …me bebe Usha used to take care of them alott Kunj was always close to bebe when Yuvi and Karthik was 3 they were Ill and though amaira and Kunj always used to stick to them amaira also caught the same infection while we were taking care of those 3 and was not letting Kunj come near them …

I was really worried regarding their health and then I saw Kunj secretly going to there room and then I lost my patience and shouted on him for the first time he was scared …

I decided to send him somewhere so that he stays away from all this and thus sended him to boarding school while he plead us not to …

Papa I promise I won’t tease you Mumma or amu Yuvi Kittu please don’t send me he pleaded me ..but I was too much engrossed in my decision …and I send him to boarding ..

It took nearly 1 and half year for Yuvi Kittu and amaira to cure fully me and Usha used to be worried for them day and nights ..we totally forgot about Kunj ..
Bebe used to visit him ..

We got to know about him doing well so I decided to keep him there only so that he can become something as he was my eldest son I want him to become mature soon there I did mistake by snatching his childhood ..

I didn’t realise that he also needs us and the years were passing soon as he was growing up he was reducing the visits to our home and finally completed his 12 ..

When he was back home that time I asked him to study somewhere here and joined business and he refused that day we all got to know how much he had detached himself from us ..

I don’t want to stay here I am just coming because of bebe you send me wherever you want but I no longer let you control my life I am taking admission with my school mates and I am firm on it Kunj said ..you and maa never cared about me so don’t fake it now also he told us and me and Usha was shocked seeing him and he barged out from there ..

He was right I decided to rectify and gave him permission to do his graduation with his friends the college in which he wanted to study was the one in which my father was trustee once ..

Kunj started with his graduation we all thought he will be back after that but he said that he wants to stand on his feets and he will start afresh he won’t work with me …I tired to talk to him but he leaves the conversation in middle and goes from there everytime…now I just had a one wish I want my Kunj back like before ..
Manohar pov ends ::

He was caressing Kunj pic and hugged it tightly and went from there ..
Taneja mansion ::
It was a good day in Taneja mansion while Abeer and Meher was discussing something ..

Ishaan baby you stay with dadu dadi badi dadi na me and Mumma will be going Abeer teased Ishaan ..

No no I won’t stay without you Ishaan said ..but Meher cut him off ..

Ishaan baby you said na you are a big boy now and you can stay here Meher said while the little one pouts ..

No I need my Mumma Papa Ishaan at the end started crying ..
Abeer and Meher planned vacation and they were teasing Ishaan about not taking him with them ..

Are we were Joking Abeer said he kissed him on cheeks and went from there this was seen by Leela rt and Suhasini ..

When Ishaan can’t stay away from his parents even twinkle can’t rt said ..but I don’t want her to stay away from maa(Suhasini) that’s why I let her stay with maa and Papa (twinkle grandparents) …

Rt pov ::::
we were from middle class family and I wanted to provide twinkle and Abeer everything they deserved and I got an offer from abroad I decided to go and work there ..but maa told me to take Leela also with me ..I agreed to take my family with me too but twinkle was so close to maa …she didn’t wanted to leave her ..

We went there me Leela Abeer and twinkle but twinkle was Ill she had stayed more with maa then Leela and it was becoming very difficult as twinkle was not able to cope up there and I was struggling with my work …I decided To send her back to maa and Papa which she readily agreed and from then and there she stayed with maa and Papa my hardwork started paying off and I was becoming successful …but there twinkle was getting mocked by her school mates that she stays with dadu dadi and not with me and leela she use to be angry with us sometimes but it was not that severe what happen after that incident rt thought his phn ring brought him back and he picked up the call and went ..
Suhasini pov :::
Rt said right twinkle couldn’t stay without rt and Leela neither without me and my husband but she had no option she had to choose any one she choose US rt also asked us to stay with them but her dadu was more attached to this place ..

.my twinkle was a very fun loving girl ..but still she wanted Leela and rt love as well ..soon she completed her studies and ranked somewhere in Dehradun for her fashion designing ..me and her dadu agreed to let her go and she went to complete her graduation ..

She used to talk to me everyday and let me know everything about what she did
One fine day twinkle dadu health was getting worse and I informed twinkle and she came back we also inform rt and same was with him we all were really worried but we couldn’t save him unfortunately …twinkle was sad and always used to be lost in thought so I send her back to her college so that she can distract herself ..

After an year I visited her she was really very happy and made me meet Kunj there ..I liked them alott even Kunj seemed to be nice but he was shy meeting me and me and twinkle made a fun of it and he laughed with us ..I was happy seeing twinkle happy ..I went back to my home to find rt there he asked me to stay with him now and I agreed even I was alone ..days were going on smooth
one day rt heard my and twinkle conversation about Kunj and he like a possessive father didn’t wanted twinkle to be in that any kind of situation he decided to send twinkle to Paris where she can continue her studies with more passion and brought her back home without her will ..

We thought she will be fine but no it wasn’t like that ..after 3 days I saw twinkle room locked when Abeer broke it we saw her Lying in pool of blood she had slit her wrist we all were highly panicked but she was saved at the right time …

After she got conscious she didn’t talked to anyone about anything ..she asked rt to send her Paris and he agreed …then attending Abeer wedding she flyed off to Paris to fulfill her dreams …then I met Shanti and she told me about her grandson who came out to be Kunj I was really happy and I initiated the conversation to get them married she saw twinkle and we decided to get them married …
Pov ends :::

I just hope twinkle gets her love back I saw the love Kunj has for her in his eyes when I met him in college and also when they came back home for pag phera ritual if Kunj really doesn’t love her I’ll fall in twinkle eyes and she will hate me too  Suhasini said worriedly …
@ Mumbai :::
Twinkle was in kitchen making their brunch and they slept late after working continuosly from past 2 weeks while Kunj was still sleeping ..

Twinkle was done with making their brunch she decided to wake up Kunj and went in his room to find him shirtless sleeping back facing the ceiling ..

Are this guy can’t he wore his shirt huh twinkle entered his room and saw him room condition nothing was in place …

I don’t know how he used to stay alone here huh what I have to do now i have to stay with him whole.life she murmured and went to Kunj..

Kunj wake up it’s late twinkle said standing near him while he didn’t even moved an inch ..she went closer to him ..

Kunj wake up she pat on his back while still he was same and this was getting on twinkle nerves she took the pillow and throw at him ..

Kunj wake up she screamed while Kunj looked at her ..and rubbed his eyes ..
Who are you ? Kunj asked while twinkle glared at him ..

What ??? You haven’t got drunk last night na ? Twinkle..

I don’t remember who are you and what are you doing in this Shareef Munda house Kunj asked in sitting position while his bare front was clearly visible to twinkle ..

Shhh first wear your shirt twinkle looking for his shirt ..

Oh my god Kunj said covering himself with duvet ..you took my advantage Haan he said dramatically while twinkle turned and looked at him ..

Huh what ? Don’t you dare forget I AM YOUR WIFE twinkle said ..

Exactly MRS SARNA Kunj winked at her and stand infront of twinkle …you are seeing your hot husband and it’s not crime I am all yours he winked at twinkle making her blush ..she made a 0 expression ..

He pulled her closer to him while she was shocked they both stands while he looked at her and smirked ..

I’ll be back after taking an shower Kunj said while twinkle nodded and he went inside smirking ..

I love to see my effect on her she can’t resist my touch he murmured smirking and took a shower ..

While twinkle too changed she called arhaan and Amaya too for brunch and they were at twinj house Kunj too came and saw them ..he greeted them ..

While the 4 had their lunch Amaya and twinkle gossips continued ..while Kunj and arhaan was making fun of their talks ..

Waise we all are at home today what to do Amaya said ..
I am toh going sleep Kunj said yawning
How much he will sleep twinkle murmured ..

Bhai ? What you are doing that you just wants to sleep arhaan winked at Kunj in a naughty way ..

None of your concern mr arhaan Raheja Kunj said gritting his teeths ..
Let’s go out guys twinkle said ..

Haan that would be good but here ? Arhaan asked ..
Shopping twinkle and Amaya said ..

You both go we are gonna watch a movie arhaan said ..
Yes I wanted to watch it from so long Kunj said ..

Noways you both are coming with us Amaya said ..
We are not Kunj replied ..

Fine with it twinkle today I’ll make you meet my buddies Raj and Akshay come I’ll call them to join us Amaya said while twinkle was confused ..

You are not going with them arhaan said jealous ..
And not making my wife meet them in any case Kunj added ..

We are coming with you guys arhaan and Kunj added while Amaya laughed ..and left downstairs asking them to come fast
Still they are jealous first to only arhaan used to be jealous now Kunj also Amaya said laughing ..

Who are they ? Twinkle asked ..
Are nothing they are just my common friends ..but they are somewhat clingy type they get friendly easily Amaya said while twinkle also laughed recalling Kunj words ..

They went and sat beside their husbands Kunj was driving and twinkle was beside him and arhmaya was at back ..they went from their and had a lot of shopping ..

While arhaan was helping Amaya Kunj and twinkle was exchanging glares …
Twinkle and Amaya went for trail …

Amaya can I use you something ? Twinkle once she had tried ..
Yeah sure baby Amaya winked ..

You and arhaan ? Had love marriage? Twinkle asked seeing their chemistry ..
Nope man ..we had an arrange marraige Amaya said ..
What ? Twinkle asked shocked’ ..

Dekh k lagta nahi hai na but it’s true Amaya said ..
We met through our families and got married as arhaan was settled here they send me too with him ..it took to some days to understand each other and we fell in love Amaya said ..

You and Kunj also had arranged marriage na Amaya asked while twinkle looked at her ..
Hmm yeah she fakes a smiled and they went outside ..

They did have fun whole day and went back home …while arhmaya left after dinner ..twinkle and Kunj was going to sleep ..when they heard a knock ..

Kunj went to open the door he was shocked finding …

To be continued
So how was the shot ??
Hope you all like it ..
I’ll soon show their love story it was needed to know twinj equation with their parents first so yeah …
Thanks to all who showed up their support on the last one ???
Ignore errors no proof read ?
Bye allahafiz ???

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